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Sloan, Norah and World Cup Women Rock

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This is what I’m thinking:

* One of the memorable moments of the ESPYs a few weeks back
came when a winner of some award I can’t remember (who remembers any of the
awards) referred to presenter  Emmanuelle Chriqui (see right) as Sloan, her character on HBO’s

Some members of the audience laughed.

But let’s face it. It is a lot easier to spell, say and remember Sloan than say, Emmanuelle Chriqui.

I bring this up because one of the more disappointing elements of Sunday’s season premiere of the buddy comedy was the breakup of the engagement of Eric (Kevin Connolly) and Sloan, apparently because of a disagreement over a pre-nup.

I mean a season without enough Sloan would be a major disappointment.
But have no fear — she’s back in a future episode and it wouldn’t be terribly surprising if she gets a lot more to do by the end of the season and the series.

The separation of Ari (Jeremy Pivens) and Mrs. Ari (Perrey Reeves) has a lot more comic possibilities as viewers see the super-agent’s desperate vulnerability.

Of course, “Entourage” is more about friendship than big laughs anyway and that will especially be the case in the final season.

* Network news stars move to rival networks all the time. Jeff Greenfield, one of my favorite analysts,  has completed the broadcast network hat trick by working at ABC, CBS and NBC.  If you ask me, the big recent network news trade saw Norah O’Donnell switch from NBC to the “CBS Evening News wth Scott Pelley” as White House correspondent.  She’ll have a very visible role as President Obama prepares for his re-election campaign. Harry Smith’s move from CBS to NBC will have little or no impact in the network news game. I like the versatile Smith, but he is the very definition of dull and competent, attributes that don’t get rewarded these days.

* I’ve been meaning to say how much I’ve enjoyed the hardware ad guy ripping off “the most interesting man in the world commercial” for a beer company. But the hardware ad does have to guard against overexposure.

* Add Buffalo News veteran reporter Brian Meyer to the list of people considering a buyout from the newspaper. However, he may not have enough seniority to be in line for a buyout.

* It is nice to say the Buffalo News finally acknowledge what you read here first — that Channel 4 reporter Michele McClintick is leaving the top-rated station in town after the sweeps end this week. In a few weeks, maybe the paper will include McClintick in a “Where Are They Now?” feature.

* It looks like the U.S. women’s soccer team’s loss to Japan in the World Cup final will be the top-rated program during the July sweeps or at least in the Top 5. The penalty kick loss averaged a 9.3 on ESPN. The last 45 minutes averaged a 13.6 rating, which is higher than any NBA finals game and triple the local rating for the major league all-star game. I guess you could say the soccer team is the sporting version of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent,” which is usually the top-rated summer program.

* Had to LOL when I read that Channel 4’s “rationale for a full hour of news at 5 p.m. may vanish.” The main rationale is making $$$$$$$. And that rationale will never vanish no matter
how badly the station’s news youngsters are struggling.

* Just asking: Did Channel 4’s young meteorologist Bryan Shaw borrow co-worker Amelia Segal’s old eyeglasses over the weekend? Shaw wore glasses over the weekend, which made him look a little older and a little like Clark Kent. Segal has dropped the glasses, which my readers have advised me was a good move. Sloan, on the other hand, would look great with or without glasses.


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6 responses to "Sloan, Norah and World Cup Women Rock"

  1. GMan says:

    The Valu guy ad was boring the second time I saw it. How “Lowe(s) can he go??? Pretty soon,he’ll be rounding third and heading for Home ( Depot)

  2. pergy'sbetterfriend says:

    Why does your blog always feature photos of beautiful women? You do have female readers too you know! How abut someone adorable like hmmm Anderson Cooper?

  3. Pergy's friend says:

    Anyone notice that local TV news must have set a record for saying “same-sex” over the weekend? Gosh, is that what gay couples refer to themselves as?

  4. alanp says:

    I likened him to Clark Kent-Superman. That’s picking on him?

  5. Pergy's friend says:

    That guy is like the least smooth broadcaster on the news. Calling him that is the least of his problems.

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