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Hollywood Shows Not Big Boost for “Idol” Here

This is what I’m thinking:

English: Clint Eastwood at the 2010 Toronto In...

Clint Eastwood

With a post-Super Bowl  boost, NBC’sThe Voice” overtook Fox’s “American Idol” this week as Western New York’s favorite karaoke singing competition. “The Voice” averaged a 10.0 on Channel 2 on Monday after premiering with a 17.4 after the Super Bowl.

The first Hollywood installment of Fox’s “American Idol” had a 9.4 rating on WUTV on Wednesday (opposite the Buffalo Sabres’ 6-0 rout of Boston on cable’s NBC Sports Network) and the second Hollywood installment had a 9.3 rating. Those are very steep declines here for “Idol.” It remains a very strong demographic show but Fox should have to stop using the promos calling it TV’s No.1 show pretty soon if this is also a national trend.

The political controversy surrounding Clint Eastwood’s Super Bowl commercial for Chrysler had me thinking about Channel 2’s equally-praised local promo to the tune of the Goo Goo Dolls’ “Better Days.”

Some Republicans thought that the Eastwood ad talking about a strong second half for America was pro-President Obama because it addressed the resurgence of the automobile industry in Detroit made possible by a government bailout. That wasn’t Eastwood’s intention. He voted for Republican John McCain in the 2008 presidential election won by President Obama.

Under the same dubious logic, some people might think that the idea that there are better days ahead in Buffalo was a promo for the President and all the Democratic politicians who in charge of local and state government.

And I’m very sure that wasn’t Channel 2’s intention in its feel-good promo.

PBS reports that the highest-rated national program at 9 p.m. opposite the Super Bowl Sunday was the increasingly popular “Downton Abbey.” Of course, the other broadcast networks run repeats and comedy shows opposite the Super Bowl because they don’t want to waste fresh programming. I don’t have a rating for “Abbey” here yet.

Thank you to a local journalist who reminded me that the Scott Brown story on Channel 2 about how Danny Neaverth and a business partner declined to give The Beatles a $3,500 guarantee to play Memorial Auditorium after their legendary appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show” had been reported by two different local newspapers over the years. In other words, the story was so old that it was new again.

Ann Curry Silly Moment of the Week: During a Monday interview with “Smash” star Debra Messing, Curry seemed astounded that the musical drama had received reviews even before it had aired. Earth to Ann: Just about all TV shows are reviewed by critics before they air.

No matter how hard one tried to avoid the interview about the former White House intern that now claims she had an affair with President Kennedy, it was impossible. I purposely missed Meredith Vieira’s initial report on Wednesday’s “Rock Center” but woke up Thursday to see Curry interview the intern. When asked why she wrote a book about the affair she claims to have had more than 50 years ago, the former intern initially said she felt the disclosure would help her current relationships. I thought she revealed that she had an amazing memory about her feelings of something that supposedly happened 50 years ago. I can’t remember my feelings about things that happened to me last month in such detail. It would have been preferable if she had dealt with it privately in therapy for however long that might take and spared TV viewers a sordid story that may have made some viewers feel they needed a shower after watching it. Shame on NBC for giving her such a big forum for a claim it even repeatedly said was unverified (except for being addressed in a book) and that added nothing to our understanding of history.

I woke up this morning in time to see a story on the CBS Morning News about what is in the FBI files on Apple founder Steve Jobs. The files didn’t reveal anything that isn’t in the best-selling book about Jobs that revealed his reality distortion field, his drug use and other less than flattering details at the same time explaining some of his negatives pushed his workers to do things they didn’t think possible.

Here’s a “Shameless” plug for Showtime: The pay-cable channel has renewed “Shameless” for a third season, “House of Lies” for a second season and “Californication” for a sixth season. I would have pulled the plug on “Californication.”


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8 responses to "Hollywood Shows Not Big Boost for “Idol” Here"

  1. Rob says:

    Some notes while searching for my Eyewitness News Board Game:
    Spare me Karl Rove, who says he was “offended” by the Clint Eastwood ad. If your party is pro-business than you should applaud that ad since it was about the automobile industry as a whole; bailout or not.
    The Today show is such a joke. If it isn’t Ann Curry’s silly questions with no substance its Matt Lauer sucking up to the Dems and using his status as co-host to leverage a better deal for himself. His entire threat to leave at years end is just a ploy to try and get a big raise. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Mr. “Right Wing Conspiracy”
    Speaking of NBC; why is this JFK thing a story? He’s been dead for 49 years and by now we all know he cheated on Jackie O and it wasn’t reported at the time. This is hardly breaking ground. The media loves to pound on the dead since they can no longer defend themselves. You saw that this morning on CBS with Steve Jobs.

  2. Mark Scott says:

    I’m pretty well-informed, Alan, and the Channel 2 report on the proposed Beatles concert in Buffalo was news to me. I’m not sure which newspapers reported on it previously. But I never read the accounts and heard anyone reference them. And judging from people I’ve talked with this week, and comments on a radio discussion board I frequent, this was news to many. The fact is it was the Channel 2 story that really brought this to light, even if there had been previous written accounts.

  3. Doug says:

    Actually I think the intern also was “outed,” full name and all in other books – But her story was only given 1 paragraph in these books – So I can see why she might want to clear things up.

    • alanp says:

      That was NBC spin. Outed in a book in 2003. It deserved one paragraph or less.

      • Kath Rybacki says:

        I think, Alan, women have much better memories than men about “emotional” events. Just ask my husband & he will tell you that he is amazed at things I remember that happened decades ago. I can evoke a memory just by hearing a song. I can tell you what I was wearing & how felt in certain circumstances. I think it is called emotional memory, I could be wrong, but I just think women are better at these types of memories. I must say,however,I could have done without the rubber duckies in the bathtub recollection.

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