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Rebates, Apologies and Explanations

This is what I’m thinking:

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If Time Warner Cable and MSG aren’t going to make a deal to get the channel that carries Buffalo Sabres games back, then cable subscribers should get the money TWC is saving by dropping the channel.

A rebate certainly is preferable to substituting NBA TV on the channel where MSG used to be carried.

It would also help subscribers know exactly what they are paying for the channel that carries the  Sabres, New York Knicks games and college sports.

It is a bone of contention with former employees of the defunct Empire Sports Network that Adelphia never gave subscribers back the fee the cable company was paying to air that regional sports network.

A reader advised Sabre fans with TWC that Versus (which is now the NBC Sports Network) is going to carry all playoff games so they shouldn’t worry if the team makes the playoffs. In the past, Versus didn’t carry all first-round games and the local broadcaster (MSG) was often allowed to blackout its coverage of that round. I’ll have to check to see if anything has changed in NBC’s new deal with the league.

With hockey ratings among the best in the country, the NBC Sports Network would almost assuredly want to carry as many Sabre games as possible. But MSG is still carried on DirecTV and FiOS here and would be expected to adhere the blackout policy.

The best first-round scenario for a Sabres fan with TWC would be to have the team go on a hot streak and make the playoffs and play a Canadian team so that CBC would carry all the games that don’t go to TSN, its version of ESPN.

I had to laugh at the front page attention and all the local TV news coverage given to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman over his attempts to broker a deal between MSG and TWC. Maybe he’ll be able to be helpful as former Attorney General Eliot Spitzer was during a similar dispute. But Schneiderman doesn’t have any power in the situation. Natrually, he enjoyed the public relations boost from all the coverage. People in Buffalo might even know his name now.

Apologies to Jericka Duncan and Robin Adams, who I left out of my Sunday blog about all the female anchors and reporters who have left Channel 4 in the past two or three years.

Speaking of funny front page stories, wasn’t it shocking to read that ratings for the Sabres have dropped severely now that 40 percent of the TV audience with TWC doesn’t get them? However, it was interesting to think about the damage to advertisers.

I know the Carubba Collision hit of the game is extremely popular during Sabre games, but am I the only one who wonders if the advertisment is appropriate now that concussions have become such a big issue in the NHL?

A voice inside me said “say something nice about TWC” so here it goes. The new streaming features called HBO GO or MAX Go are a bonus to subscribers with those pay channels. To get them on your computer or other electronic devices, go to the TWC page and sign up.

Western New York has never been a big college football town as far as TV is concerned. So the 9.8 local rating for ESPN’s coverage of Alabama’s 21-0 national title victory over LSU was pretty decent when you consider it wasn’t nearly as entertaining as many of the high-scoring bowl games this postseason.

Is Ron Paul still talking on CNN after his second place finish to Mitt Romney in the New Hampshire primary? I couldn’t believe how long he was allowed to lecture. Imagine if he had won.


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6 responses to "Rebates, Apologies and Explanations"

  1. Tina says:

    Since the Sabres have been playing so bad lately my husband said he is going to write a letter to Time Warner and thank them for putting us out of our misery. A rebate would still be nice though.

  2. Bob says:

    The rebate certainly in in order, especially for those already subscribing to TWC’s sports package. Both the NHL and NBA networks are included in that package, and are being replicated to replace MSG and MSG Plus programming.

  3. Doug says:

    I enjoyed Ron Paul’s speech and was not sorry at how long it was. I watched parts of it again on line this morning too.


  4. Tina says:

    I didn’t get my information from the “News” so I wasn’t sure about the validity of it. I missed that article but thank you for sending the info.

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