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Remembering The Week That Was

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It is Sunday and I’m lazy and have to grade college papers.

So I think I’m going to borrow a page from The Buffalo News opinion page and remind readers of this blog what I wrote about all week.

It is a great idea because it means I don’t have to do anything original.

In other words, I get a day off and reduce my workload.

It also might alert readers to something that they were unaware of because they were too busy to read on a certain day.

But I’ll have to admit taking a day off is my prime motivation. I’m guessing that The News policy gives the under-staffed and overworked crew that writes editorials time to recharge, too.

In any event, here is a summary of the week.

I took Monday off because it was a holiday and I discovered my hits go way down on holidays and weekends.

On Tuesday, I wrote about the death of NFL great Ollie Matson and my airplane ride with his son Ollie Matson Jr. years ago.

On Wednesday, I wrote about an unfortunate Twitter remark or tweet that Channel 4’s Melissa Holmes wrote to one of the Pegula daughters.

On Thursday, I had two blogs. The first dealt with the five New York State Emmy nominations that Channel 2 reporter Scott Brown received and the three-day suspension he received from the station.

The second dealt with anchor-reporter Mylous Hairston’s surprise resignation from Channel 4. Yes, that was Thursday, a day before The News got around to posting it online. When The News noted there were reports that Hairston got a severance package, it didn’t note that the report came from stilltalkintv.

On Friday, I wrote two more blogs about Hairston’s departure – one of which was an interview with him.

So if you missed any of the blogs, please enjoy them now on a lazy Sunday as I sit back and wait to see if James Franco (see above) and Anne Hathaway can be any good hosting the Oscars.

I doubt it. But I hope I’m wrong.


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