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Hong Says Goodbye Friday; “2 Sides” Cut in Half

AIRWAVES: In the course of cleaning up my office from 40 years of paper work prior to moving,  I discovered a note from Murray Light, the late editor of The Buffalo News. Light praised a new breezy column format of quick items. I called it Airwaves. In his honor, I’ve decided to reprise it.

Channel 4 morning anchor Victoria Hong’s last day at the CBS affiliate will be this Friday. She is getting her freedom almost a month ahead of Sports Director John Murphy, who wanted to get out at the end of May and can’t  leave until July 25. Of course, Hong is leaving broadcasting to work for Delaware North while Murphy is staying in the business. He is starting a new nightly radio show on WGR and working on longer web features that were tough to do considering his time restraints at Channel 4…

Emily Guggenmos: A "Wake Up!" Candidate

Hong’s relatively quick departure undoubtedly will mean that someone on Channel 4’s staff will fill-in alongside Joe Arena on “Wake Up!” The most logical temporary replacements are either newcomer Emily Guggenmos or Nalina Shapiro, who already works in the morning and used to anchor the weekend version of “Wake Up!” … I also wonder if Emily Smith, the Western New York native who wanted to join Channel 4 a year or so ago and presently is working at WCBS in New York City, still wants to come home and will apply for the job… Speaking of Guggenmos, she filled in over the weekend for her husband, Lou Raguse, as the news anchor. With Murphy on vacation and new sports hire Steve Vesey getting a day off, Guggenmos also was the sports anchor. I thought she was doing really well reading the sports script, and thankfully wasn’t trying to act as an expert talking about the Buffalo Sabres draft choices. Rather than pretend she had seen the draftees play, Guggenmos told viewers how the new players “described themselves” and what skills they “are said to have.” Then she got to seventh-round draft choice Judd Peterson and said that the high school player had scored “47 goals in just three games.” Wow. That’s incredible. Or impossible. The Buffalo News reported Sunday that he scored those 47 goals in 30 games. That’s still impressive. It was the kind of mistake that made you wonder if Guggenmos knew what she was reading all the time. Of course, I’m not blaming Guggenmos. I’m blaming Channel 4 management for thinking anyone can be a sports anchor. It is one of the things that drove Murphy and his former backup Paul Peck out of the station….

Channel 2 has moved the debate show “2 Sides” with Kristy Mazurek and a guest debater up 30 minutes today to 11:30 a.m. after its 11 a.m. newscast and cut it from an hour to a half-hour. Wise move that.  An hour seemed as interminable as a visit to the dentist. In its place at noon is “3rd Rock From the Sun” repeats with John Lithgow that presumably are aimed at kids just out of school. At 12:30, it is carrying paid programs. It appears that “The Healthy Zone” with Janet Snyder, which had been airing at 11:30 a.m., is taking a summer break…

It looks like the Buffalo News has quietly dropped the daily humor feature it had been using on page 2 of the sports section when either a local or national writer wrote five quick one-liners. Wise move. There may be nothing harder for a sportswriter than trying to be funny about sports news, especially when readers may not be able to tell the difference between what is a joke and what actually happened. Understandably, the batting average of the writers often wasn’t very high. After a while it seemed like a waste of space. The column has been replaced by sports news, which makes it a win-win for readers… The News has also traded a daily item on Buffalo sports history for items about the birthdays of Buffalo sports figures. Of course, historical sports events in Buffalo may be tougher to find than birthdays. They’ll never run out of birthdays. Still, the feature seems to be a bit of a stretch…

Former Channel 2 weathercaster Autumn Lewandowski has told her friends that she will be doing weather as a fill-in at Channel 7. That would essentially mean former Channel 7 weathercaster Jen Stanonis — who is now at Channel 2 – was traded for Lewandowski or vice versa.


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  1. Andy says:

    Good to see the Airwaves format back.
    Lou Raguse and Emily Guggenmos have to be two of the worst IVB pick ups. Bland..

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