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Another Fox Comedy to Hate

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Inquiring minds want to know: Why is Fox premiering “I Hate My Teenage Daughter” at 9:30 tonight after the conclusion of the November sweeps when the other networks are primarily airing concerts, Christmas specials and repeats?
It could be because Fox executives hate the show as much as most TV critics did when DVDs were sent out over the summer, and the execs decided to bury the series co-starring Jaime Pressly (see right from “My Name Is Earl”) and Katie Finneran.
One of my favorite Toronto critics, Bill Brioux, led off his initial review by writing “I Hate I Hate My Teenage Daughter.”
Of course, the title is misleading. The mothers, Annie and Nikki (Pressly and Finneran), have a love-hate relationship with their pretty daughters, Sophie and MacKenzie (Kristi Lauren and Aisha Dee). They love their daughters, they just hate the self-involved ways they act.
It is easy to hate all the messages and stereotypes the comedy sends out. It is an insult to mothers, divorced fathers, religious people and teens. The mothers fear losing their daughters as friends, while the fathers just buy their love.
Pressly plays a woman who had a religious upbringing, which leads to several weak jokes about the damage it did to experiencing things during her childhood. Finneran plays a woman who likes to eat, which leads to several weak fat jokes.
This isn’t to say “Hate” is laugh free or that exploring the complicated relationships that many mothers and daughters have isn’t a good idea.
There are a couple of chuckles dealing with how parents embarrass their kids. But not enough to prevent a critic from hating to see the sorry state of parenthood in this series which finds mothers foolishly believing that enabling their children when they do bad things is an acceptable idea. Rating: 1 star out of 4

Three cheers for YNN, the 24-hour Time Warner Cable news channel. TWC carried Syracuse University’s basketball romp over Eastern Michigan on its sports channel Tuesday, but cut away before embattled Syracuse Coach Jim Boeheim held his post-game press conference in which he dealt with his job security following the child sexual abuse case against fired assistant Bernie Fine.
The press conference was bound to be more interesting than the game. That led me to see if the local YNN would carry the press conference. It did for the entire 20 minutes. Smart move. It allowed local viewers to see more than just the short clips carried by the local TV news stations at 11 p.m.
Boeheim seemed to force some smiles through the questioning from reporters, some of which were justifiably tough. Overall, he handled himself reasonably well, which means he didn’t provide any sound bites that could bite him later.
Channel 2 replayed some of the sound bites this morning and then asked viewers to join its Facebook poll asking whether Boeheim should be fired or not. Of course, it is a foolish poll with zero relevance to Boeheim’s job security. The vote was split, but even if it was 100 percent for firing Boeheim it would have meant nothing other than Channel 2 is trying to make its viewers feel involved.
The biggest loser besides fans if the Buffalo Bills don’t sell out the final three home games is Channel 4, the local CBS affiliate that would carry games against AFC opponents Tennessee, Denver and Miami if they aren’t blacked out. I would guess the station stands to lose at least $100,000-$150,000 per game in advertising revenue or $300,000-$450,000 in the month. That would pay the salary of several new reporters just out of college or barely out of college.
In years past, Channel 4 might buy the remaining tickets or find sponsors to buy them if the games were close to sell-outs. After all, it would make sense to spend $50,000 on tickets to make $100,000 in advertising. But the games aren’t close enough to being sold out for Channel 4 to make it work right now.

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5 responses to "Another Fox Comedy to Hate"

  1. Dave says:

    Good point about Channel 4 losing big time if the team doesn’t sell the tickets, Alan.

    I found it interesting on Sunday when, for the first time that I can ever remember, Channel 4 was running a commercial crawler during the game to encourage fans to buy tickets to the December home games by calling the team’s 800-number.

    A crawler for breaking new, or weather, yes. But when has a station ever run a commercial crawler over network programming telling viewers to buy something?

    Is that even allowed under FCC regulations?

    And what a precedent to set for a TV station, with supposed credibility the way Channel 4 has. I could see Channel 7 doing it, but not Channel 4. But they stand to lose alot on blacked out games.

    • Gman says:

      Will that crawl persuade you to buy a ticket to any remaining Bills game?? Not me.

      • Doug says:

        From what I understand the crawl was paid for by the Buffalo Bills. And its not the first time. Did you not watch the Miami game just a week earlier???

        • Dave says:

          Actually, I spent the start of the Miami game outside raking leaves, and when it got out of hand, I decided to stay outside and winterize my garage. So, no, I didn’t notice the crawler the week before.

  2. Doug says:

    Does anyone know why Allan doesnt label his pictures with who is in them, right below the picture, like the New York Times, or most news paper web sites do it?

    Sometimes I just skim the blog, and dont have time to read through and look for the name – Which is not easy anyway, because the formatting he uses has no indentations. Remember those? They are easier on the eyes.

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