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Channel 4′s Peck “Drafted” for Playoffs

Actor David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz: Eight Should Be Enough

This is what I’m thinking:

Channel 4 sports anchor-reporter Paul Peck is sticking around another month before pursuing his new career in financial services.

In a text response to a question that asked when his final day was at the station, Peck said he was asked and agreed to stay at the station until April 28 to cover any potential Buffalo Sabres games (they still have to qualify) and the National Football League draft. He added that his new financial services employer, AXA Advisors, has been very cooperative.

I’m glad the see it only took the Buffalo News a week to report what I speculated about on March 22 regarding an unhappy Channel 4 sports director John Murphy possibly leaving as soon as his contract allows him to go.

However, I was confused by the story’s lead that said a “two-man” sports department at Channel 4 “may be temporary” depending on when Peck’s replacement is hired. My guess is the writer was referring to Murphy and a producer as a two-team team.   

Now that Peck is staying, Channel 4 will have a three-man team (counting the producer) until almost the end of next month. That gives the station a month to hire his replacement. That would seem to be enough time, but we’re talking about the same station that never replaced sports anchor-reporter Robin Adams after she left more than two years ago.

By the way, I wouldn’t be comparing the elimination of TV sports departments in Santa Maria, Calif. And  West Palm Beach, Fla. to the situation in Buffalo as The News did Thursday. Of course, I wouldn’t have written so much about former female sportscasters in Buffalo a week earlier, either, since the topic is totally irrelevant to what is going on in local sports departments now.

I’ve reported the downsizing of the on-air sports staffs at Channel 4 and Channel 7 for years and explained the reduced time sportscasts is getting is because of all the cable sports news alternatives that make national highlights available.

But local viewers can’t get enough coverage of the Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres, Division I college sports and local high school sports from ESPN or Fox Sports Network so there always will be a place for sports coverage on local TV.

However, the sports reports won’t be as long and the sports anchors and reporters won’t be paid as well as they used to be paid, which is a major reason that Peck is leaving and Murphy is exploring his options.

Fans of Buffalo native  David Boreanaz will be happy to learn that Fox has renewed “Bones” for an eighth season. With the departure of “House” this May, the renewal makes sense. By the way, one of the executive producers of the series is Nichols School graduate Stephen Nathan.

Here’s a programming warning: Sunday’s edition of NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice” is three hours long. It should be more painful to watch than St. Bonaventure’s women’s basketball team’s loss to Notre Dame a week ago.

Bet-you-didn’t-know department: The grandson of Dustin Hoffman’s character in HBO’s “Luck” was played by Hoffman’s son, Jake.

Back to sports: You can do anything with statistics. The local media has mentioned that the Sabres’ schedule down the stretch is more difficult than the schedule of other teams’ fighting for the last playoff spot based on winning percentages of opponents this season. But teams get hot or cold at the end of the season. Think the Toronto Maple Leafs, who started the season well and now are an embarrassment. A more relevant statistic to determine the relative difficulty of the schedule now is to base it on how the opponents have done in their last 10-20 games, not for the entire season. Just sayin.


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  1. JFH says:

    Speaking of sports -weck/breeze 1230am will not be broadcasting the Yankess this season – I believe the closest outlet is WHAM 1180 – I will have to change my presets. It is unfortunate that no local station to my knowlwdge will be carrying the Yankees -

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