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Ch. 2′s Brown May Get Another Emmy, Yeah, Yeah Yeah


English: Hugh Laurie at TV series House event ...

Hugh Laurie: "House" Closing

In the spirit of Channel 2’s “10 at 10″ on WNYO-TV, here are the top 10 stories of the day in reverse order of importance. All right, what I’m trying to say is none of them are really that important.

10: If there is one former Western New Yorker who is happy that a movie is coming out based on the TV series “21 Jump Street,” it is Amherst native Patrick Hasburgh. He had the creative rights to the 1987-91  series that starred Johnny Depp and he probably is cashing a sizable check for the film rights. Hasburgh, who now lives in Mexico with his wife and two children, also created short-lived 1990 series that starred Brad Pitt (“Glory Days”) and George Clooney (“Sunset Beat”).

9. I hadn’t realized how painful it can be to listen to college basketball analyst Bobby Knight until he sat next to play-by-play man Brent Musburger during Syracuse’s overtime win over Georgetown Wednesday night. Knight often just accentuates the obvious. And Musburger obviously hasn’t lost his touch of overrating or overhyping just about every player in the world.

8. Channel 2 probably has another Emmy Award winning coming for reporter’s Scott Brown 10-minute Tuesday piece on a local man who saved a Florida woman’s life by giving her a kidney.

7. Fox and the producers of “House” gave out statements late Wednesday announcing this eighth season of the drama starring Hugh Laurie will be its last. Good call. It is too expensive to produce now that its ratings have slipped and the medical mysteries seem to have run their course. Most viewers probably don’t realize the show is produced by an arm of NBC, a network that could have used “House” or any other hit show in the past eight years.   

6. I’ve watched CNN’s coverage of the Republican race for the Presidency for weeks but hadn’t realized until Tuesday that it has created an opening for its primary night coverage featuring The Final Four candidates that is so over-the-top you might think it was a for a reality show. Come to think of it, it is a much more suspenseful reality show than any on TV these days. From the words used in CNN’s opening Tuesday, you got the sense the cable news network knew that Rick Santorum was going to upset Matt Romney in three states before the first votes were cast.

5. Channel 2’s Scott Brown also may get another Emmy nomination for his story earlier this week about former DJ Danny Neaverth and a colleague declining to guarantee $3,500 to bring the Beatles to Memorial Auditorium in 1964 the day after Paul, John, George and Ringo made their historic appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” According to the story, Danny was worried he’d lose his shirt. From the story, it is obvious he hasn’t lost his sense of humor.

4. I’m still trying to figure out why Channel 2 needed Maryalice Demler to join sports anchor Adam Benigni to interview Buffalo Sabres President Ted Black live during Wednesday’s newscast before the Sabres’ 6-0 victory over the Boston Bruins.

3. One of the Super Bowl ads getting the most criticism was the one in which a beautiful model told men that if they give women what they want for Valentine’s Day, they’d get what they’d want. On Wednesday, I heard a radio ad for a local Spa pretty much delivering the same sexist message.

2. Inquiring minds want to know if Channel 2 is only going to show one Sabres game off of MSG and, if so, why. I’d expect the rating for Saturday’s game with Tampa will be so high that the station and MSG will try and find a way to carry another game after the February sweeps end. However, Channel 2’s network, NBC, can’t be too happy about the arrangement interfering with their prime time schedule too often. Saturdays work best since NBC carries repeats of series in prime time.

1. How fitting the countdown should end with Melissa Holmes, who anchors “10 at 10″ on WNYO-TV. The station plastered the word “exclusive” Wednesday over her interview with Bishop Edward Kmiec that dealt with ongoing topics concerning the Catholic Church, some newer than others. The most volatile issue involves the federal mandate that would require religious institutions to buy health insurance that covers birth control. It was a good idea to get the Bishop of the Diocese of Buffalo on the record even if there wasn’t much new in the interview. Holmes asked some loaded questions, including whether President Obama was “grandstanding.” Bishop Kmiec smiled and said the president was trying to get re-elected. I don’t think that interview will get an Emmy nomination.


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7 responses to "Ch. 2′s Brown May Get Another Emmy, Yeah, Yeah Yeah"

  1. Mike Randall says:

    “House” cancelled?? (sobbing loudly) whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

  2. Al says:

    I’ve seen the Beatles story on local tv several times over the past decade. Re-hash. I don’t know what warrants an Emmy, but I can’t imagine it is that story.

  3. Jlessord says:

    I don’t know why they don’t just bring Dr. House to LeRoy so he can get these girls straightened out and healthy again. Who needs Erin Brockovitch? House would have them cured in a hour…I’ve seen him do it numerous times lo these many years. Inquiring minds want to know!

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