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Demler’s Commentary, Bauerle’s Rant and Cruise Sightings


I’ve been going through the nightmare of moving and sorting through 40 years of papers, VCR tapes (remember them?) and DVDs so I haven’t had much time to watch TV or listen to radio.

But what I have seen and heard has astounded me more than Supreme Court Justice John Roberts’ support of the Affordable Health Care Act.

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in Happier Times

On Friday, I heard Channel 2 anchor Maryalice Demler channel Aaron Sorkin’s new HBO series “The Newsroom” and deliver a “commentary” five minutes into the 11 p.m. newscast.

What was the big issue that made Demler feel we needed to hear her two cents?

She needed to express her support of the decision to suspend the Rochester students involved in the bullying of the Rochester bus monitor.

I was so astounded at the idea that Demler or someone at Channel 2 suddenly thinks that she is Irv Weinstein and we need to hear her take on news that she reads that I didn’t take any notes. That and the fact I couldn’t find a pen and paper amid the rubble of moving.

I recall Demler saying something about how her parents would have reacted if they had seen her misbehave like that. Somehow, sneakers were involved.

Whatever she said really didn’t matter. Supporting the decision to suspend the students was about as controversial and as big a waste of time as supporting the idea of having parades on July 4th. At the end, she asked viewers for their thoughts, suggesting that Channel 2 was trying to get its audience involved.

Channel 2 has made several positive innovations over the years and a few lame-brained ones as well. Having Demler give “commentary” is right up there with giving us the top 10 stories at 10 in backwards order. We don’t really want anchors giving their opinions on news stories. It is a bad precedent. If I were a regular viewer, I’d wear out my sneakers protesting the idea in front of Channel 2’s studios. However, I suspect viewers won’t worry as much about bad journalistic practices as I do and probably will flood Channel 2 with their support for Demler’s commentary.

The second startling thing I heard was on radio. I’ve been driving back and forth from my old home to my new one and have had a lot of time to listen to the radio.

On Friday, I listened to WBEN conservative talk show host Tom Bauerle give a conspiracy theory that suggested someone might have been behind his inability to post his views on the social media. I found it incredibly hard to believe because I don’t think the government, the Obama administration or the social networks like Facebook really spend much time worrying about Tom Bauerle.

The funny thing is that wasn’t the nuttiest thing Bauerle said during the week. He also ranted that the Supreme Court decision to support the health care act angered him so much it made him understand why the South wanted to secede from the North before the Civil War.

OK, it was a stretch and talk show hosts are allowed to go off the deep end. But didn’t Bauerle realize that the North was right on the key war issue – the end of slavery?

He was comparing his distaste for the Supreme Court’s support of Obama Care with the South’s support of a heinous practice that just about every reasonable thinking person would conclude had to end.

In a way, Bauerle’s comparison might have made some thoughtful, open-minded listeners realize that history will be on the side of Obama Care when it is written decades from now.

Of course, “thoughtful” and “open-minded” aren’t often words associated with Bauerle’s listeners or the listeners of anyone else on the right wing talk station.

At night on WBEN. Fox’s Sean Hannity laughably was explaining that he knew the law better than Chief Justice Roberts, who had the deciding vote on Obama Care.

Finally, there were the supposed Tom Cruise sightings in Buffalo, promoted by a Church of Scientology meeting.

I first heard about them Friday – the day that Cruise’s wife, Katie Holmes, filed for divorce — from Channel 2’s Scott Levin. There were no confirmation, but hey who needs confirmation in the media anymore?

Then I picked up Sunday paper and found a story somewhat buried that talked about all the Cruise sightings. The story went on for a little bit and I almost didn’t get to the end. That’s when readers were told that Cruise was actually in Iceland or someplace out of the country Saturday promoting a movie.

In the trade, we call that burying the lead. In other words, all the local Cruise talk and the story about it were as silly as the attention that Tom Brady’s bad-mouthing of Buffalo hotels got months ago. Oh, well, we will probably be fortunate if Demler doesn’t do a commentary on the Cruise sightings.


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20 responses to "Demler’s Commentary, Bauerle’s Rant and Cruise Sightings"

  1. gary says:

    Next to “Pope Don Paul”,Bauerle probably has the biggest ego in Buffalo, can’t stand him !!!!

  2. Great blog, made me laugh. And I agree with Gary.

  3. Tina says:

    Great blog Alan! I just so happen to agree with everything you said(not that you care)especially about Mary Alice’s commentary and most definitely how laughable Sean Hannity is with his comments about knowing more than Justice Roberts…he’s a real piece of work.

  4. GMan says:

    You’ve already wasted too much space even mentioning Bauerle. ( as have I) Anyone that listens to that swill everyday needs to be sentenced to watching M A Demler giving commentary on the news. Who cares what she thinks.. Just read the news, or you’ll be banished like Ann Curry, minus the $10 mil.

  5. The way I see it, commentary has its place, but not in the middle or near the top of a newscast. Perhaps at the end of a newscast, right before things wrap up, it would work.

    Second, as far as the ACA goes, being one of the people who is going to be tremendously negatively affected by this mandate, I’m going to strongly disagree with your contention on its legacy.

    Third… and this is unrelated to the column, but I recently read a story from a Syracuse TV blog (cnytvnews . com) noting that Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! are moving from WTVH-5 to WSYT-68 this fall. Now, I also note that WTVH-5 is channel 7′s sister station, and WSYT-68 is Fox 29′s sister station. Have you heard anything about any potential Wheel or Jeopardy moves to Fox 29?

  6. John Mullins says:

    Oh, well this sucks. I found this blog by doing a Google search after being frustrated with Jeff Simon’s constant compulsion to inject his leftist politics into every column. I had been enjoying your posts, but now you’ve shown yourself to be just as self-righteous and condescending as Simon.

    What you Socialist left wing media types fail to grasp is that you’re the ones who drive the rest of us, in absolute DROVES, to new media. The close-minded arrogance exhibited by people like you and Simon ushered in the death of the newspaper business. Had it not been for your finger wagging lectures, a transistion from print to electronic media could have been easy for newspapers. But when technology gave we consumers, who are sick and tired of being lectured by you and your wrongheaded elite leftist brethren in the dying old media a choice, it was a very easy one to make.

    I’m sure you’ll mock me and scoff. Probably call me names, like your implication about talk rdio listeners. But the harsh, killing reality is that you and Simon are dinasours, just like the local TV news broadcasts. Your arrogance has ushered in your own extinction.

    • alanp says:

      Hate to tell you but this blog is new media.

      • Carl says:

        John: Sorry, but there are a LOT of reasons why print, sadly, is dying off. “Arrogance”, as you put it, is a small part of it. You also forget that the majority of editorial boards lean right, or to the center at best. This country’s political tilt leans from center to so far right that Attila the Hun would slap his forehead.

        Alan: Ironic, isn’t it, that someone can get on a “new media” thing and vent his spleen over a dinosaur…when at some point down the road blogs like this will be just as extinct as newspapers are?

        • alanp says:

          And why will blogs become dinosaurs? They will just take different forms. There is no overhead as there is with print.

          • Carl says:

            Alan: You’re right, but the point I’m making is that sooner or later this exact form of comment we’re using will become outdated and a new one will take its place. We’ve seen it happen with MySpace, and soon Facebook may very well follow it on the dustbin of history-considering how Pinterest is the new hot social networking site.

  7. jeff says:

    Looks like you support Obama. That taints your views. Legacy? Crap.
    It disgusts me to think that I work my a$$ off 60 hours a week and those lazy “I can’t work because I have migraines” people are going to get free healthcare – free to them – but paid by me. Where am I going to get money to pay for them?
    Obamacare could be fine if everyone buys their own.
    It sucks because the working man will be taxed to pay for the welfare freeloaders.
    Legacy… yea right.

  8. Rob says:

    Some notes while wondering what happened to Chuck Gurney

    The Demler “commentary” expressing her support of the suspension of the Rochester students was such a Captain Obvious moment it was laughable. I flashed back to the Cheers episode when Sam Malone got a gig on the air and his “commentary” was how the Boston fans shouldn’t boo the Red Sox and root, root for the home team. Real deep perspectives…

    My deepest sympathies to you Alan for listening to Bauerle. It’s not only his ideological rants but his immature commentary in general. He comes across as a guy who still thinks it’s funny to put a whoopee cushion underneath someone.

  9. Joe says:

    Don’t you think the Mary Alice Demler (M.A.D.) segment should start: “I’m M.A.D. as hell and not going to take it any more”! As she rails against such leading issues as parents not being able to get sunscreen for their kids without a note from the doctor. 3 minutes on this, after school was out no less, was enough for me to head to the clicker.

  10. Jack says:

    Just goes to show you….
    You can take the writer away from thee Buffalo News,
    but you caqn’t take the Buffalo News out of the writer.
    Same old crap.

  11. Tina says:

    So sad that you can’t have your own political views/opinions without so much hate. Try to respect other people’s political views and stop the automatic name calling when someone doesn’t agree with yours.
    We are suddenly “Obama lovers” if we dislike Sean Hannity or Bauerle, when in reality you have no idea what we believe. All I can really say to that is he is definitely better than what we had.

  12. John Mullins says:

    @ Tina, everyone has a right to express their political beliefs, be that in print or electronic media, right up until Obama finishes off his assault on the Constitution.

    And sure, blogs are new media. But ask yourself where the real numbers are on the web. Drudge. Breitbart. Daily Caller. And why have network and local newscasts withered to near extinction? Fox News.

    And while we conservatives have been longtime listeners to John Otto and other, stealthier conservative broadcasters of yore, Rush Limbaugh is quite possibly the most powerful single voice in any medium.

    We never had choices until about 15 years ago, and once those choices became more readily available, the liberal mainstream media started to go the way of the Dodo.

    • alanp says:

      Hate to tell you but the network newscasts and the local newscasts get far more viewers than Fox News, which only preaches to the converted. Fox News dominates its cable rivals, but doesn’t approach the ratings of the nightly newscasts.

      • Carl says:

        And it never WILL, no matter how much they say otherwise.

        Plus, look at any top 15 cable shows for the week. It’s rare you’ll find a Fox News show there. For example: this week, you had shows from FX, History, TNT, USA and other networks. Not a Fox News show in the bunch.

    • Tina says:

      I absolutely agree with you in the fact that everyone has the right to their own opinions particularly when it comes to their political beliefs. However, I will try to respect yours as much as I can without expressing hate or name calling.

      I use to like Fox News until it became apparent what they really are, nothing but a voice box for conservatives. MSNBC made a choice then to become the voice for liberals and I am happy that they are there to do so. The real question is where do we go for the truth?

      • Carl says:

        Tina: You’re not going to get it from ANY source inside the U.S., that’s for sure. You have to search elsewhere. The Guardian in the UK is a good starting point.

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