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Local News Race Tightens in February

Channel 4 remains the top-rated news station in town, but the competition between it and Channel 2  tightened in the early afternoon during the just-completed February sweeps.

The good news for Channel 4 is remains No.1 and the anchor team of Joe Arena and Victoria Hong is practically in a statistical tie with Channel 2′s John Beard and Jodi Johnston at 6 a.m. in household viewing after being behind by more than a point a year ago and in November.

The good news for Channel 2 is that the anchor team of Scott Levin and Johnston gained 30 percent at 5 p.m. from a year ago and now the newscast is practically in a statistical tie with Channel 4 in that half hour.

The ratings are flat at 6 p.m., with Channel 4 holding a lead of less than a point.

Channel 4 has its biggest lead at 11 p.m with anchors Don Postles and Jacquie Walker, but that could be largely attributed to the strong lead-in it gets from CBS prime time programming and the weak lead-in that Channel 2 anchors Levin and Maryalice Demler get from NBC prime time programming.

And Channel 4’s lead at 11 p.m. is significantly lower than it was a year ago when Channel 2 had the benefit of an Olympic lead-in. 

Oh, you are wondering about Channel 7?

It is a distant third in all time slots, but it did see improvements in a few time slots.

Of course, these are households ratings. Channel 2 often does better when the demographics arrive later in the month.


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