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NBA Finals, Murphy Sighting and Ch.2 Self-Praise

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Kevin Durant: Thursday Must-See TV

This is what I’m thinking:

It looks like Western New York is going to be heavily into the NBA Finals, which has its second game in the series between Miami and Oklahoma on ABC (Channel 7 locally) at 9 tonight.

OKC’s game 1 win featuring superstar Kevin Durant’s 36 point outburst had a 7.4 rating on Channel 7.. That was lower than the 9.9 rating the game had nationally but in line with the ratings in Buffalo for most games in the Stanley Cup finals carried by NBC (Channel 2 locally).

I had to laugh when I read in the Buffalo News Wednesday that Channel 4 Sports Director John Murphy “was said to be vacationing in Alaska.” Murphy was in the WGR-AM studio Tuesday talking about his upcoming talk show gig on the station and was all over radio and TV discussing it. I also grabbed a quote from him Tuesday afternoon. And his wife, Mary Travers Murphy, was all over local TV Wednesday as an expert on domestic violence in relation to the ECMC shooting.

The Murphys are heading to Alaska sometime to see one their sons but they are still around here now.

I also chuckled reading the suggestion that Channel 4 wanted to keep him on board until July 25 because of the upcoming July sweeps. Channel 4 General Manager Chris Musial told me last week that the sweeps weren’t a consideration. The July sweeps – which cover summer TV – are the least significant of the four sweeps periods during the year.

I also laughed when reading a non-compete clause had anything to do with Murphy having to stay at Channel 4 and preventing from hosting a local radio show. Non-compete clauses are no longer legal in New York State.

Channel 2 News likes patting itself on the back for taking ethical stands. On Wednesday, it praised itself for not naming the victim in the tragic ECMC shooting before her family members knew of it. Meanwhile, the name of Jackie Wisniewski was already in  the Buffalo News online edition and other local newscasts.

I understand Channel 2 was trying to display compassion. Anyone in her family or social circle who knew that the “person of interest” being sought by police was Dr. Timothy Jorden Jr. also likely knew that she was his ex-girlfriend. So they presumably were at the very least thinking she might have been the victim.

Speaking of Channel 2 News, it told viewers that the ECMC shooting was “trending” on the social networks. The station almost seemed proud that the area was getting national attention for such a tragic story. If it wanted to display compassion, it would have censored its urge to tell viewers what was trending in this case.

Good to see that The Buffalo News is embracing the future and having reporter Tim Graham largely focusing on a daily Buffalo Bills blog called Press Coverage. I expect The News will soon do a better job promoting the blog, which should become a must-read. So far, Graham has had to do just about all the promotion by himself.


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6 responses to "NBA Finals, Murphy Sighting and Ch.2 Self-Praise"

  1. Paul says:

    Alan…the NBA finals are on Ch. 7 locally not Ch.2

  2. Josephine says:

    Alan did you even watch Channel 2 yesterday? For personal reasons, I was glad they didn’t name the victim. If you HAD watched, you would have noticed they weren’t patting themselves on the back. They were EXPLAINING why they didn’t say the victim’s name. Give it a break. As for the trending, the anchor said something like, this is the last story we want getting national attention, but it’s trending (…) That hardly sounds like they were “proud”. Sometimes you look too hard for things to criticize. Find something meaningful!

    • alanp says:

      I watched. The station’s explanation was a way of patting itself on the back. If it was the last thing it wanted to get national attention, it should have ignored it.

  3. Doug says:

    Sounds like a neophyte reporter was doing the writing on the Murphy story.

  4. Tina says:

    Channel 4 was way ahead of everyone else as far as delivering information. Channel 2 was stuck in the news room, with the exception of Pete Gallivan, they had Mary Friona in the news room and John at the desk. It was sadly lacking in information and detail. Channel 4 new before anyone that the police were looking for a surgeon, who it was, his picture, all the while Mary Friona and the crew were showing us pictures of cop cars and construction workers standing outside of the hospital. I kept going back to see if they had updated anything, knowing how fluid information is but also trying to be respectful, but they still had no new information. Joe Arena and Victoria Hong were pretty damn good during the Breaking News event.

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