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NBA-NHL Statistical Tie; Guthrie for Curry Trade Predictable

This is what I’m thinking:

And the local TV playoff finals winner between the NHL and the NBA is…

Well, it depends on how you keep score.

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 17:  TV personalities ...

"Today" co-hosts Ann Curry and Matt Lauer in happier ratings times

The NBA is the local five-game average winner by the slightest of margins with an asterisk. Miami’s five-game series win over Oklahoma for the NBA title averaged a 6.3 rating on Channel 7, which is the local ABC affiliate.

The first five games of the Los Angeles Kings’ Stanley Cup title series win over the New Jersey Devils averaged a 6.1 on Channel 2, the local NBC affiliate, and NBC’s cable sports channel.

That’s where the asterisks come in. Two of the five games in the NHL series were on the NBC Sports Network, where fewer viewers were available.

The NHL is the winner if you count the sixth game rating of 7.9 on Channel 2. That gives the NHL series an average of 6.4. .1 ahead of the NBA series here.

Of course, a sixth game in the Miami-OKC series would have likely pulled the NBA average equal to or greater than the NHL series since ratings for series tend to increase in sixth and seventh games.

The point is that the figures indicate a statistical tie and indicate that TV interest in the NBA and NHL title series around here were about equal, which is counter to the widely-held media opinion here.

However, Buffalo is much more interested in the NHL than almost every city nationally and it is much less interested in the NBA. Buffalo was either the No. 1 or No.2 market for all six Stanley Cup final games.

The national overnight rating for game five of the NBA series was 12.6, more than twice the rating in Buffalo. And overall, ABC said the series featuring Miami’s LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh and OKC’s Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook was the most-watched and highest-rated five-game series in eight years. 

To say I’m not surprised about the rumors that Savannah Guthrie will replace Ann Curry on NBC’s “Today” shortly because of a ratings drop would be an understatement.

Here’s what I wrote on May 11, 2011, shortly after Curry was named to replace Meredith Vieira: “Curry’s promotion is a safer choice than Natalie Morales or Savannah Guthrie, who will be associated with the new “Today.” Morales gets Curry’s old job, which she has often done when Curry was off to some country to add to her news credentials. Guthrie moves from covering the White House to working the 9 a.m. “Today” shift. It seems like such a lateral move that you almost wonder if NBC is covering its bets and putting her in a place that would make it easier to fill Curry’s seat if Curry fails in her new role.

And here’s what I wrote on April 9 of this year: It looks like NBC is trying to make Savannah Guthrie a star. She was a substitute anchor on the NBC Nightly News last week and it wouldn’t be surprising if her role on “Today” expanded soon and she eventually replaced Ann Curry as co-host. It would be a smart move.

I forget to mention something Friday that was in my notes about Aaron Sorkin’s new HBO series “The Newsroom.” By the pay-cable network’s standards, the language and sex is pretty tame. Except for a few F-bombs, the series could play on NBC without the FCC making a federal case of it or the Supreme Court having to get involved. Of course, Sorkin couldn’t have very well loaded his series with gratuitous sex and extra curse words when his lead character, Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels), is “on a mission of civility.”

Next year is shaping up to a star-packed season of NBC’s “Smash.” It announced Friday that Jennifer Hudson will have a multi-episode arc on the series. NBC previously announced that Tony Award winner Jeremy Jordan of Broadway’s “Newsies” has joined the cast. BTW, Christian Borle, who plays the writing partner of Debra Messing’s character, won a Tony for his Broadway work on “Peter and the Starcatcher” … In other casting news, Showtime has announced that metal rocker Marilyn Manson will play himself in an episode of the new season of “Californication.”


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  1. Tina says:

    Apparently Hoda Kotb is also in the running to replace Ann Curry. Not such a great idea but I think they are feeling desperate right now and will try anything.

  2. Perhaps if they can land Regis for a couple years to replace Hoda, that might be feasible… a Regis/Kathie Lee reunion would be very popular, and he’s indicated that even at his age he still has a few years left (he certainly looks in better shape than Bob Barker was at the same age, and Bob didn’t quit until 83). In fact there was a bit of a test run of it a couple days ago.

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