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Some Quick Hits on Super Bowl Sunday

English: Dean Winters in Manhattan in October ...

Dean Winters: Mayhem


I have a choice between watching hours of Super Bowl pregame stories today or writing a quick blog.

Having vowed on Twitter to try and avoid all the pregame hype until kickoff, the decision was easy. Here are some quick hits on Super Bowl Sunday:

One of my Twitter followers reached out Saturday and messaged me “Good call on Fitz cracked ribs” after Bills wide receiver David Nelson told NBC Sports that quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick played the second half of the season with cracked ribs.

My Twitter follower had a better memory than I did. So I checked what I had written in stilltalkintv about the Fitzpatrick injury. Here’s what I wrote on Dec. 15: “A buddy of mine and I agree on some wild speculation concerning Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. We both think the Bills will tell everyone after the season that he’s been playing hurt for awhile. Remember, you read it here first.”

I’m not sure that last line is entirely accurate, but I hadn’t read it anywhere else. A reader told me Monday that Tim Graham of the Buffalo News responded to a question in a Dec. 12 chat that Fitz looked hurt to him. But Graham apparently didn’t write anything about it. When the Buffalo News followed several days later with an interview with Fitzpatrick in which he claimed he wasn’t hurt, I replied in my blog: “I still think he is hurt.”

My point was that you can’t always take what players say during the season as gospel. I wouldn’t take what Nelson said as gospel, either. Buffalo News sportswriter Jerry Sullivan wrote in a blog Sunday that Fitzpatrick wouldn’t comment on Nelson’s remarks. If he had confirmed it, he also would have to explain why he declined to do so during the season. The News carried Nelson’s remarks in a story Sunday that didn’t reference Fitzpatrick’s early denials to the newspaper.

I enjoyed the Buffalo News story Saturday about the appearance at Lafayette High of Buffalo TV writer Tom Fontana and one of the stars of his former HBO prison series “Oz,” Dean Winters. The two friends and novelist Thomas Kelly spoke to students there on Friday.

The story identified Winters as the actor playing one of the boyfriends of Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) on NBC’s low-rated,  Emmy-winning “30 Rock.” But that isn’t the role that Winters probably is most famous for. He also stars as “Mayhem” in the popular insurance commercials that run nightly about all the potential calamities that requite the attention of insurance carriers.

By the way, Fontana came here from Toronto, where his next TV series, “Copper” for BBCAmerica, is being shot.

I had to laugh this morning when I got a tweet from NBC analyst Tony Dungy about his appearance on “Today” with one of his favorite people, “Ann Currie.” If Curry was that big a favorite, you might think Dungy  would know how to spell her name. And he could have saved one character in his tweet.

Speaking of Curry, I woke up this morning in time to hear her tell Dungy that many women will watch the Super Bowl to see New England quarterback Tom Brady in his tight uniform or something like that. If Dungy or any man had said that, he would have been called the biggest sexist on TV. It may be hard for Curry to believe, but a lot of women watch football because they like the sport.  I hope she wasn’t being serious even though it sounded like she was being serious.

I know watching Curry meant I didn’t keep my pregame vow. But it turns out if you turn on the TV today, it is impossible to miss Super Bowl hype. I’m not turning it on again until 6:29 p.m.


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5 responses to "Some Quick Hits on Super Bowl Sunday"

  1. Lori Chase says:

    Again, Tim Graham mentioned the possibility of Fitzpatrick playing hurt on Dec. 12: “I haven’t heard specific rumors, but he looks hurt to me.”


    (I see my comment on the Dec. 15 post is “still awaiting moderation,” so I suspect this one will never see the light of day either. Eh, whatever.)

  2. Gman says:

    Watching the Super Bowl ads, I may have a new career as an ad executive. Are you kidding me??? 3.5 million for a commercial spot and this is the best they could come up with? For once, the game actually upstaged the feeble attempt at advertising. Commercials for movies that don’t appear in theaters till June ? The “best” were the ones that “went to the dogs”

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