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“The Finder” Is Amusing; “Revenge” Has Good Twist

PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 08:  Actor Geoff Stults...

Geoff Stults


Walter Sherman (Geoff Stults) is a former military hero with brain damage and incredible instincts who collects damaged people, finds prized guitars and military heroes and has an amusing view of those who live with him in Florida.

His spirit in Fox’s “The Finder,” the latest occasionally amusing comedic drama from Hart Hanson (“Bones”), is captured with this early line from Walter about Florida: “It has a bottomless supply of sociopathic criminals to break your heart.”

“The Finder,” which premieres at 9 tonight on WUTV, has a bottomless supply of quirkiness that requires a viewer to wildly suspense disbelief.

After finding John Fogerty’s prized guitar, Sherman is asked by the son of a missing man to  find his father, who  Sherman had earlier saved when he was a military hero.

The premiere spends a good deal of time amusingly revealing Sherman’s history and introducing the gang of misfits he lives and plays with. The case includes deep-voiced Michael Clarke Duncan as the friend who owes Sherman his life, Leo Knox; Maddie Hasson as a pretty juvenile delinquent, Willa Monday, who they are trying to redeem; and Mercedes Masohn as pretty U.S. Marshall Isabel Zambada, who in the “Bones” tradition is alternately aided, irritated and romanced by Sherman.

Sherman warns the missing man’s son that sometimes he finds thing that those looking for don’t want to know about it.I won’t tell you more than you need to know about the plot, which is all over the place. But I suspect many viewers will find “The Finder” acceptable silly entertainment that doesn’t tax the brain. Rating: 2 and a half stars

George Clooney and Emily VanCamp could be the co-anchors of the CBS morning show and practically no one in Western New York would care to watch it or read about it.

Monday’s much-publicized debut of the new Charlie Rose-Gayle-King-Erica Hill version of the show had a 2.9 rating, which actually is decent by CBS standards around here. Tuesday’s edition slipped back to the usual territory of 2.2 on Channel 4. That means about 13,000 households in Western New York were watching on average.

There was quite a shocker at the end of Wednesday’s “Revenge,” the season’s guilty pleasure. I won’t reveal it because I know how many of you watch it a day or so after it initially airs on ABC. I keep forgetting that the Daniel, the rich boyfriend of VanCamp’s character, Emily Thorne, was found dead in the pilot.  I also wish viewers weren’t told that before the series went into flashback.

Buffalo Sabres fans get a reprieve from the TWC-MSG contract mess next Wednesday when the new NBC Sports Network (formerly Versus) carries Buffalo’s game with Pat Kane and the Chicago Black Hawks game. A NBC Sports Network spokesman said it can’t be blacked out here.

The ratings for the 10 p.m. news on the day that Melissa Holmes arrived at Channel 2 illustrate what the former Channel 4 anchor-reporter will be up against as the new 10 p.m. anchor for her new station’s newscast on WNYO-TV. Channel 2 had a 2.0 rating Monday night to a 4.9 rating for Channel 4’s news on WNLO. The ratings for both newscasts might have been low because of the national college title football game being carried on ESPN.


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