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Holiday Mystery at Ch.4; Ch.2 Revises Noon Show

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This is what I’m thinking:

What happened to those syrupy holidays promos that Channel 4 traditionally has run this time of year?

That’s what some of my blog readers have asked in the last few days. The questions even have come from some readers who have ridiculed the promos that primarily show anchors and reporters like Jacquie Walker, Don Postles, Paul Peck and others with their families huddled around Christmas trees and other holiday traditions.

With only 17 shopping days until Christmas, you’d expect those promos to be running by now.
The mystery of why they haven’t run isn’t easy to solve and there have been plenty of conspiracy theories.

One theory making the rounds is that Channel 4 didn’t want to spend the time or money filming and highlighting all of its new staffers.

Another theory is that the station wants to use the promo time to sell more advertising.

A third theory is that they will eventually air after all.

According to my sources, footage of the newcomers has been shot. However, a corporate executive with LIN Media, Channel 4’s owner, came to town recently and said he didn’t see the need to run them. The same sources said the promos still could air if management is convinced enough viewers miss them.

Do you miss them?

Channel 2 is planning to revise its low-rated noon talk program with Bill O’Loughlin on Dec. 19. Kristy Mazurek, a Buffalo native who was an investigative reporter and anchor in Atlanta before coming home a few years ago to work for a local politician and deal with a health issue, is set to join the program. She attended Buffalo State College and is a former Channel 7 intern. The noon program will have a new name – either “2 Sides with Bill O’Loughlin and Kristy Mazurek” or “2 Sides with Bill and Kristy.” No word on whether Lydia Dominick will remain with the program. I don’t know if the addition will work, but O’Loughlin needs someone to debate to enliven the program.

It was more surprising that ESPN didn’t fire former Buffalo Sabre Matthew Barnaby after his first brush with the law several months ago than it did fire him this week after he was arrested for driving while intoxicated. ESPN has had to deal with several staffers in recent years that have had legal programs and clearly and understandably is worried about its reputation. Barnaby also was expendable because the guy that he originally replaced – Barry Melrose – rejoined the cable network after he was quickly fired from a head coaching job. ESPN really didn’t need two hockey experts since it doesn’t carry the sport.

Fans of Fox’s “Bones” and ABC’s “The Middle” want to know how those prime time shows fared during the local November rating period. They both did well. “Bones,” which co-stars Buffalo native David Boreanaz, averaged a 9.6 rating. It was Fox’s highest-rated series here, tying ABC’s “Castle” for 26th place. “The Middle” averaged a healthy 8.9 rating, which tied it for 29th place with “Harry’s Law.”

Had to laugh at all the attention that the news that Madonna is going to perform during the Super Bowl halftime show on NBC for a couple of reasons. First, it was old news. There were several reports about it months ago. Secondly, the NFL – which scrupulously protects its image and doesn’t want another Janet Jackson incident – now thinks Madonna is family entertainment.


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9 responses to "Holiday Mystery at Ch.4; Ch.2 Revises Noon Show"

  1. Or theory 4 (no pun intended): they’ve cut too much of the staff to fill out a 60-second ad.

  2. Rob says:

    Maybe News 4 hasn’t had a chance to get the kiddie corp to the Mall to take their photos with Santa!

  3. Gman says:

    Wouldn’t the staff have to produce and film their own little “happy holidays” segment ? That’s the new way of doing things over at Ch 4. This year may truly be my ” favorite time ,”, not having to be overexposed to that ditty!

  4. Tina says:

    Wow, I forgot all about those Channel 4 Christmas promos! I really liked them too but of course like everything else they don’t care about the viewers if they are saving a penny or two.

    And seriously, is Lydia anything more than eye-candy or does she really have anything intelligent to say?

  5. Pergy's friend says:

    If they rested that cheesy promo for a year or two, it wouldn’t be a bad thing.

  6. Paul says:

    I’m pretty sure that Kristy Mazurek was an on air reporter for WKBW for a period of time when she was back in town during the 7News days, not just an intern.

  7. Tom says:

    If you miss the Channel 4 “Happy Holidays” promo, don’t worry. Channel 2 decided to take a Channel 4 idea (after years of 4 stealing from 2′s Daybreak) and is doing their own version for the first time.

    I saw the commercial a few times this week and it’s very similar to what 4 has done for years. It also ends “Happy Holidays from 2 On Your Side” instead of “Happy Holidays from Channel 4.” Only other differences is that a girl sings instead of the guy on 4, and its in HD compared to standard definition.

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