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Buffalo State Student on “Real World”

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It’s a small world.

One of my Buffalo State College communications students is in the 25th edition of the granddaddy of all reality series, MTV’s “The Real World.”

And I learned from a couple of my Medaille College students that Naomi Defensor is going to be quite an attention-grabbing participant among the seven who spent almost three months at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas together.

The Medaille students said Defensor is being depicted in frequent MTV promos for “Real World: Las Vegas” as a bisexual woman who has a pregnancy scare.

In a telephone interview, Defensor said the promos for the 10 p.m. March 9 premiere are misleading. She  said that she isn’t bisexual and actually “hooked up” with a guy on the show.

“No,” said Defensor of whether she was bisexual. “If I’m drunk and having a good time I probably would kiss a girl but it is just innocent fun.”

Of course, the old saying what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas doesn’t apply when you’re doing practically everything in front of MTV cameras.

A journalism major, the 23-year-old Defensor said the show accurately portrays her.

“I’m a Hispanic firecracker who speaks her mind,” explained Defensor. “I am very open-minded. I’m sort of a girl with a guy’s mentality.”

She noted that she says in one promo that she is from New York City (The Bronx) and doesn’t have a car. “The promo says “I don’t ride cars, I ride boys,’’” said Defensor.

She had never been to Vegas before and enjoyed the experience in a city that she noted is famous for sin and fun.

“It definitely lived up to my expectations,” she said. “If ever a city matched my personality, Vegas is it.”

Defensor said that her parents — surprise, surprise — aren’t happy about what they’ve heard about her potentially outrageous behavior on the show and what is being said about her sexual experiences in promotional materials.

“They are completely upset,” said Defensor. “They are kind of disappointed. They felt as though I threw the family under the bus.”

She knows there will be repercussions about her behavior on the show and said she already has experienced some negativity.

But she’s still glad she agreed to be on the show.

“I have a tattoo on my shoulder that says ‘no regrets, just lessons learned,’” she explained. “That’s one of the mottos I live by. I don’t regret anything that happened in Vegas. It definitely was a once- in-a lifetime experience.”

* Defensor isn’t the only “Real World” cast member with a Western New York tie. The cast also includes Nany Gonzalez, described in MTV material as a Cuban woman whose hometown is Jamestown, New York. The network also said she attended Jamestown Community College. I’d write more about her but she isn’t in one of my classes.


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