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Ch.2′s Hayes Leaves Goodbye Present for Viewers

This is what I’m thinking:

Channel 2 backup sports anchor-reporter Ben Hayes has left the station for a job in North Carolina outside the business but not before leaving a goodbye present for viewers.

Ben Hayes: Emmy in Future?

His 9-minute Tuesday piece, “One Big Loss, One Grand Win,” about the Grand Island High School baseball team’s comeback victory in a state playoff game to honor a former coach who died, as well as his son on the team, looks like a shoo-in for a New York State Emmy.

It was a poignant story that was beautifully told and photographed and deserved the time it took to tell with interviews with players and the team’s coach.

BTW, Channel 2 plans to replace Hayes and continue to have twice as many on-air sports staffers as rivals Channel 4 and Channel 7. When sports director John Murphy departs next week to host a Bills program on WGR-AM, Channel 4 will only have newcomer Steve Vesey as an on-air sports staffer unless it quickly hires Murphy’s replacement. And with Bills training camp about to start it isn’t a good time to be short-staffed.

Not even the second coming of Judge Simon Cowell probably could save “American Idol” in Buffalo from further decline. The Fox series finished 16th and 17th in Buffalo during the May sweeps, just a few spots ahead of NBC’s “Harry’s Law,” which has been canceled. The departures of judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez from the show have given “Idol” a new round of publicity because of all the speculation about their replacements. But there isn’t anyone out there who can bring viewers back anywhere but in the South, where most of the best singers have come from in the last several seasons.

John DiSciullo, Mr. Channel 7, has left for WBBZ but his voice is still hanging around. You can still hear him on station promos and announcements.

Inquiring minds want to know: How did the premiere of the AMC series, “Breaking Bad,” about a chemistry teacher (played by Bryan Crnaston) gone terribly bad do here? It set national ratings records, but only had a 1.5 rating here “Longmire,” which was carried on A&E at the same time, had more than double the rating at 3.3. “Bad” lost me a few seasons back when the violence level went off the charts but it has become increasingly popular with younger viewers and today was nominated for an Emmy as last season’s best drama.

So much for the idea that Channel 4 might keep anchor Emily Guggenmos on “Wake Up” because morning ratings spiked in July during her two-week run. She was back on nights this week, with Nalina Shapiro in her place in the morning. Apparently, the plan was to give each of them a two-week tryout. (THIS JUST IN: Guggenmos is expected back in the morning anchor seat on Friday.)

While the Buffalo Bills have opted out of the 85 Percent Blackout Rule this season, it doesn’t necessarily mean that games that are close to sellouts won’t be televised. I’ve been told that as in seasons past, Channel 4 or some sponsor could buy the remaining tickets of games that are close to being sold out so they can be televised. Since Channel 4 makes between $100,000-$150,000 a game in advertising revenue, you might think it would find a way to get any games close to a sellout on.

How dumb does local TV news think viewers are? I’ve seen some stories reminding viewers that it is a good idea to drink water when it gets really hot. Really? I suppose when it gets really cold this winter viewers will be reminded that it is a good idea to wear hats and gloves.

Talk about the dumbing down of education. A local amusement park is running ads that tell prospective customers that students with a C average or better can get a discount. A C average!!!!  In other words, they probably have to be reminded to drink plenty of water if they come to the park on a 90 degree day.



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4 responses to "Ch.2′s Hayes Leaves Goodbye Present for Viewers"

  1. Bob says:

    A C average wouldn’t even be needed here:


  2. Tom W. says:

    It seems like Musial is making the wrong moves. Guggenmos causes a good ratings spike for Wake Up! and now she gets sent back to nights? That makes no sense. Last I remember, stations go with the teams that will give them the best ratings.

  3. Bill J. says:

    I have to agree that Emily Guggenmos did a great job on Wake Up. At least she speaks smoothly. Nalina Shapiro still seems very uncomfortable on both Wake Up, and Winging It

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