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“Smash” Has Decent Opening Night Here



This is what I’m thinking and what you are asking:

Inquiring minds want to know how the Monday premiere of NBC’s “Smash” did in Western New York. It had an 8.4 rating on Channel 2, which is significantly higher than NBC series get here that air at 10 p.m. or anytime for that matter.

However, NBC carried a massive amount of promos for the premiere of the series starring Katharine McPhee and Debra Messing. The good news is that “Smash” won its time slot here over CBS’ “Hawaii 5-0” (6.9) and ABC’s “Castle” (3.5) and kept a good portion of the lead-in from the second episode of “The Voice,” which averaged a 10.0 rating here. That was a significant drop-off from the 17.4 rating here for the post-Super Bowl episode of “The Voice” but in line with what “American Idol” is getting on many nights locally this season.

“Smash,” which was available online before its network premiere, also did decently nationally. It was the top-rated 10 p.m. drama of the TV season, but lost a larger percentage of “Voice” viewers than it did in Buffalo and saw a big drop in the second half hour. The big test for “Smash” comes with its second episode next Monday when NBC finds out how many people will return or whether it was a one-night wonder.

Channel 4’s 10 O’Clock News on WNLO-TV was in second place in the time slot with a 5.4 rating. Channel 2’s “10 at 10” had a 2.6 rating on WNYO-TV. That is less than half of Channel 4′s rating at 10 but still better than it usually does there.

If you missed “Smash,” Channel 2 is carrying a repeat of the pilot at 10 p.m. Saturday after it carries the Buffalo Sabres game with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The strong lead-in from “Smash” provided Channel 2 News with a big boost at 11 p.m. as well. It won on that night for the first time in quite a while with an 8.2 rating to Channel 4’s 7.4 and Channel 7’s 4.6. It may be hard to believe in this day and age that lead-ins matter that much but they do. Channel 4 usually dominates at 11 p.m. with a big assist from the nightly lead-ins provided by CBS programming.

Of course, “Smash” wouldn’t have made it on NBC if another musical series, “Glee,” hadn’t been so successful. Fox only is going to carry two more episodes of “Glee” this February and then give it a six-week rest before its April 10th return. In the interim, Fox is moving the comedies “Raising Hope” and “I Hate My Teenage Daughter” in the 8 p.m. Tuesday hour until “Glee” returns.

Speaking of “Smash,” inquiring minds want to know why NBC has moved the news program “Rock Center” from 10 p.m. Monday to 9 p.m. Wednesday. That’s simple. It felt that “Smash” had a better chance of success following another musical series “The Voice.” It is called audience flow in network speak.

That new Channel 2 policy of declining to air video of the Leroy teens that are exhibiting Tourette’s-like symptoms looked out of step Thursday with network news decision makers. The day started with NBC – Channel 2’s own network – carrying such video on “Today” and ended with ABC’s “Nightline” leading the program with a report on the LeRoy teens that also included the video.


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3 responses to "“Smash” Has Decent Opening Night Here"

  1. Rob says:

    Some notes while wondering what happend to Mary Mc Combs…

    What cracks me up with Channel 2 News daybreak is they always have this disclaimer that they take their journalism seriously yet they have Matt Granite singing and dancing on the air and the former Why Guy still acting like he’s David Letterman from his old Late Night days.

  2. Kath Rybacki says:

    I was ready to hate “Smash”, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes, there were quite a few stereotypical characters & scenes, but it’s only tv. The musical segments were well done. Anjelica Huston totally classes up the joint. Katherine McPhee impressed me with her acting ability. We all knew the girl could sing. She should have won her season of “Idol” & not Taylor Hicks (what a no brainer). She is so pretty, even with little or no makeup (Lydia Dominick, take note). The thing that bugged me is a little thing, really…what was with all those scarves?? Especially on Debra Messing. I mean, really…a scarf to bed? Maybe their apartment is really drafty.

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