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New Ch.4 Anchor Already Has Local Fan

Katharine McPhee

Katharine McPhee

This is what I’m thinking:

Before she even started on the air on Channel 4, Diana Fairbanks had a fan in Western New York.

Michele McClintick Mehaffy, a former Channel 4 anchor and reporter, briefly worked with Channel 4’s newest anchor hire in Traverse City, Mich. more than a decade ago.

“She is a very solid anchor,” Mehaffy told me via Facebook. “Extremely smart and very personable. I think she’ll really connect with Buffalo viewers. She was loved in Northern Michigan. Fantastic hire for 4.”

Fairbanks will anchor the 5:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. news, which hasn’t had a permanent anchor since Lisa Flynn left Channel 4 more than 18 months ago.

Meryl Streep better bring her glasses if she wins an Academy Award for playing Margaret Thatcher in the biopic “Iron Lady.” Streep’s rambling acceptance speech was one of the low points of Sunday night’s sleepy Golden Globe awards. Next year, winners should be fined if they mention their agents.

While watching San Francisco take the lead over New Orleans Saturday in the fourth quarter of a NFC playoff game, my first thought was “they scored too early” and 49ers quarterback Alex Smith should have taken a knee at the 1-yard line and tried to run out the clock so New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees didn’t get enough time to take the lead back. I was surprised when Fox analyst Daryl Johnston and play-by-play Kenny Albert didn’t at least debate the issue. When Brees led the Saints to a touchdown-leading score in about 30 seconds, my immediate thought was that he also did it too early and left too much time for Smith. Sure enough. Smith had time to lead a final game-winning touchdown drive.

I was in New York City Sunday night after the New York Giants upset defending Super Bowl champion Green Bay but immediately thought I was in Buffalo when the 11 p.m. news came on. Channel 4 in New York spent the first five minutes of the newscasts talking about the Giant win. And you might have thought that only happens in provincial Buffalo.

NBC is calling the lame Chelsea Handler comedy, “Are You There, Chelsea?” a hit after one episode. That was more laughable than anything in the premiere.  The premiere last week had a weak 4.8 rating in Buffalo and things are bound to only get worse now that viewers have sampled it.

I’d also be tempted to criticize NBC for all the promos it has been running for the upcoming musical drama “Smash” if I didn’t love the pilot so much. NBC’s non-stop promos mention it premieres the Monday after the Super Bowl, but NBC actually is giving it multiple previews pre-Feb. 5 on various online media sites and special screenings. Its promos also claim the series is introducing Katharine McPhee, who actually was introduced several seasons ago on “American Idol.” She is being introduced as an actress and gives a stunning performance.


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8 responses to "New Ch.4 Anchor Already Has Local Fan"

  1. Sarah says:

    You should be watching The Bachelor.

  2. Doug says:

    Via profootball talk, if Smith takes a knee (try coaching a QB to know to do that in that scenario) The 49ers could have run the clock to just under 40 seconds after kicking the field goal.

    That leaves the Saints 35 seconds and now they only need a field goal. As you mentioned, they scored a TD in just 30.

    • alanp says:

      With a kickoff, we may be talking 25 seconds with the Saints having no timeouts and the ball at around the 20. So they have one or two plays to get in field goal range. I’d take my chances on that. It was debated Tuesday afternoon on ESPN.

  3. Tina says:

    Not a fan of Mcphee and I predict the show will be cancelled fairly soon after it airs. The previews look like a Glee wannabe and most of us are sick of that too.

    • alanp says:

      It isn’t “Glee.” It isn’t a high school series. And it isn’t a broad comedy. It is realistic.

      • Kath Rybacki says:

        I thoroughly enjoyed “Smash”. McPhee impressed me. She seemed very natural & is a very pretty girl even with very little makeup (Lydia Dominick take note). Anjelica Huston really classes up the joint.

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