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Still Talkin TV » WBBZ Delays Morning Show, Yanks HD

WBBZ Delays Morning Show, Yanks HD

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Notes before the long Labor Day holiday, which coincides with another of my 39th birthdays:

* If you get up Tuesday morning, don’t expect to see the new local morning show that WBBZ-TV Owner Phil Arno had planned to premiere that day.

Arno said Wednesday that all local programming on the station that carries classic TV shows from its affiliation with Me-TV has been delayed until he learns whether he has to find a new home for his proposed studio.

He has given Eastern Hills Mall officials until Friday to decide whether he can proceed with his studio plans after they initially balked and refused to approve the plans.

“They’re trying to decide whether they want it here,” said
Arno of the studio.

In the meantime, he has been scouring the area for a backup
plan for a studio. He’s looked at several locations downtown and the McKinley
Mall as possibilities.

“I have to know by the end of the week,” he said.

If he gets the go-ahead to stay at Eastern Hills, he said a local segment inside a syndicated morning show “could happen in the next month.”

However, he hasn’t signed any talent for the morning show or a proposed local version of “The Tonight Show.


On another front, Arno said the popular New York Yankee games on the station’s schedule won’t be carried in high definition until next season.

“There are only three games left this year,” he said. “It will happen next year.”

The Yanks provide WBBZ with its most popular programming. The Yanks win over the Boston Red Sox Tuesday had a 2.6 rating, which was within range of what Channel 7 averaged in prime time with ABC programming that night.


I have some very observant readers. One emailed me to note  that Matt Granite, who does a “Ways to Save Segment” on Channel 2, appears to do his on-air work on a set that no else at the station appears on. The reader asked “is he still even in Buffalo?”

Turns out Granite isn’t based here, though he comes here occasionally.

Channel 2 General Manager Jim Toellner said that Granite began working for a Gannett station in Cleveland several months ago and does his online savings reports for both stations.

I suppose that’s one way for Gannett to save.


Toellner also confirmed that Channel 2 “Daybreak” co-anchor signed a new two-year contract to replace the one that was about to expire.

The new deal is likely to have some out clauses for Beard if he gets an offer from a big station in the California market where he last worked before returning here in 2009.


I turned on WGR radio Wednesday morning just in time to hear Jeremy White talk about the absurdity of a statement made by ESPN’s Trey Wingo about the turnover problems of New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning (see above).

White thought it was absurd of Wingo to note that Manning committed 52 of the 71 Giants turnovers in the last two seasons. White noted that any quarterback is likely to commit two-third of his team’s turnovers since they handle the ball on every offensive play and throw the interceptions.

White was missing Wingo’s larger point, partly because Wingo could have phrased it better. Manning has been a turnover machine who commits more than two-thirds of a high number of Giant turnovers. A quarterback who commits two-thirds of a team’s 71 turnovers is much more of a problem than a QB who commits two-thirds of 50 turnovers.

According to NFL stats, Manning has thrown 113 interceptions in 105 NFL games and committed 59 fumbles, 27 of which the Giants have lost.

In 54 games (or a little more than half the games that Manning  has played), Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers has thrown 32 interceptions and fumbled 27 times, 11 of which the Pack lost. If you double those numbers, Rodgers would throw 64 interceptions or 49 less than Manning.

In 145 games, New England’s Tom Brady has thrown 103 interceptions or eight less than Manning in 40 more games. He has fumbled 67 times, losing 31. That’s only four more lost than Manning in 40 more games.

Wingo’s inarguable point is that Manning commits way too many turnovers.



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3 Responses to “WBBZ Delays Morning Show, Yanks HD”

  1. GMan says:

    Ask Jeremy how many”fumbles” he commits on his show. He can’t even read the MLB standings correctly. I guess that’s why they call WGR Radio 550, ” Your station for misinformation!”

  2. Tina says:

    No one cares or even goes to the Eastern Hills Mall..Phil would be better off going either to the Outlet Mall or the Galleria to do his show. You would think the Eastern Hills Mall would like the publicity…they need it.

  3. Pergy's friend says:

    I can’t believe all the places to set up shop, he picks the prestigious Eastern Hills Mall.

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