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Angels, Friends with Benefits and “Bad” Teachers

Mila Kunis at the 2009 Comic Con in San Diego.

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If I have learned one thing about blogging, is that fewer people pay attention on weekends. And weekends in the summer around here start Thursday night.
A blogging buddy of mine told me a year ago that he puts up a test pattern on his site during the weekends because so few people read his blog when they’re not goofing off at work.
This is my brief introduction about why today’s blog is going to feature some quick items that don’t require any heavy lifting on my part or yours.
* I had to laugh when I saw this weekend’s big new movie, “Friends With Benefits” with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, received  3 stars from the Buffalo News. The 3 star rating came a day after I wrote that the News gives just about every movie 3 stars, from the terrific “Harry Potter” to “the endless “Beginners” to the piffle called “Larry Crowne.”
I don’t know if the rating for “Friends” means it is in the class of the terrific “Potter” finale” or the lame Tom Hanks-Julia Roberts flick, “Larry Crowne.”
* A Reminder: This Sunday’s episode of HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is the LOL one in which Larry and his buddy Jeff discover the joys of Palestinian Chicken. Don’t miss it.
* The AMC series “Breaking Bad” gets some of the best critical reviews of any TV series and has made Bryan Cranston an Emmy-winning star as a chemistry teacher gone bad (he cooks crystal meth) and mad. But count me out. Last Sunday’s violent season four opener was pretty hard to take. Reportedly, it is creator Vince Gilligan’s plan to turn Walt White (Cranston) from a sympathetic character to a monster. But it isn’t easy to watch.
* Amusing moment of the week: Channel 4 anchor Jacquie Walker holding a thermometer at Canal Fest with the temperature above 100 degrees, after which she noted that is the first time in the 100 or so years she’s been here that the temp hit triple digits. Only kidding Jacquie. I value your experience. And I’ve been here more than 100 years myself.
* Amusing moment of the week, Part 2: At 11 p.m. Thursday, Channel 2 ended its newscast with some happy talk about the upcoming remake of TV’s “Charlie’s Angels.” Asked for a favorite Angel in the original, sports director Ed Kilgore said Farrah Fawcett. Meteorologist Kevin O’Connell added his favorite Angel was “Kate Smith.” Then he corrected himself, saying “Kate Jackson.” You wonder if Channel 2 anchor John Beard – a good friend of Kilgore and O’Connell — was laughing. He reportedly dated Kate Jackson when he worked in Los Angeles. I don’t think he ever dated Kate Smith, though some people in the business joke that he has dated just about everybody.
* The major league All-Star game took a big ratings hit nationally, but still was one of the top-rated programs the week that it was played.
In Buffalo, the rating slipped about 30 percent from a year ago on Channel 29 to a 4.6 rating. In other words, WUTV really missed New York Yankee star Derek Jeter, who skipped the game.
* TV Land has renewed the Fran Drescher series, “Happily Divorced,” for a second season. It isn’t a funny show but it may last longer than Jennifer Lopez’s next marriage.
* WECK: Mark Scott of the Buffalo Broadcasters Association reports that the latest ratings for WECK-AM validated Owner Dick Greene’s decision to can the local talk format in favor of music. The station averaged an anemic .5 share, indicating the needle wasn’t moved at all after former program director Brad Riter declared war on AM talk rivals WGR and WBEN.

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2 responses to "Angels, Friends with Benefits and “Bad” Teachers"

  1. Bob says:

    Haven’t you noticed that if a very attractive woman who has nice assets is in a movie – that automatically adds 1 extra star to the review from -He Who Shall Not Be Named- at The Buffalo News.

  2. ChiChi says:

    I was not happy with the season premier of Breaking Bad but I think you have to give it a break after 3 stellar years. Let’s see a few episodes before trashing it.

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