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Peck Leaving Ch. 4 Sports After 24 Years

Paul Peck: Leaving Ch.4

Veteran Channel 4 sports anchor and reporter Paul Peck is planning to leave the station to go into the financial services industry, sources have told stilltalkintv.

Peck, who has been with the CBS affiliate for 24 years and has become increasingly valuable, couldn’t be reached for comment. But sources have told this blog that Peck told General Manager Chris Musial last week that he is leaving the station.

According to the same sources, Peck is joining Axa Advisors in Willaiamsville. He will continue his duties as the radio voice of the University at Buffalo football team.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” said Paul Vecchio, UB’s Senior Associate Athletic Director. “I think he’s terrific.”

According to sources, Peck has become increasingly frustrated about the diminished role that sports has in Channel 4’s news coverage. Peck and sports director John Murphy are the only on-air sports staffers at the station. When both are on vacation or busy in their play-by-play roles, the station often uses news staffers to anchor the sports segments.

With Peck gone shortly, that practice is expected to become more widespread.

Ironically, Peck couldn’t be reached for comment because this morning he is accepting an award at Medaille College as sportscaster of the year. Medaille also is Musial’s alma mater and he was at the same luncheon to watch his son, Chris Musial Jr., be honored as Alumni of the Year. The younger Musial works at Roswell Park.  


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8 responses to "Peck Leaving Ch. 4 Sports After 24 Years"

  1. Gman says:

    Breaking news!!!! You heard it here FIRST!! Paul Peck’s car seen careening down Delaware Ave. in the direction of WGRZ CH 2. More on this story when it becomes available. Reporting live somewhere on Delaware, George Richeart,Ch Fore Snooze !

  2. Good for Peck. Perhaps this will even open up some more time to get back to the Bills broadcasts like he used to do before 4 cut Robin Adams. Maybe, maybe not, although the fact he’s still doing UB broadcasts indicates to me it’s possible.

    Meanwhile, at channel 4, the exodus continues…

  3. Rob says:

    A quick thought while wondering what happened to Biff Beaper

    Kudos to Paul Peck for going out on top and on his terms. Anyone who followed the “Williams watch” last week knows Paul’s timing was perfect for getting the scoop on Mario’s fiancé flying into town. In an age where local broadcast sports is a declining commodity,Paul out hustled and out manuvered those around him. A loss for viewers for sure and yet another exit from the once proud Channel 4 team.

    The last one at WIVB please turn out the lights

  4. Tina says:

    Not that anyone cares but just to throw my two cents in I will now say that I am officially done with Channel 4 News. This is the last straw for me and even though I am not a huge sports fan I do enjoy Paul Peck and his delivery is always done through a smile which I always thought was charismatic. Not just informative but always professional..shame on Channel 4 for letting another one get away.

  5. Bill J. says:

    Maybe Chris Musial can catch a few lessons from Phil Beuth this weekend. Chris Musial must be a real joy to work for, and will most likely go down as the worst GM in Buffalo history. The guys head is apparently filled with oats!!

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