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Mixed Results for Ch.4′s Youth Movement

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This is what I’m thinking:
* Channel 4 newcomers formerly known as the Kiddie Corps are getting mixed results on weekends from local TV viewers.
You could even blame the station’s decision to showcase Nalina Shapiro, Anthony Congi, Bryan Shaw, Rachel Kingston and Amelia Segal on weekends without sprinkling in many news veterans for allowing Channel 2’s 11 p.m. newscast to beat Channel 4 from Monday through Sunday.
Channel 4 still wins the 11 p.m. news from Monday through Friday,  but Channel 2’s margin of victory at 11 p.m. Saturday has more than doubled and enabled the NBC affiliate to win the seven-day average by the slimmest of margins after weekends are included.
Channel 2 averages an 8.3 on Saturday night, down 8 percent from the 9.0 a year ago. Channel 4 averages a 6.1, down 24 percent from a year ago. Channel 7 is third with a 3.2, down from a 3.8 a year ago.
The results at 11 p.m. Sunday are more favorable to Channel 4’s youth movement. Channel 4 wins by the same .2 margin it won by a year ago, but both 2 (down 14 percent) and 4 (down 13 percent) lost a significant portion of the audience from a year ago.
The 11 p.m. weekend figures are the only ones that can be compared consistently because 6 p.m. newscast on weekends can be disrupted by overruns of sports programming.
* I’m sure I’m not alone in turning on the TV every night and wondering why the broadcast networks have practically given up on everything but reality shows.
The recent July ratings show how disinterested most of Western New York is in broadcast summer shows.
The seven top local broadcast TV stations – Ch.2, 4, 7, 23, 29, 49 and 51 averaged a combined 16 ratings points in prime time in July, down about 20 percent from the 19.0 they had a year ago. That means a greater majority of viewers is heading to cable or elsewhere.
* The departure of Meredith Vieira from NBC’s “Today” hasn’t hurt the morning news program locally. With Ann Curry in Vieira’s old seat, “Today’ has maintained the audience it had and actually grown by 2 percent. ABC’s “Good Morning America” is a distant second and has slipped 5 percent. Channel 4’s new young morning anchors and reporters didn’t move the needle at all. Its third-place audience is flat despite Kenmore native Jeff Glor’s participation on the morning team and the occasional shout-outs he gives the area.
* The 6:30 p.m. national news race hasn’t changed much locally since Scott Pelley (see above) took over for Katie Couric as the anchor of The CBS Evening News.
NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams remained No. 1 in July and grew by four-tenths of a point from a year ago to a 6.9. Williams owes the gain to Channel 2’s competitiveness as his lead-in. Pelley’s newscast – he was off for several days – slipped three-tenths of a point from a year ago to a 5.9. He has Channel 4’s minor slip at 6 p.m. to blame. ABC World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer had the same 4.9 rating it had a year ago due to Channel 7’s poor lead-in.
The Buffalo market illustrates how important the local news lead-ins are to the national nightly news ratings.
* Bill O’Loughlin is going to get some help when his talk show moves Sept. 6 to noon weekdays on Channel 2. Lydia Dominick, who was the host of Channel 2’s Lunchtime with the Classics, is going to be part of O’Loughlin’s show.
A Channel 2 release noted that Dominick is “a social media guru” who “will bring her quick wit and irreverent style to the show.”
Who knew? It wasn’t as if Dominick had time to illustrate her quick wit as the host of “Lunchtime” or as the former CW 23 spokesperson.

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5 responses to "Mixed Results for Ch.4′s Youth Movement"

  1. Confused says:

    Is Channel 2 or 4 winning at 11? That second paragraph confuses me.

  2. “The 11 p.m. weekend figures are the only ones that can be compared consistently because 6 p.m. newscast on weekends can be disrupted by overruns of sports programming.”

    Pardon me if I’m mistaken, but this is July, and the only sports that could possibly overrun are NASCAR and baseball, neither of which are on either channel 2 or 4. I think it’s safe to compare the 6:00 ratings in this period, although certainly not in November!

  3. Tina says:

    To be perfectly honest I am not a huge fan of any of the weekend newscasts with the exception of Autumn Lewandowski, who does a great job and makes it seem so seem effortless. I love the fact that a girl named Autumn became a meteorologist.

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