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Ch.2, Ch.4 Treat Tobe’s Hiring Differently

Ted Koppel at Invesco

Ted Koppel

This is what I‘m thinking:

What a difference a few minutes makes on local TV news.

Channel 2’s Scott Brown did a 6 p.m. news report Monday on the appointment of Richard Tobe as deputy county executive by County Executive Mark Poloncarz after Channel 2′s introduction by anchor Marissa Bailey deemed it a “controversial” choice.

Switch to Channel 4 a minute or so later and there was no mention of any controversy or that Tobe had been released by Mayor Brown in 2008 when assigned to do a similar job with responsibiities for economic development.

Channel 4 was remiss in not mentioning Tobe’s tenure in the mayor’s administration and his ouster. But I’m not sure labeling Tobe’s hiring as “controversial” is accurate. After all, we’re talking politics and Poloncarz and Brown reportedly don’t see eye-to-eye despite being in the same party.

Political insiders are more likely to understand if Tobe was forced out by the mayor because of job performance or because of a personality conflict with other members of the administration.

The Buffalo News report this morning on Tobe’s hiring properly dealt with his departure from the mayor’s administration.

Does anyone else think that Channel 4’s new reporter, Ed Drantch, looks a little like Alan Cumming, who stars on “The Good Wife” as political consultant Eli Gold.

I hope you enjoyed play-by-play Kevin Harlan and analyst Solomon Wilcots on the Bills’ 37-10 loss in San Diego. They also are assigned Sunday’s home game in Miami, which is unliikely to be sold out in time to be televised locally. The announcers do a decent job and really are being more punished to work another Bills game than fans who won’t have to watch another one this Sunday.

Ted Koppel practically had me at hello on his new assignment as a reporter and political analyst at NBC News. Assessing Republican presidential frontrunner Newt Gingrich on “Meet the Press” Sunday morning, Koppel quoted Lily Tomlin by saying “no matter how cynical you get, it is impossible to keep up.” He added he was “breathless” over Gingrich’s ability to get so many Republicans to forget about his infidelities, his making millions with the help of his Congressional ties and other negatives that would bring down most candidates.

One could quote Lily Tomlin on cynicism, too, when it comes to coverage of the college basketball brawl between Cincinnati and Xavier Saturday. An ESPN analyst (I believe it was former Coach Dan Dakich), said almost immediately after the fight that he would throw any player who threw a sucker punch or any punch off his team. Of course, it is easy to say when you are not the coach. While I agree that his punishment would have been proper, my cynicism was reaffirmed when the stiffest penalty given a player on either team was a six game suspension.

Where is Adam Benigni? Where is Ed Kilgore? Those are among the questions I had while watching Channel 2’s new holiday promo. Perhaps they weren’t around when the promos were being shot. Third-string sports staffer Ben Hayes is in the promo.

Chelsea Clinton isn’t a TV natural and wouldn’t have gotten a job on NBC News without her parents’ name, but she did a decent job Monday on her initial reports for “NBC Nightly News” and “Rock Center.” She is a little stiff on the air, but she has compassion, style and intelligence, which suggests she will improve after doing more “Making a Difference” reports like Monday’s about an Arkansas woman who sacrificed her life savings to help young children who rarely have enough to eat. Clinton, who took some cruel and undeserved hits as the First Daughter, also has grown into an attractive young adult.


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3 responses to "Ch.2, Ch.4 Treat Tobe’s Hiring Differently"

  1. Re: Bills blackouts

    You know, that game didn’t sell out in San Diego, and had it been a home game, it wouldn’t have sold out here, either. That got me to thinking.

    There is an epidemic of piracy in regard to streaming of NFL games on the Internet. The piracy issue and the blackout issue gave me an idea. I call it ‘total blackout’.

    If an NFL game is blacked out in its home market, and the away team also had their most recent home game blacked out as well, then the networks would not have to send a crew down and carry the game at all. Instead, the channels that were to carry the game in the away market could pick a game of their choice (which is helpful for markets on the edges of each team’s territory). It’d only come into effect for a handful of games, but considering blacked-out games are usually the ones most affected by piracy, it would make a dent in it (after all, you can’t pirate a broadcast that doesn’t exist).

  2. Gman says:

    The “old folks home” where Ed Kilgore is at probably didn’t allow visitors that day. I say do us a real favor and black out every Bills game, sold out or not. Run a replay of the game on Ch 7 at 6 and 11 pm. That way their ratings in that time slot would surely rise.

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