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Giant Ratings Here for Super Win

The ratings for Sunday’s Super Bowl were certainly super in Western New York.

The New York Giants’ 21-17 victory over the New England Patriots had a preliminary rating of 52.9 on Channel 2, meaning 52.9 percent of area households were watching Eli Manning outduel Tom Brady. Nationally it had a 47.8 preliminary rating. Buffalo was the No.8 highest-rated metered market in the country, behind Nashville and Jacksonville (which tied fior 6th) and ahead of Kansas City. Boston was No.1 with a 56.7., ahead of host Indianapolis (56.4). New York finished at No. 18  with a still impressive 49.7. 

The Buffalo rating is slightly higher than the 52.7 rating that Green Bay’s win over Pittsburgh had here for the 2011 Super Bowl.

The rating for the Giants’ win peaked on Channel 2 at an incredible 59.0 during the final 15 minutes when the game was decided.

The second season premiere of the prime time show, “The Voice,” that followed the post-game show averaged a 17.9 rating on Channel 2.

Speaking of incredible, the Buffalo News ran a story on the front page today about Channel 2 carrying Saturday’s 7 p.m. Buffalo Sabres game with the Tampa Bay Lightning off of MSG. Channel 2 didn’t even make it that big a deal when it reported it Sunday night on the newscast after the Super Bowl.

Channel 2 was a logical choice to carry a Sabres game because it is affiliated with the NHL hockey network, NBC. It also was the only station to send a reporter (Adam Benigni) to cover the Sabres early season games in Europe.

It isn’t front-page news, but NBC also is scheduled to carry a repeat of tonight’s heavily-promoted premiere of  “Smash” on Saturday. It will air here after Channel 2 carries the Sabres game. NBC gave Channel 2 special permission to carry the “Smash” repeat at a time that it wasn’t originally scheduled to be carried. An original episode of the soon-to-be-canceled “The Firm” and a repeat of “Law & Order: SVU” that were scheduled to air in prime time Saturday now will air on Channel 2 in late night after “Saturday Night Live.”

This Just In: The national rating that came in late this afternoon for the Super Bowl was 47.0 and was the best in 26 years. The game was the most-watched show in in U.S. history even though it wasn’t the highest rated show. That seeming contradiction is possible because each rating point equals more households every year because of annual increases in the number of TV households. 


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