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Dyngus Day Makes Cooper’s RidicuList

Anderson Cooper visited Wolfson Children's Hos...

Anderson Cooper: Laughs Himself Silly

There is nothing like going to bed after laughing yourself silly or watching someone else doing the same thing.

Which brings me to the end of Anderson Cooper’s CNN program Tuesday night. Cooper ended the show with something he calls “the RidicuList.”

It deals with silly things that make news. His target for humor Tuesday was Dyngus Day. More specifically, it was Dyngus Day in Buffalo, which Cooper said was one of three areas in the country where it is celebrated on the day after Easter.

Cooper ran bits of a serious Channel 4 report voiced over by Joe Arena to help make his point. In one sound bite, Airborne Eddy Dobosiewicz explained that one of the reasons that the day caught on is because Dyngus is a funny word and has the letter Y in it.

Cooper wasn’t buying it. He summarized Dyngus Day “as an excuse to drink beer.”

By the end of the report when the importance of pussy willows was mentioned, Cooper’s laughter became uncontrollable for about 45 seconds to a minute – or about as long as it takes to down a beer.

“This is really sort of stupid,” concluded Cooper, while still laughing.

I think he was talking about Dyngus Day but maybe he was talking about his own behavior.

I hope nobody in Buffalo is offended, though I can see “Y” they would be. The entire ridiculous bit made me laugh almost as loudly as Cooper did.

Shortly after Cooper’s show ended, I switched over to “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” just in time to see the host hit CNN as hard as Cooper hit Dyngus Day.

Stewart ran examples of a couple of CNN features that would make anyone’s RidicuList. In one feature, CNN anchors tell people (Rosie O’Donnell), ships (The Love Boat) and other things that are out of favor “Your 15 minutes are up.” In another, the anchors announce that anyone who has done something special currently or in the past is a “Rock Star.” The clips that Stewart showed illustrated everyone from a little kid who foiled a kidnapping to the late Dr. Martin Luther King being pronounced “rock stars.”

By themselves, the clips were hilarious. Stewart also added that it was a huge comedown for Dr. King to be called “a rock star” after all the accolades he had earned in his lifetime.

The Cooper and Stewart bits were funnier than anything in tonight’s new ABC comedy, “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23.” This isn’t to say “Apt. 23” isn’t funny. It is a mildly amusing and clever comedy that is the latest in a series this season of network shows involving broke girls and new girls (and another one is coming this Sunday from HBO just called “Girls”).

In case you are having trouble figuring out the missing word, it is mentioned three or four times in the pilot.

Krysten Ritter of “Breaking Bad” fame stars as Chloe, the “B” who is a con woman in New York City who became friends with former “Dawson Creek” star James Van Der Beek after she took advantage of him.

He is amused by Chloe, who now has set her sights on a naïve Midwest girl, June (Deana Walker), who thinks she has found the perfect roommate. June is quickly warned by a neighbor across the hall, Robin (Lisa Lapira), not to be so trusting.

The cast also includes a peeping Tom across the apartment who Chloe teases, and June’s fiancé, who is about as trustworthy as Chloe.

Created by a writer for the Fox series “American Dad,” “Don’t Trust” follows the animated philosophy of not worrying about whether the lead character is instantly lovable or even likable as long as he or she can make viewers laugh even when they do disgusting, unethical things. But by episode’s end, Chloe has some redeeming qualities that practically call out for a hug between the girls.

This fast-paced, cleverly-written, off-beat comedy isn’t for everyone. In fact, it probably isn’t for many traditional broadcast network viewers. But trust me. Stay until the end and the credits, when Van Der Beek makes fun of his celebrity and celebrity endorsements. All in all, “Apt. 23” has enough going for it to be worth visiting again. Rating: 2 and a half stars out of 4


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  1. Gman says:

    The Anderson Show on Ch 4 is truly laughable most days.

  2. Anderson'sgirl says:

    Thanks for making my day!
    A photo and
    a video of Anderson.
    All good!

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