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Ch.7 Post-Game Show Barely Registers; New “SNL” Prez Gets My Vote

This is what I’m thinking:

The Buffalo Bills 35-17 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs had an impressive 31.7 rating Sunday afternoon on Channel 4.

That means about 200,000 WNY households were watching.

And about 196,000 of them decided not to switch over to Channel 7’s post-game show immediately after the game ended.

Channel 7’s post-game show averaged a .6 rating (that’s a point six). Each rating point equals 6,321 households.

Channel 7’s post-game show has two problems. First, it practically gets a zero lead-in from the paid program that airs before it. Secondly, it often has to compete with two NFL games on CBS doubleheader weekends when the Bills are on the road or have a sold-out home game.

Channel 4’s coverage of the Pittsburgh Steelers route of the New York Jets Sunday averaged a 24.6 at the start around 4:15 p.m. and finished with a 20.3 average. Channel 29, the local Fox affiliate, had a 3.6 rating for Seattle’s rout of Dallas in a second 4 p.m. game.

Speaking of Channel 7′s post-game show, John Murphy returned to his former station. His locker room interviews were carried on Channel 7’s post-game show. The radio voice of the Bills also has a weekly appearance on Sunday night’s “Bill Blitz” on Channel 4, his other former employer. He also appears in a weekly Bills show that is carried on Time Warner Cable. In other words, Murphy is practically everywhere but Channel 2.


Vin Scully: “Sunday Morning” Treat

Did you hear that Buffalo State College’s football team upset the No.1 Division III team in the country Saturday? That’s even more amazing than the fact I didn’t see the historic win over UW-Whitewater get any love on the late Channel 2 and Channel 4 sportscasts Saturday. Buffalo State ”only” plays in Division III, but the win deserved to get some significant TV attention. Maybe the stations will devote more time to it this week. I’m told that Channel 7, which had the latest sportscast of the night because of the length of Notre Dame’s defeat of Michigan State on ABC Saturday night, did mention Buffalo State’s win and showed a brief clip of the winning TD. I missed it because I was watching “SNL.”

Best line of Seth Meyers’ “Weekend Update” on “Saturday Night Live” concerned ESPN’s “Sportscenter” celebrating its 50,000th show. “Of the Day,” wondered Meyers. It does seem like SportsCenter is on 24/7.

Glad to see Jay Pharoah is now doing President Obama on SNL. He has his cadence down almost perfectly and is an improvement on Fred Armisen, who used to play the president.

The Lee Cowan piece on Dodgers’ legendary play-by-play Vin Scully reminded my why I love “CBS Sunday Morning” almost as much as Scully’s voice. I first heard it when I was 7 and a Dodgers fan when Scully was doing games in Brooklyn.

TheSNL” sketch making fun of how awkward Mitt Romney is as a human being may have illustrated why he can’t be elected. I think some “SNL” writers might secretly hope he will be elected because his awkwardness is the comic gift that keeps on giving. Imagine what “SNL” will do in a skit this weekend dealing with Romney’s secretly recorded speech at a fund-raiser when he said President Obama is guaranteed 47 percent of voters because they are on the public dole. It is one thing for a reader of this blog to incorrectly suggest to another reader that she must be on public assistance because she supports the President, quite another for a guy trying to become president to say such a thing.


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37 responses to "Ch.7 Post-Game Show Barely Registers; New “SNL” Prez Gets My Vote"

  1. Phil Tanith says:

    YNN also include highlights on Buff State.

  2. DS says:

    So, you are saying that the Dems don’t pander to those on the dole queue? That’s their bread and butter. Keep them down so they depend on you. Then give them what they depend on. It’s the Stockholm Syndrome on a country-wide scale.

    • alanp says:

      I imagine some of the 47 percent on assistance — including Social Security and Medicaid — are Republicans. And some may even be rich people who don’t pay federal taxes because of the way the tax code can help them.

  3. dk says:

    The quote I heard on NBC was that Rommney said 47% do not pay federal income taxes. He did not say they were on the dole. BTW he was incorrrect the actual percentage not paying income taxes is a scary 48% not 47%.

  4. jinx13 says:

    so i guess what you’re saying alan, it that the president has never said anything that he’d like to take back. so the “you didn’t build it speech” or his “stupid police” comments regarding the harvard law professor, shouldn’t matter when it comes to judging his character. you’re a smarter man than me, but a political bias on a tv blog seems a bit over the top.

    • alanp says:

      When the president says something stupid or insulting I will call him on it.

    • alanp says:

      How is saying that comedians would prefer Romney illustrate a political bias? President Obama makes mistakes but he just isn’t as funny doing it. I may not have written or stated it “elegantly” I suppose.

      • Steve says:

        jinx…you hit the nail on the head. Too much politics from Alan, the TV entertainment blogger. I still think something happened to him during his last health scare…read his blogs prior and read them after. All of a sudden he’s political.

      • Rob says:

        Alan-D blogger writes: “The “SNL” sketch making fun of how awkward Mitt Romney is as a human being may have illustrated why he can’t be elected.”

        I think this is the bias Jinx is referring to. “Can’t be elected??” Shouldn’t the comment be from an “objective” person be along the lines like; “SNL’s parody of how stiff Romney comes across maybe one of the reasons why some voters don’t connect with him, which hurts his chances at getting elected President.”

        • alanp says:

          Did you see the word “may” in there? If he loses, it will partly because he is so uncomfortable looking and acting. This is not a political statement. It is a statement about how important appearances on TV are in today’s political world.

          • Rob says:

            For a career critic (Alan-D) you sure are thin skinned when you’re challenged on your thoughts and leanings. Why is it so hard to admit that your ideology, based on what you post, is subjective? There’s no harm in having a point of view, which others should respect even if they don’t agree.

          • alanp says:

            I actually enjoy the debate.

  5. Tina says:

    It is insulting to many of us who work hard every single day, pay our bills, take care of our children and do the best we can only to be accused of being victims and welfare recipients. I voted for Obama and I will again but that does not mean that I am on public assistance, quite the opposite, but there are those who do need help and in America we help who we can, we don’t desert them like Mitt would.

    • DK says:

      Your comment is pretty funny. You are upset with Romney for things that he never said. You should listen to the FULL quote and really listen to it. It will wipe away your anger. I too voted for obama last time, but I am not going to get upset over a politician who described the election in an accurate way. He gets it, he knows what he is up against and merely stated the facts. It is your bias that is making you hear things that were not said.

      • alanp says:

        I know plenty of people on Social Security and who get Medicare who do not consider themselves “victims.” Read David Brooks column today in The New York Times. And he’s a conservative. Read Bill Kristol, another conservative. Then get back to me.

        • DK says:

          He never said paople on SS or Medicare were victims. He said the 47% that are Obamas core supporters VIEW THEMSELVES as victims. Ansd they are, they are victims of the Obama hoax.

  6. GMan says:

    Boy, I guess the Bills aren’t as popular as most people in this area believe. Pretty soon, they’ll be known as the Toronto “Tills.” Show them the money, and they will seek it.

    • Carl says:

      Won’t happen for a few reasons:

      1. The Rogers Centre would NEVER pass NFL muster; if memory serves, you have to have at LEAST 60,000 to 65,000 capacity(SF’s new stadium will have 68,500 to start with); Toronto can’t even reach 55,000 with the NFL setup. And I don’t think that city is in the mood to build a new stadium(a new arena to combat the Air Canada Centre, maybe). Strike 1.

      2. They can’t even sell out the Bills games up in Toronto unless the Centre gets papered up with free or reduced priced ducats. Strike 2.

      3. Even with the NHL lockout, Toronto was, is and always will be Leafs 1st, everyone else a distant second. Strike 3. You’re out.

  7. bbb says:

    I went looking for this on my TV channel guide, but did not find it. What time is it on?:

    Sunday night’s “Bill Blitz” on Channel 4

    • alanp says:

      If the CBS games goes past 7:15, then Channel 4′s 11 p.m. news and subsequent Bill Blitz go on 15 to 30 minutes later than scheduled. I’d guess around 1145 p.m.

  8. Don Paul says:

    The opinion of former Pergament colleague, the Buffalo News’ Doug Turner:


    • alanp says:

      Former colleague? I don’t think I’ve spoken to Doug Turner once in my life. He worked in D.C. His columns illustrate that those who believe The News is full of liberal reporters and columnists don’t really know what they are talking about.

  9. bbb says:

    Do I have to turn it into a political debate to get an answer to my Bills Blitz question?

  10. Judi says:

    Boy, reading this thread just made my head spin!! (But very thought provoking, thanks!)

  11. Brent says:

    WKBW highlights of the Buffalo State win though was weird – they showed two different views of the “TIEING” touchdown – one was from the regular side view we get during the games and the other was shot from the camera located in the opposite endzone. WKBW then repeated these shots again.

    During those highlights WKBW mentioned that was the winning score – wrong there as the touchdown tied the game up at 6-6. Buffalo State still had to make the winning extra point – which they did to make what turned out to be the final score – 7-6. Of course the winning moment – the extra point – wasn’t shown. WKBW made it seem that the touchdown won the game which it of course didn’t.

    Oh well – at least “highlights” (of one play shown two different ways – each one repeated) were shown and not just the score being mentioned. Congrats to Buffalo State on the HUGE win! Go Bengals!


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