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Ch. 7 Starts Slow in the Morning

Henry Winkler and Ron Howard
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This is what I’m thinking:

* It isn’t going to be easy for Patrick Taney and Ginger Geoffery to grow an audience for Channel 7’s newly-named “Eyewitness News This Morning.”

 That’s apparent from the ratings for the first two mornings of the 6 a.m. program that is now without Bridget Blythe.

 Channel 7 averaged a 2.0 rating for the two mornings. It got a 1.8 rating for Monday’s premiere, then rose to a 2.2 Tuesday. Those ratings are in line with the average for the morning program when Blythe and Mike Randall (who remains on weather) were co-anchors. (This just in: Wednesday’s rating rose to a 2.7, a figure the Blythe-Randall version hit at times).

 The 2.0 rating for the first two days is less than a third of the average for Channel 2’s first-place “Daybreak” and slightly above a third for Channel 4’s second-place “Wake Up.”

 It might have helped if Channel 7 did more promotion of the new team or better yet paired Taney and Geoffery in September when the new TV season began.

 * The new LeBron James ad for Nike that deals with his image as a villain after leaving his native Ohio (Cleveland) for Miami is an instant classic. It cleverly answers his critics and beautifully delivers the message that James was doing what he felt was in his best interest and not what others wanted him to be.

 * Speaking of classics, Channel 2 is airing a Halloween episode of “Happy Days” (see picture of Henry Winkler and Ron Howard above) at 7:30 p.m. Saturday and two classic episodes of “The Twilight Zone” from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m.  on the same night. The programs are hosted by Lydia Dominick, the host of the station’s classic programs running at noon weekdays.

Channel 2 is preempting Saturday repeats of the “Law & Order” series but is running them at different times.

* The political advertisements running have been a gold mine for all the local TV stations. They’ve accounted for more than half the ads in many newscasts and as much as 80 percent to 90 percent of the ad time on Channel 2’s news time at 6 p.m.

 In case you are wondering, the stations aren’t allowed to fact check the ads. They allow all the candidates to say whatever they want to say about their opponents. And they’ve said just about everything.

 * Today is the start of the November sweeps but don’t expect any big entertainment programs from the networks. Sure, there will be some big guest stars in many programs. But the days of big events have long since passed as the networks relay on their popular series now more than ever to grab audiences.

 * The New York Giants 41-35 victory over the Cowboys on ESPN’s Monday Night Football scored a 11.9 local rating, which was higher than every network show here that night except ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” and CBS’ “Two and a Half Men.” And the football game lasted much longer than those two entertainment programs.

*Finally, it is only a few days before ABC programs are scheduled to join the On Demand feature on Time Warner Cable. TWC had previously said the feature will be available Nov. 2, which is Tuesday.


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3 Responses to “Ch. 7 Starts Slow in the Morning”

  1. ChiChi says:

    Why is it I feel dirty when I watch Ch 4/23 in the morning and at 10. Could it possibly be because I need to use the Internet to find out what is missing, what’s not there t all and to get some relief from that chick in the morning who smiles at inappropriate places and still stumbles frequently after all this time?

    Apparently 6 suburban towns/cities start alternate street parking today,one is Kenmore. I’ll have to turn to the Internet for the other 5 because they couldn’t be bothered to tell me on good morning, pr release news.

    Maybe they can rehire Lisa Scott, was it, and have her stand out in the dark like the little helpless woman they portrayed her. I miss that on ch 4. It was sick it was delicious. Maybe 23 can use here, poor thing. Then none of the other reporters did it so maybe it had its time.

    Here I am in the dark by a school at Noweheresville at 11:7 PM where they had an inconsequential meeting at 11:30 AM. All you can see is me and a lighted sign off to my side.

    When will peopple wise-up to 4?

  2. Nater says:

    I’ve been watching Blythe and Randall for a long time, and I’m pretty bummed out. Before Randall there was another guy with Blythe, I liked him as well. Every morning I always turned to channel 7 for the morning news. I turned it on the other day to see Ginger and Taney, and didn’t know what in the world was going on. I assumed Blythe was on vacation, but then she never came back.

    It’s a bit disheartening that I had to google quite a bit to even find out that Blythe has been let go. The new format is really dull and uninteresting. They have too many people up there, and almost no personality. Randal & Blythe were excellent together. The anchors on other networks aren’t very likable in my opinion, but definitely more interesting than Geoffery and Taney. I’m disappointed in Channel 7, and I’m going to switch to channel 2 or 4 for my news from now on, which I never wanted to do.

  3. nobody says:

    WTH? Once again as they have always done for thirty years now, the ownership
    has made one of their best talents a scapegoat for poor ratings…Poor Bridget she was in every way a joy to watch..Hopefully she will move up to a network position she deserves it.

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