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World Series Beaten Soundly Here

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 San Francisco’s five-game World Series victory over Texas certainly wasn’t a treat for WUTV, the local Fox affiliate.

 The Giants’ 3-1 clincher over the Rangers Monday night only averaged a 7.2 rating on Channel 29.

 That was in line with the five-game average of 7.4, which was slightly more than half of the 13.8 rating that the New York Yankees’ six-game Series triumph over Philadelphia averaged in 2009.

 Of course, the Yankees are a big draw in Western New York and the game six clincher a year ago had a 15.7 rating.

 The highest-rated game of the 2010 Series was Game One, which averaged an 8.5.

 It wasn’t that long ago that the NFL tried to avoid World Series games, which could split the sporting audience.

 But the NFL is king opposite baseball’s premiere event these days.

 New Orleans’ Sunday Night win over Pittsburgh averaged a 12.7 rating on Channel 2, which was almost double the 6.6 rating for Game Four of the series on WUTV. Indianapolis’ win over Houston on ESPN’s Monday Night Football averaged a 10.4 rating here, which was about 30 percent higher than the baseball game.

 The Game Five clincher only beat NBC’s lame Monday night shows in this market. ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” was the big local winner with a 16.0 rating on Channel 7. CBS’ shows on Channel 4 also did better than baseball here.

 Notably, the 10 p.m. ABC Monday drama “Castle” beat the new CBS hit “Hawaii 5-0 for the first time in our market, 9.2-7.9.

 We’ll find out next week if “Hawaii’ can get back on top without baseball competition. It is a show that is likely to appeal more to male viewers than “Castle.”

 * Speaking of the Series coverage, you make the call. Which is more painful to watch: Bud Selig’s (see above) presentation of the Commissioner’s Trophy to the winning Series team or The Masters presentation to the winner on CBS in April? It’s a tough call but I’m going with Selig’s presentation.

 Inquiring minds want to know: How did the new Channel 7 morning team of Patrick Taney and Ginger Geoffery do in the ratings in their first week on the job? “Eyewitness News This Morning” averaged a 2.2 for the week, down from the 2.6 it averaged this season with Bridget Blythe and Mike Randall (who remains on weather).

 Here’s one last thing to vote on: Which negative ads were more ridiculous in the Tim Kennedy-Jack Quinn III State Sentate race? The ads that blamed Kennedy for unemployment in Western New York or the ones with the baseball metaphor of strike 1, strike 2 and strike 3 dealing with Quinn’s voting record on sensitive issues? Not to be too negative, but both ads were an insult to the intelligence of voters.

 * Finally, a note about the blog. I took a few days off to relax and also because the power source to my computer broke. I guess it was trying to tell me that I was working too hard. In the future, I’ll try to warn readers when I’m taking time off.   


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  1. Randy says:

    Yes, I was a bit alarmed not to see your blog for a few days. I check it every morning.

    Being an avid follower of your column, I was sorry that you had retired from the News. But then I found out happily that you are doing even more of the same on your blog. Thank you for your observations; they are most enjoyed at our house!

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