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Newsy and Opinionated Stuff Twirling Around My Head

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Like Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, “I’ve got all this stuff twirling around my head.” So here is what I’m thinking:
* The Versus studio guys, Mike Milbury and Keith Jones, covering the Buffalo Sabres 3-2 shootout win over Montreal Monday verbally punished the local heroes for their lack of aggression after the scoreless first period.
Milbury and Jones wondered where was the fight the Sabres were supposed to reveal after standing by while Ryan Miller was blasted Saturday in the loss to the Boston Bruins. But by game’s end, they were praising the Sabres just as loudly. It is called playing results.
Speaking of playing results, it appears that NBC plans to cancel the low-rated Thursday night “Prime Suspect.” The network announced midseason changes late Monday afternoon that remove the Maria Bello series from the lineup in January.
As typical under these circumstances, NBC didn’t say what shows were gone, just what new shows are coming and what old shows are getting new time periods in the midseason lineup.
“The Firm” takes the “Prime” spot at 10 p.m. Thursday. The Emmy-loved “30 Rock” returns at 8 p.m. Thursday on Jan. 12, which may be too early for many of its fans.
The freshman comedies “Up All Night” and “Whitney” are trading places in January. “Night” goes to 9:30 p.m. after “The Office,” “Whitney” leads off Wednesday at 8 p.m. before a new comedy, “Are You There, Chelsea”? “Rock Center” with Brian Williams moves to 9 p.m. Wednesday, a killer slot where “Criminal Minds” and “Modern Family” will be the competition.
Speaking of “Rock Center,” Bob Costas (see above) got the program’s first Big Get interview Monday. He did a terrific job asking former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky — via telephone — all the tough questions surrounding the sexual child abuse case. The interview was repeated on “Today” this morning before the program ran a piece on Herman Cain’s 10-second stumble when asked whether he agreed with President Obama’s policy in Libya.
Sandusky admitted to showering and horsing around with young boys, but said he wasn’t a pedophile and was innocent of the charges against him. If Sandusky has already been convicted in the court of public opinion, his answers to Costas’ excellently-worded questions were unlikely to change many (any?) people’s minds.
Remember Bazi Kanani, who was very impressive during her brief time as a Channel 2 anchor? She has just left a Denver television station to join ABC News as a digital reporter in Nairobi. She told Denver TV critic Joanne Ostrow that she will be covering “news all around Africa.” Ostrow reported that Kanani’s documentary, “My Africa,” filmed in Tanzania, won a 2007 Emmy and a National Association of Black Journalists award. A 2008 Kanani documentary, “Reaching Rwanda,” won an Emmy and a regional Edward R. Murrow award.
I didn’t last too long during the Bills’ 44-7 embarrassment in Dallas, but I stayed around long enough to hear CBS analyst Phil Simms note that the 10-yard gains that the Bills used to get on short pass routes have become two-yard gains. Clearly, Coach Chan Gailey has to figure out how to combat opponents’ defensive aggression on those short passes. Fred Jackson caught four passes for one yard and Stevie Johnson had two catches for eight yards.
It isn’t always easy staying up to the end of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” but I DVRed it this weekend and watched “Weekend Update” Monday. During the segment, Jason Sudeikis played Satan, who became exasperated upon hearing about all the details of the Penn State case from anchor Seth Meyers. The Devil concluded that “evil isn’t what it used to be” and added he was giving up his job. When Meyers asked him what he’s going to do, Satan cracked: “’I’ll probably go back to my old job doing customer service at Time Warner.” That’s a good line that I am sure many TWC subscribers applauded after the announcement of recent rate hikes. The funny thing is NBC is now owned by a rival cable company, Comcast.
I’ll have more on the rate hikes and your favorite cable company later this week.

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5 Responses to “Newsy and Opinionated Stuff Twirling Around My Head”

  1. Evonne says:

    Hey Alan… I’m assuming you meant Satan and not Satin…. that would just be weird, though funny. :)

  2. Tim says:

    hello mister pergment i love your blog thank you for it what is going on at the time warner cable news chanel y n n i see they have new anchors during the day and the ones that used to be the anchors in teh dya are now on weekends they also look like they are on high definition now things look different and we are not getting any answers i also see they got rid of cable 8 news in jaemstown and now have ynn jamestown and i miss it please help me thank you for youir time and god bless you and your fmaily.

  3. Doug says:

    That was another boring SNL episode-I watched it online so I could fast forward through most of it. But that Satan bit was really very funny.

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