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StillTalkinTV to Stop Talkin TV on Vacation

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ABC News did a story Thursday night asking if President Obama should take his scheduled vacation on Martha’s Vineyard despite the Wall Street craziness going on and the sorry state of the economy.
The story fairly pointed out other Presidents who played golf or headed to their ranch during difficult times. President Reagan, for example, took a month off on his ranch during difficult economic times.
I vote for giving the President a break with his family to recharge and hoping he comes back with some fresh ideas.
Who among us doesn’t need a break?
I certainly do.
This is all my way of telling you that StillTalkinTV is taking several days off from writing to recharge and work around the house (I don’t own a ranch) before college classes and the new TV season begins.
I expect I’ll get more rest than President Obama will.

See you sometime next week.

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2 responses to "StillTalkinTV to Stop Talkin TV on Vacation"

  1. Bob says:


    Have a great vacation…….

  2. Randy says:

    Have a good vacation! Get refreshed and recharged!

    I really enjoy your blog. I used to look forward to your columns in the News, and was very sorry when you retired. However, with the advent of your blog, your commentary is even more available than ever. I check your blog for new content every morning. Thank you for doing what you do!

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