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Still Talkin TV » Ch. 7 Morning Opener is Walkman-like

Ch. 7 Morning Opener is Walkman-like

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 What do Channel 7 news and the Sony Walkman cassette recorder (see right) have in common?

 They were both popular in 1979.

 I bring this up because one of the stories mentioned in today’s first edition of “Eyewitness News This Morning” with new co-anchors Patrick Taney and Ginger Geoffery was the end of the manufacturing of the Walkman cassette recorder.

 “I’m a little sad about the Walkman,” lamented Taney.

 I feel the same way about Channel 7 news in the morning, which has been decades behind rivals Channel 2 and Channel 4 in presentation, manpower and personality.

 Not to mention ratings.

 Co-anchor Bridget Blythe took the fall last week, with Mike Randall going back to focus on weather.

 Taney and Geoffery, who have anchored at 5:30 p.m. weekdays and on weekends, respectively, are supposed to bring life and lively personalities to a morning show.

 You might think that would mean they would discuss their new roles and introduce themselves to new viewers on this morning’s opener. After all morning TV is all about personality.

 At 5 a.m. , Taney mentioned he expected to be wearing a heavy coat on his first day in his new role but the warm weather changed those plans. But from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m., he and Geoffery didn’t even mention they were on their first day on their new jobs. 

 The one thing a viewer learned about Geoffery today is that she may need glasses after she had trouble seeing on a monitor whether it was 6:06 a.m. or 6:08 a.m.

 “You need glasses,” advised Taney.

 “I think I do,” replied Geoffery.

 More than new anchors, Channel 7 needs some vision on what it wants the morning program to be and what stories speak to local viewers.

 The set was full of people – Elizabeth Carey of Business First joined Taney, Geoffery and Randall. But the one reporter on the show, smooth newcomer Jaclyn Asztalos, was only briefly seen outside the Rath Building talking about a budget protest by small cultural institutions scheduled for late this afternoon.

 That and a visit today by Democrat gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo were the local stories getting the most attention. Many of the stories that the anchors mentioned dealt with situations in Indonesia (a possible volcano), Oregon (snow) and Texas (a tornado).

 Nothing says switch the channel more than stories that are several hundred or several thousand miles away.

 Admittedly, Monday morning can be a very slow news time. When Geoffery opened the show by saying “we’ve been very busy overnight gathering the news” you had to wonder “what news?”

 Apparently she was talking about events in Oregon and Texas.

 I’m usually never one to suggest a station focus too much on sports.

 But since it was a slow news morning and the Bills played their best game of the season in a 37-34 overtime loss in Baltimore Sunday, it probably would have been a good morning to spend more time on a game that undoubtedly will led to water cooler discussions today about the future of quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

 Channel 7 only had one canned report by weekend sports anchor Shawn Stepner on the surprising game in the entire hour. That was a bad call.

 It may not have a lot of personality, but “ENTM” does have one thing in surplus: Commercials. I DVRed the hour and was able to watch it in about 40 minutes or so. You can speed through the hour in 30 minutes if you’re not interested in the frequent weather and traffic reports.

 Of course, morning TV is a marathon and not a sprint so maybe Taney and Geoffery will exude more personality and attract more viewers. But except for some sharp graphics, this morning’s opener wouldn’t have looked out of place in the Walkman era and it was hard to see any special reason to make  viewers come back Tuesday.  


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6 Responses to “Ch. 7 Morning Opener is Walkman-like”

  1. Alan Bedenko says:

    I liked Channel 7 morning news with Randall and Blythe. They had a fun, if bare-bones-budget morning show. I can’t fathom why they broke that up instead of maybe giving them a budget.

    I haven’t seen the new lineup yet. I guess I’m not missing much?

  2. kathy claycomb says:

    I watched to see just how bad it could be and it sure was bad. They would have been smarter to have Laura Gray instead of Ginger, at least she has some personality and I enjoyed watching her and Mike last week.

    Bye, bye 7, hello 2 and 4

  3. Magic Mike says:

    I say give them a chance but I don’t have high expectations for them.

    Taney is really good as a straight newsman anchor but I’m uncertain how he is going to do in this new role. I would have liked to see Laura Gray get Ginger’s slot but can understand why they did what they did. The problem is they just don’t have the resources to compete with the other two stations.

    I wonder what Mike Randall thinks about all of this? I’m sure he’s still making the same amount of money but it has to be somewhat depressing to see all of these changes take place as the ratings continue to slide downward.

  4. Tom says:

    This show is back to being called Eyewitness News This Morning, not Good Morning Western New York, Allan.

  5. Annie Edward says:

    Just awful! I get the feeling that Patrick doesn’t understand half of what he’s reading. And the shows timing is still terrible. When some on talks the camera does not show them until too late. Titles are wrong and the sound sounds funny. I think all those behind people they got rid of is hurting them more than Bridget was.

  6. bryan says:

    I saw the opener amd it was very well done. Needs more local content but it was a slow newsdaym. .anhy are though. @atrick and /inger will get their mojo going soon. !oth are very personable and good people.

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