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O’Connell Flees The Breeze

Channel 2 weatherman Kevin O’Connell has left his moonlighting gig as a disc jockey at WECK’s “The Breeze.”

In an afternoon interview, O’Connell confirmed that Thursday was his last day at the station. He added that his contract was going to run out on Aug. 1 and he and Station Owner and General Manager Dick Greene couldn’t agree on a new one.

O’Connell did taped voice tracking on his daily music show, which was able to run on the AM and FM dials in the afternoons at the same time he was doing weather on Channel 2.

“There was no animosity,” said O’Connell. “I was looking for a higher economic level and Dick didn’t want to do that. He’s a good friend and I wish him well. It was a terrific experience and it is time to do other things. It was a lot of fun while we did it and I may do it again someday.”



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2 responses to "O’Connell Flees The Breeze"

  1. WECK Misser says:

    OOOOOOHHHHH, so the guy who cut his entire talk staff doing “Believe in Buffalo” talk didn’t want to pay someone else who was worth anything?

    That seems unusual. Signed,
    Brad Riter, Nick Mendola, Bill O’Loughlin, Loraine ODonnell and Fun

  2. Buk says:

    So how much was Kevin worth for his Voice-Tracked show? As a listener, I enjoyed his insights into the music. Not a fan at all of VT material though. And his regular plugs for Channel 2 had to be worth something. Bet there’s a few out of work guys that would be happy to have the chance to go “Live & Local” again….

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