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More “Luck,” a Funny News Quote and Seinfeld

This is what I’m thinking:

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Jerry Seinfeld Sells Cars

Not surprisingly, HBO announced late Tuesday that it had renewed David Milch’s HBO horse-racing series “Luck” for a second season.

The pay-cable network cited the series’ audience of 3.3 million for the first episode and the generally positive critical response the series has received.

In other words, ignore the wire service review the Buffalo News ran last Friday that called “Luck” a midseason disappointment.

HBO gave “Luck” 10 episodes for its second season, which is one more than its first season and three less than what used to be a typical order of 13 episodes.

This season’s ninth and final episode — which airs in late March — has a strong payoff with the running of the Western Derby, but also leaves open a number of story lines that cried out for more material and an eventual run to the Kentucky Derby.

The first installment of Channel 2’s “10 at 10” Monday on WNYO with new anchor Melissa Holmes received a slightly higher rating than the newscast has typically gotten, but it was less than half the audience that Channel 4’s “10 O’Clock News” on WNLO-TVC received. And with new anchor Diana Fairbanks and a new HD set premiering tonight, Channel 4 stands to widen its lead.

Speaking of Fairbanks, news insiders had to chuckle at a quote about the size of the news audience attributed to Channel 4 General Manager Chris Musial in a flattering Buffalo News story about the new anchor. He said that stations are always looking for a main anchor who “can handle themselves in front of a group of a thousand at a dinner downtown or 300,000 people watching an evening newscast.”

On a very good night, Channel 4’s 10 O’Clock New gets about 45,000 households watching. It would be quite a feat these days to get 300,000 people watching any local newscast.

Here’s a more succinct way to explain why I think Channel 2’s plan to air the No. 1 story of the night picked by Facebook friends at around 10:17 instead of at the top of the newscast is such a silly idea. Imagine if the Buffalo Bills won the Super Bowl (I know it’s a stretch) or the Buffalo Sabres won the Stanley Cup (I know it’s also a stretch). How silly would it be for Channel 2 to wait until 10:17 to run that story?

On Tuesday night, the story that Channel 2 ran at 10:17 p.m. about Buffalo’s unusual mild winter weather was the lead of its 11 p.m. newscast.

Am I the only one who is having trouble getting WUTV in HD? The problem happened during Monday’s episode of Fox’s “Alcatraz” and during Tuesday’s Michael Jackson episode of “Glee.” It wasn’t only a cable problem since it also occurred when I switched to the station’s digital channel.

Speaking of “Glee,” Grant Gustin, who played the villainous Sebastian and sang a duet of “Smooth Criminal” opposite Santana Tuesday, performed at Artpark in Lewiston two summers ago in “All Shook Up.” He played the mayor’s son. Sally Struthers played the mayor.

You can head to You Tube now to see what is bound to be one of the most-talked about Super Bowl ads featuring Jerry Seinfeld, the Soup Nazi and Jay Leno. It is an adventurous, humorous car commercial. The Ferris Bueller ad featuring Matthew Broderick also is getting a lot of pre-game internet play.


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6 responses to "More “Luck,” a Funny News Quote and Seinfeld"

  1. Doug says:

    Good idea, Ill go watch all the ads on youtube now so I can go to the bathroom at the first commercial break of the Superbowl.

  2. Gman says:

    Musial needs a reality check. His station looks and feels like its in a time warp from the 60′s.

  3. MJS says:

    I am sorry.. but my wife and I tried to watch “Luck” last night and we were bored stiff… not being horse racing fans, we didnt understand alot of the terminology, the spoken words were not well processed and the music over lay was very poorly done… I am sad to say that even though this was renewed for a 2nd season, it is DOA and will drop like a rock in the ratings over the next few weeks…

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