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County Executive Poloncarz Does My Job

And you may have thought I was tough on the media.

Wait until you hear what County Executive Mark Poloncarz has written on Twitter and Facebook today about local TV news production values.

He was actually doing my job.

It is the type of stuff that you might expect a Republican to write rather than a Democrat like Poloncarz since the GOP usually has much more fun bashing the media.

But in fairness, Poloncarz wasn’t bashing media personalities as much as he was bashing station owners.  

Here’s a sampling in an exchange with Channel 4 anchor-reporter Lou Raguse. I initially thought that someone might have hijacked Poloncarz’s accounts but Mark Cornell, the county director of policy and communications, confirmed at mid-day “that was really him.”

Poloncarz: “If my staff made as many mistakes as recently seen on local TV news I would be excoriated by the same media.”

Poloncarz: “It seems to be an epidemic lately. I don’t watch any one channel, instead scan them all, and production quality is way down across the board.”

Those comments were made on Twitter.

On Facebook, Poloncarz was quoted as saying he felt sorry for Channel 4 anchor Don Postles on Wednesday’s 10 p.m. news. “Wrong (graphics), bad live feeds. It seems to be an epidemic.”

Then he took a veiled shot at the Republican he defeated in the county executive race, Chris Collins.

“The media consultant who recommended the cutbacks on TV news was probably a Six Sigma Blackbelt. Unfortunately, they have cut back their product so much to make it unwatchable.”

“In the process of saving money, they have destroyed the product and no one wins.”

While it usually is unwise for politicians to pick a fight with the media or media companies, Poloncarz was getting praise in the social media for doing my job. Though some bloggers speculated that being media critic for a day might hurt Poloncarz, almost all of the comments on Facebook were supportive of his comments because he was telling the truth.

And he wrote on Twitter later today that he also has gotten support from anonymous people in the media.

“He tweeted that he received comments from folks in the media that ‘you were right,’” said Cornell.

I add my voice to that sentiment.

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2 responses to "County Executive Poloncarz Does My Job"

  1. GMan says:

    The thing about his comments is that he is absolutely right. I actually feel sorry for the news anchor,as he is subjected to the wrong video, or no video. It’s pathetic. And it’s across the board. No station is immune to this production.

  2. Tina says:

    OMG.. he is so correct, poor Don Postles for having to put up with the new kids on the block who don’t have a clue. I tried watching from the beginning but Emily Guggenmous was not ready for her live shot and didn’t have any sound. Then the same thing happened with Rachel Kingston. Come on guys, this stuff usually only happens on 7.

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