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Murphy’s WGR Show Expected to Start in July

It looks like John Murphy’s WGR radio show featuring the Buffalo Bills will premiere around the time the National Football League team heads to training camp in July.

That’s the word from Tim Wenger, the operations manager for WGR and other Entercom Communications stations in Western New York.

“It will premiere in the summer,” said Wenger. “Logically, it would coincide with training camp.”

Wenger didn’t have many other details. He confirmed the show will air from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. weekdays. He added it will be preempted on nights the Buffalo Sabres have games in the late summer or fall or when Sabres news is so important (perhaps a big trade, a big injury  or an unlikely change in the coach or general manager) that it will trump Murphy’s show.

Wenger added Murphy’s show wouldn’t be moved to another station if Sabres news was big. It just wouldn’t run.

For his part, Murphy still hasn’t confirmed that he is leaving as Channel 4 sports director to work full-time for the Bills. The voice of the Bills is expected to end his Channel 4 run after the end of the May sweeps.

The big TV winner in the NFL schedule announced Tuesday is Channel 4, the local CBS affiliate. It will be carrying the Bills first nine games if all the home games early in the season are sold-out 72 hours in advance and it will have 13 Bills telecasts during the season if the home games are sold out. That’s a big potential advertising windfall for the station. 

Channel 29, the local Fox affiliate, doesn’t potentially get a Bills game until Dec. 9 when St. Louis comes to the Ralph. It also has the potential to get the Dec. 16 game against Seattle played in Toronto. Of course, if the Bills are in the playoff hunt, the WUTV games will be highly-rated. If they aren’t living up to expectations, then the games might not sell out and WUTV won’t get any games.

The Nov. 15 prime time game with Miami on The NFL Network will be carried also on a local affiliate, which is important in the Western New York market since Time Warner Cable still doesn’t carry the NFL Network.

We all know that WNY loves hockey. More evidence arrived with the 8.5 rating for the Philadelphia Flyers’ fight-filled playoff victory over Pittsburgh last Sunday afternoon. That’s higher than most prime time entertainment shows receive at this time of year and about four times the rating that the Philly game had nationally.

Pardon my oversight. Channel 2 was named “Station of the Year” over the weekend at the First Annual Buffalo Excellence in Media Awards.

Tuesday’s Funny News Moment: During a report Tuesday about the federal income tax deadline day by newcomer Lou Raguse, Channel 4 ran a graphic that identified him as Emily Guggenmos. That’s the name of his wife, who also recently joined the station as an anchor-reporter. You would think it would be hard to confuse them. Raguse was properly identified earlier in the report.



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4 responses to "Murphy’s WGR Show Expected to Start in July"

  1. Randy says:


  2. Scott says:

    I believe one aspect of the Toronto series is the games are on TV regardless of whether they sell out or not. So the Seattle ‘at’ Buffalo game in Toronto will be on WUTV no matter what.

    I love this blog and I come here most every day, as it seems to be the best place to go to get the latest info, and best analysis, on what is going on with the local media.

    • alanp says:

      Thanks for the kind words. You are right. So far, Toronto games have been on because they’ve been announced as sellouts even with the empty seats visible.

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