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“The Voice” Is Smashing Success Here


This is what I’m thinking:

Here’s a surprise. NBC’s “The Voice” is now more popular in Western New York than Fox’s “American Idol.”

English: Steven Spielberg at the 2011 San Dieg...

Steven Spileberg: One Win, One Loss

And here’s a bigger surprise. “The Voice” was even more popular Monday than the Buffalo Sabres big game with the Winnipeg Jets on cable’s NBC Sports Network.

“The Voice” had a 10.9 rating on Chanel 2 Monday night. None of the three editions of “American Idol” last week hit a triple-digit rating. The Sabres’ 3-1 loss to Jets Monday had an 8.3 rating. That was the highest-rating of the team’s four-game West Coast swing but it might have been expected to be higher since the game started at a more reasonable hour and it had the potential to move the Sabres at least temporarily in the eighth and final playoff spot.

The success of “The Voice” has helped the musical drama “Smash” locally and nationally. Monday’s episode had a 5.2 rating locally, which is decent by NBC prime time standards. The series has settled in to ratings in the 5s here and the show attracts a decent demographic nationally.

According to some national reports, the ratings for “Smash” may be good enough for it to be renewed for a second season. That’s good news for Steven Spielberg, one of the show’s producers. One of Spielberg’s other heavily-publicized shows, Fox’s expensive “Terra Nova,” won’t be getting a second season. It has been canceled.

I probably watched more of the Sabres during their West Coast swing than I have all season and subsequently drew a few conclusions about second team announcers Kevin Sylvester and Danny Gare. Sylvester is an excellent pre-game and post-game host, but his play-by-play work is average at best. On the other hand, he isn’t getting a fair shot.

He’s really in a situation a little like goaltender Jhonas Enroth in that it is really hard to do play-by-play in a limited basis. Sylvester needs at least 10 straight games in place of Rick Jeanneret to see if he can become much better. On the other hand, I’ve heard enough of Gare. He says next to nothing in analyzing games. He should concentrate on game strategy rather than just tell viewers that the Sabres don’t want to give up a goal in the final seconds of a period.

Just wondering: After goaltender Ryan Miller’s performance on the West Coast trip, do you think WGR’s sports talk host Mike Schopp might want to reassess his view that teams don’t need to pay for big time goalies because most goalies are pretty close in their level of play?

If you’re to believe ESPN’s announcers, members of the St. Bonaventure women’s basketball team shouldn’t worry about making it into the NCAA tournament. ESPN had the Bonnies as one of three Atlantic-10 women’s teams in the tournament.

It’s nice to hear Brad Riter back on WGR part-time after his stint on WECK radio ended when the station dropped its local talk format. It was much more enjoyable listening to Riter with Chris (Bulldog) Parker Tuesday than it usually is listening to Parker and Schopp. Just sayin.

Add former Bills linebacker London Fletcher to the chorus of former Bills players and administrators that dispute the idea that former Bills Coach Gregg Williams had a bounty system here designed to reward players for injuring opponents. Fletcher, who also played for Williams in Washington, told The NFL Network Tuesday that such a bounty system didn’t happen here or in Washington. It is still hard to tell what exactly did or didn’t happen here.


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3 responses to "“The Voice” Is Smashing Success Here"

  1. Doug says:

    I agree, Brad Riter replacing Schopp on a regular basis would be a huge upgrade. He has a really fresh perspective where as Mike seems really stale and unmotivated.

    • Gman says:

      Totally agree. We,the listeners, don’t measure up to Schopp’s standards. It’s about time for a switch over at WGR.

  2. Bill J. says:

    So far the only one who has said that there was a bounty on opposing players is a guy who has a book coming out. Plus it is so long ago………WHO CARES!!!

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