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Thanksgiving Weekend Leftovers

Leftovers after the Thanksgiving holidays, with some new commentary served:

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Say goodbye to Channel 2’s weekend morning anchor Josh Boose. He’s leaving the local NBC affiliate for a similar job in his native Cleveland.
Channel 2 General Manager Jim Toellner said he will be replaced temporarily by current staffers but added a job search will begin for a permanent replacement.
ESPN’s Merrill Hoge said during Monday’s edition of “NFL Live” that he would cut Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson for his celebration antics after scoring a touchdown in the Bills’ 28-24 loss to the New York Jets. Adam Schefter seemed amused by that ridiculous statement, noting that Johnson would be claimed by 31 teams if he was waived. You wonder how much Hoge knows about the Bills current roster of receivers after all the injuries the receiving corp has been hit with this season.
Tony Kornheiser of ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption” said Monday of Johnson: “Let me be the first to say I’m sick of this guy.” To which co-host Michael Wilbon responded: “There’s something endearing even in his wackiness.” “No,” replied Kornheiser.

Just about the only place you didn’t get any commentary on Johnson’s celebration was on CBS’ broadcast of the game. Play-by-play man Marv Albert and analyst Rich Gannon didn’t seem to realize a 15-yard penalty had been called and didn’t criticize him when it happened.
All three Buffalo news station went big at 6 p.m. Monday with the latest on the firing of Syracuse University assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine, who has been accused of molesting three boys decades ago. It is a big story and Syracuse is close to home. But the Buffalo stations really don’t have much to add to a story that is getting extensive national coverage. I didn’t hear anything from the local stations that I hadn’t seen or read on national TV a day earlier. The story should be covered here, since the area has a large number of SU graduates. But the story didn’t deserve such high placement locally because there weren’t any new details offered.
I was watching the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams (see above) Monday when a scary story came on about the dangers to others (particularly other children and seniors) because an increasing number of parents are declining to get their young children the vaccines needed to prevent disease. A young Buffalo mother was used as an example of the practice. I wonder if watching the report changed her mind. Dr. Nancy Snyderman discussed the report on “Today” this morning. She said a young child who isn’t immunized “is a walking Typhoid Mary” and called parents who don’t get their children vaccinated “selfish.”

If you are a Bills fan who is a glutton for punishment, then you might want to tune in the Bills-Jets game on The NFL Network program, “NFL Replay,” at 8 tonight. Of course, Time Warner Cable subscribers are spared the agony because they don’t get The NFL Network.

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7 responses to "Thanksgiving Weekend Leftovers"

  1. Andy says:

    I wondered how long Josh Boose would last in this small market.

  2. Dave says:

    Sorry to see Josh Boose go, but good for him. I remember reading in your blog or in The News that he begged for an opportunity to be an anchor, and they gave him the weekend Daybreak gig. I really enjoyed him as a light-hearted option to get a weekend morning started. I wish him lots of success in his new market. Weekend mornings won’t be the same.

  3. Tom says:

    Josh Boose was definitely a good fit for WGRZ and did a very good job here. He along with Maria Genero worked well on air together and helped the weekend show grow. That being said, it’s great that he got a good opportunity with WEWS (Scripps Broadcasting) and he gets to go back home to his native Cleveland. Best of luck to him.

    Apparently he was 1 of the pieces in the puzzle since the morning show he will be working replaced everyone, except the meterologist.

  4. Pergy's friend says:

    The local news can always inform us how far away Syracuse is from Buffalo.

  5. Channel 2 seems to have a backlog of anchors. My best guess is that Marissa Bailey goes back to weekends while Demler goes back to 10:00, the way it was before Boose got the anchor job. The other possibility is to bump Genero over to the anchor desk and bring Mary Beth Wrobel onto a permanent position. Don’t expect any new hires– not because WGRZ is cheap (because, compared to the other two stations in the market, they’re certainly not) but simply because they don’t need to hire anyone else.

    • Tom says:

      This morning on Midday, they actually had Heather Ly anchoring and she did pretty well. So now it is possible that she could be a substitute anchor as well for the future. I think in January, Genero’s 2 year contract is up so who knows what could happen at that point.

      I would like to see MB stay with their weather team permanently though. She has been solid on that station ever since she started filling in.

      You are right about Gannett not needing to hire additional people. They have over 30 on staff which is at least 10 more than WIVB and WKBW. Compared to other stations they own, it seems that we are one of the lucky stations, getting a bigger studio refresh and unique graphics not used on their other stations. Our old anchor desk- now used at sister station WLTX in Columbia, SC which went HD before we did this year.

  6. I was wondering where this breath of fresh air had gone… Cleveland’s gain is surely Buffalo’s loss. Channel 2 just did not use him enuf. Good luck, Josh

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