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Mr. Smith Has Fun With President’s Age

Harry Smith from CBS's The Early Show

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Harry Smith, a humorist?
Who knew?
Smith, the former CBS News anchor-reporter (see right), made his debut on NBC Thursday night with an amusing piece on the “Nightly News with Brian Williams” on President Obama turning 50.
Williams introduced the four-minute light feature as an owner’s guide to turning a half century before Smith noted the President has many difficulties ahead as “a man of a certain age” that Congress can’t help him solve.
As if it has been any help anyway.
The reporter suggested “prayer and patience” in eventually dealing with teen-age daughters, golf as a safer sport than basketball and joining AARP to get good hotel deals.
Smith did break one cardinal reporting rule – he made himself part of the story. As a photo of Smith next to the President was shown, Smith added “that gray is OK, but bald is beautiful.”
He didn’t think that the President was in danger of experiencing a mid-life crisis because he’s “already married up.”
After the classy piece, Williams noted that Smith didn’t deal with any medical issues that arise at 50, which prompted a discussion of a procedure involving a camera where the sun doesn’t shine.
All in good fun, of course.
I imagine Katie Couric – who actually had a colonoscopy on live TV during her “Today” days — was even smiling.
If you missed it, you can watch Smith’s piece online.
* Speaking of men of a certain age, sources tell me that Buffalo News reporter Brian Meyer has signed up for the current buyout offer and Dan Herbeck was expected to if he hasn’t already. The deadline is Aug.12. That doesn’t guarantee they’ll get it because it is based on seniority. Meyer is much further down the seniority list than Herbeck and less likely to be able to get it. Jerry Sullivan, Donn Esmonde and Jim Heaney haven’t decided what they will do.
* And former “Cheers” and “Becker” star Ted Danson – who went gray decades ago and has been fighting hair loss forever – has joined the cast of “CSI” as the replacement for Laurence Fishburne as the supervisor of the Las Vegas unit. The 63-year-old actor is expected to bring a lighter touch to the drama. And I’m, not just talking about his hair.



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