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Cooper Reacts to “Stupid” Overreaction

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Buffalo native Diane English


I think he was talking about Dyngus Day, but maybe he was talking about his own behavior. I hope nobody is offended, although I can see “Y” they would be. The entire ridiculous bit made me laugh almost as loudly as Cooper.

Those were the words I wrote Wednesday after Anderson Cooper’s giggle fit during a RidicuList feature Tuesday about Dyngus Day in Buffalo.

So you can see that I thought that Cooper might have been laughing about his own giggling instead of Dyngus Day even before he made that claim Thursday after Western New York went into its defensive Tom Brady hotel mode and cried foul.

In the immortal words of Buffalo Bills mega-millionaire Stevie Johnson: “Why So Serious?”

Cooper’s Dyngus Day Massacre landed on the front page of this morning’s Buffalo News in an exhaustive  story with the headline “Cooper repents his Dyngus Day dis.” Cooper’s line “so stupid, really so stupid” was highlighted with the explanation that it was Cooper on his reaction to Dyngus Day.

On Thursday night, Cooper actually disputed that on his program. He said he was reacting to his own giggle fit. He said it at least twice while apologizing to Dyngus Day co-founder Eddy Dobosiewicz at the end of  the CNN program.

I’m willing to buy Cooper’s explanation because. as I wrote Wednesday and repeated above, I thought it might be a possibility.

You almost might say the overreaction here was “so stupid, really so stupid.” But that’s what the community does when it perceives a slight and reads more into it than there was.

The funny thing Thursday was that Dobosiewicz – who earlier in the day rejected Cooper’s spin — sort of agreed on national television that some of the customs and traditions of a wonderful meaningful holiday are “ridiculous” and “silly.”

Thankfully, Eddy showed the nation that WNY has a sense of humor by inviting Cooper here for next year’s festivities to become “the first Pussy Willow Prince” of Dyngus Day.

“Are you trying to make me giggle again?” replied Cooper. “I would love to be the Pussy Willow Prince. I don’t think I’ve ever said that before.”

NBC’s “Today” got into the act this morning. It played Cooper’s giggle fit, which led co-host Ann Curry to say “that was so cute.” Then Al Roker added, “I’m going to send (Cooper) a Dyngus Day card.”

During a local weather break that followed, Channel 2’s Andy Parker noted that Dyngus Day was trending on Twitter because of “Today” and he added: “A lot of good publicity for the local holiday.”

In other words, Dyngus Day probably owes Cooper a thank you card.

Inquiring minds want to know: Where is Christie Witt, who does traffic on Channel 2’s “Daybreak” and also produces the 11 a.m. news on the station? She was on vacation for a while, but since has been on a doctor-ordered medical leave. She expects to be back on Monday.

Buffalo native Diane English and the cast of her hit revolutionary comedy “Murphy Brown” will receive The Impact Award at the 10th anniversary of the TV Land Award ceremonies Saturday in New York City. The festivities will be taped and will air on the cable network at 9 p.m. Sunday, April 29. “Murphy Brown” ran from 1988-98 on CBS.

The start of Wednesday’s press conference by the special prosecutor who decided to charge George Zimmerman with second degree murder in the shooting of Trayvon Martin was carried by all local Buffalo TV affiliates. That speaks to how big this story has become. However, I’m not sure it was a good idea if the stations wanted to keep their audiences. I know I switched over to CNN to hear prosecutor Angela Corey as soon as the local stations left.

A Florida congressman, Allen West, became a candidate for Cooper’s RidicuList after he reprised images of disgraced Sen. Joseph McCarthy by saying that he believes that more than 75 Democrats in the House are members of the Communist Party. The story made “The NBC Nightly News” with Brian Williams Wednesday and was in the inside pages of today’s Buffalo News. West didn’t give any names but his office said he was referring to 76 members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, the largest group within the House Democratic Caucus. I googled the Caucus to see if there were any local members of the congressional congregation caught in West’s absurd and shameful claims. Sure enough, Louise Slaughter was listed as a member of the Caucus.


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1 response to "Cooper Reacts to “Stupid” Overreaction"

  1. P says:

    The whole Dyngus Day thing was the latest in a series of stories, both in the short term and long term, which the local media has blown way out of proportion. Do any normal people really care what Cooper said? I think you’d be hard pressed to find a lot of normal people, even of Polish heritage, who would have been offended watching Cooper’s segment. And those who did need to relax a little. Why so serious, indeed? Ah, it’s because Channel 4 jumped to defend WNY from a phantom insult. Right.

    Another example of the chronic overmagnification is the “black goo” from the fire in the Black Rock neighborhood yesterday. Channel 4 did a whole “we’re investigating” package from Al Vaughters and let the story go for a while — you know, to keep your interest — before they told you it was just soot from a fire that posed no danger whatsoever… and it only got “gooey” because it was raining.

    I felt the same way about the gorilla escape. There was never ANY danger whatsoever to the public yet all the local media, and especially channel 4, went totally crazy as though it was a major news story. If the gorilla had gotten out, maybe it’s a story worth live team coverage anchored from outside the zoo. But again, not even a hint of any actual danger to anyone.

    This is part of the reason I’m happy I no longer work in the TV business. The local TV news business itself belongs on Cooper’s Ridiculist sometimes. Especially Channel 4.

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