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“Smash” Is Local Hit; Jaworski Off of MNF in New Deal

This is what I’m thinking:

Ron Jaworski

Ron Jaworski: Off of MNF

The NBC musical drama “Smash” took a much bigger hit nationally than locally Monday when its second episode ran.

“Smash” had an 8.1 rating on Channel 2 Monday, down only slightly from the 8.4 the premiere had locally on the Monday after the Super Bowl.

Nationally, “Smash” lost a quarter of its audience Monday from the premiere. But that’s a bit deceptive because the premiere audience was inflated by the viewership it had in the first 15 minutes. The decline wasn’t that much compared to the final 15 minutes of the premiere. “Smash” still won its time slot nationally. That’s a good sign for NBC. Channel 2 rarely gets anything in prime time in the range of an 8 rating.

Talk about timing. Monday’s episode of “Glee” featured Amber Riley, who plays Mercedes, singing the song that Whitney Houston made famous, “I Will Always Love You.”

Sorry to see that Lackawanna’s Ron Jaworski will be off Monday Night Football next season now that ESPN has decided to go with Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden on a two-man team. Jaws and Gruden are both quarterback experts so there was duplication. However, you might have thought that ESPN could have found a defensive-minded analyst to pair with Gruden, who delivers far too many superlatives every game. Jaworski will be busy anyway next season after signing a five-year extension to appear on several football related ESPN program.


Buffalo native David Milch, the creator of the HBO horse racing series, “Luck,” had to be pleased by the endorsement by Tony Kornheiser Tuesday on ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption. “At the risk of sounding stupid,” Kornheiser said in between a commercial break, “‘Luck’ may be the greatest show ever made. It is great. It is great.”

I loved the Buffalo News column Bruce Andriatch wrote Monday about listening to radio broadcasts of Buffalo Sabres games during the Time Warner-MSG dispute that is keeping the games off of TV. Andriatch is one of my favorite columnists at the paper.

Rating update: The preliminary 11.4 rating for the Sabres game with Tampa Saturday on Channel 2 rose to a 12.6 rating after the final numbers came in. The rating in Rochester won’t arrive for a while since Rochester isn’t a metered market.


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2 responses to "“Smash” Is Local Hit; Jaworski Off of MNF in New Deal"

  1. If these ratings for Smash hold up, I’ll be first to admit I was wrong about my prediction of the show smashing and burning. We’ll see.

    As for MNF, I sense perhaps a little bit of budget pressure coming from cable operators and from the money they paid for the NFL rights themselves. It’s not anything huge on the level of channels 4 or 7, but a little corner-trimming is inevitable. If ESPN can still put together a solid product with a two-man crew and one part-time sideline reporter as they can with three men in a box and two full-timers, then by all means they should.

  2. Doug says:

    I read somewhere that horses were injured and subsequently killed during the filming of “Luck,” because they did not take the proper precautions – thats sad.

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