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Ch.4 Finally Making Needed Weekend Move

It is time for another episode of “The Interpreter.”

Warren Buffett speaking to a group of students...

Warren Buffett: How Old Is He?

I was going to take the day off until I read another story in Channel 4’s public relations arm – a/k/a The Buffalo News – about a husband and wife from Arizona TV stations who are joining the CBS affiliate in new roles.

According to the PR arm, Lou Raguse will replace one of the Kiddie Corps, Nalina Shapiro, as the nightly weekend anchor and be an investigative reporter. His wife, Emily Guggenmos, will be a nightside reporter and fill-in as an anchor. Shapiro will become a reporter on the morning program “Wake Up.”

Here’s what the story doesn’t say. The moves follow significant viewership declines from a year ago at Channel 4 in the morning and weekends. They also appear to be close to an admittance that Shapiro wasn’t improving in the weekend slots that were anchored by Mylous Hairston a year ago. If she had improved, she probably would have kept her anchor job.

The News hasn’t reported the February sweeps ratings, which saw Channel 4 fall farther behind at 6 a.m. in competition with Channel 2’s more popular morning program “Daybreak” and lose every weekend time slot to Channel 2 at 6 p.m. and 11 p.m.

The difference in the morning has widened since Channel 4 moved Amelia Segal into Mike Cejka’s weather spot. Channel 4’s 7 a.m. edition of “Wake Up” on WNLO-TV also has taken a big hit since anchor Melissa Holmes left for Channel 2.  

Channel 4 News Director Joe Schlaerth was quoted as saying the move of Shapiro into the morning will enable viewers to know when they will see Shapiro. They knew in the weekends and it still didn’t seem to matter. It is tough to see morning ratings improving just because she’s on the newscast.

Channel 4’s 5:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. weekday newscasts also took a hit in February despite the overwhelming positive reviews for new anchor Diana Fairbanks, who works both time slots.

That’s an indication that Channel 4 took too long to hire her and a reinforcement of the view that this market is very slow to embrace any change. Even positive change. With that in mind, Raguse won’t find it easy to immediately find a larger weekend audience against Channel 2 veteran anchor Ron Plants even if he is a really good anchor.

We know how rich Warren Buffett is, but how old is he? The third richest man in the world and owner of The Buffalo News is listed as 88 in a brief in the financial section of today’s News. That surprised me so I googled him and saw that he is listed as 81 on several websites. He would have looked amazing for 88. I wouldn’t be too happy about having my age wrong in my own newspaper.  If his age is wrong, I would suspect a correction is in order in Friday’s News.  


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4 responses to "Ch.4 Finally Making Needed Weekend Move"

  1. Bill J. says:

    People want to wake up in the morning and see what the weather is from an experienced, dependable meteorologist, and Amelia is just not that. Nalina never got any better, she stumbled many times during each newscast, it was more comedy relief. The new couple coming look like good solid people, and look like a good addition.

  2. Tina says:

    I am not sure if I read it wrong but the Buffalo News reported that Nalina will be doing the weekend morning slot. If true where does that leave Anthony Conji? I do think Nalina was getting better and she seemed more relaxed and confident lately.

    Channel 4′s upgrades are a little bit too late for many viewers and I truly believe that what hey did to Mike Cejka turned many more away and obviously didn’t help one bit.

  3. JFH says:

    Speaking of the Bflo News -since they asked for verification of identity it seeems the comments are from the same dozen or so people – boring -

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