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A Bounty of Laughable Media Items

LOS ANGELES, CA - MARCH 01: Nicollette Sherida...

Nicolette Sheridan: Desperate Actress


This is what I’m thinking:

Lindsay Lohan was no match for the Buffalo Sabres Saturday night. The Sabres’ stunning 5-3 victory over Vancouver averaged an 8.0 rating locally on MSG and peaked at a 9.3. The  game — by far the highest-rated program of the night – started with a 5.4 rating and improved around the time Lohan was the host of “Saturday Night Live.” “SNL” had a lower than normal 5.2 rating here on Channel 2, the NBC affiliate.

It is still hard to tell how big the NFL bounty story primarily involving the New Orleans Saints and former defensive coordinater Gregg Williams will become, but for now the idea being floated by sportswriters that it is a “Today Show” story and not just a sports story doesn’t fly. “Today” took a pass Monday and today and it isn’t like the bounty story is being ignored for big news. This morning, the first 30 minutes of “Today” featured a report on the Hollywood trial in which former “Desperate Housewives” star Nicolette Sheridan is suing writer-producer Marc Cherry over her firing a few seasons back.

Speaking of that lawsuit, Sheridan is unlikely to win more money if the case goes her way than she is likely to lose in future acting earnings. It isn’t likely producers want to hire actors who are suit happy. I won’t predict trial results – I used to cover the courts and it isn’t like predicting NFL games – but I will say that Cherry’s defense that he dropped Sheridan to save money because the show’s ratings declined makes sense.

Over the weekend there must have been at least 50 college basketball games on cable and network television locally and yet key contests involving the University at Buffalo, St. Bonaventure’s men and women, Canisius and Niagara weren’t among them. The failure to carry UB’s important game with Bowling Green was especially glaring since Time Warner Cable has carried so many less important UB games. The St. Bona women’s loss to Dayton Monday in the A-10 final did make it on ESPN.

I was in the car listening to Sean Hannity on WBEN-AM Monday (my defense is the channel was on the station when I started the car) and heard him trying to make a comparison to what HBO’s Bill Maher has said about Republican female politicans to Rush Limbaugh calling a Georgetown Law School student a slut and a prostitute. Hannity’s points were that liberals don’t condemn Maher’s language and Limbaugh shouldn’t be censored. Give Hannity some credit for noting that Maher’s HBO show “Real Time” doesn’t have advertisers. However, liberals aren’t the ones censoring Limbaugh. He was allowed to say what he said no matter how disgusting. He’s just paying for it now because his advertisers think he is toxic. That’s the American way.  

Limbaugh’s defense that he was using humor and satire doesn’t fly. His radio comments were caught on camera and he sure didn’t look like anyone trying to be funny.

Eric Cantor, the Virginia Republican who is the majority leader in the House,  surprisingly went personal with “Meet the Press” host David Gregory Sunday morning when discussing President Obama’s controversial mandate dealing with birth control that has upset some religious institutions. A few times in the discussion, Cantor noted that he and Gregory belonged to the same religious minority. Cantor and Gregory are Jewish.

The Buffalo News article Sunday, in which WGR host Mike Schopp defended his rude style, provided one laugh when Schopp said he and and co-host Chris (Bulldog) Parker are “like a couple of basketball guys who have played together a long time.” It is one of the few references to basketball you’ll ever hear from Schopp, who rarely talks about the sport on his show.

Speaking of laughing, I got quite a chuckle this morning reading the Buffalo News story above the fold on the front page talking about the possibility of lawsuits in the NFL bounty case. It was well-reported. But the top of the front page for a story that raised an interesting question but didn’t really advance the story at all? The News staff should have collected money to convince the editors to keep the bounty story off the front page until there is real news and it deserves to be there.


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  1. Gman says:

    Did SCHOOP and the Bulldog pay for the article??????? What a waste of paper and ink.

  2. val james says:

    almost as wasteful as Norton. Try explain his success and you have to wonder about the state of the region.

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