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Clearing Up Time Warner’s Confusing Changes


If you are a basic cable subscriber and a University at Buffalo sports fan, I hope you enjoyed the Time Warner Sports Network telecast of the football team’s victory 56-34 victory over Morgan State in its home opener almost two weeks ago.

And if you are a Syracuse University fan, I hope you enjoyed the Orange’s 28-17 football victory over Stony Brook Saturday night.

 Because in a month, basic subscribers will be shut out of the Time Warner Sports Network.

Kim Kardashian: TWC is Moving Her Channel

That’s the word from a TWC spokesperson who tried to clear up my confusion over a recent letter I received as a local cable subscriber.

TWC’s Joli Plucknette-Farmen explained that on Oct. 17 TWC Sports will move from the basic tier to the standard cable lineup to have consistency on its cable systems. Right now some systems carry TWC Sports on the basic tier and some on the standard tier. The channel will remain on high definition channel 713 but will change channels on its standard tier depending on where subscribers live. 

The sports network’s move to the standard tier is one of several lineup changes that will occur on or about Oct. 17, she explained.  CFTO, the CTV affiliate out of Toronto, CNBC, C-Span, E! (with Kim and the rest of the Kardashians) and EWTN are the channels that will be moved from the analog to the digital format only. To receive them, customers will need a digital set-top box, digital adapter or CableCARD.

I told you this is confusing.

TWC reports about 72 percent of its subscribers won’t be impacted since they already have digital cable, which costs $3 more than standard cable.

If you don’t have a digital cable set box on your second TV, a TWC customer can receive a digital adapter for no charge through December 2014, Plucknette-Farmen said.

Why is TWC doing this?

To test your technology skills.

Kidding. According to Plucknette-Farmen, the move of these channels to digital will free up bandwith to allow TWC more space for popular HD and On Demand content, faster internet speed and other goodies. She added that the channels affected were chosen to free up the most capacity.

Plucknette-Farmen explained that an analog channel takes the same amount of space as two to three HD channels and as many as 14 digital channels.

That’s the end of this lesson, which I hope clears up the confusion.

If you missed Monday night’s premieres of NBC’s “Revolution” and Fox’s “The Mob Doctor,” be advised they are repeated over the next few nights. “Revolution” is on again tonight, “Mob Doctor” on Friday.

On Monday, “Revolution” opened to a strong 9.9 local rating on Channel 2 following the strong lead-in from “The Voice.” It almost tripled the audience for “Mob Doctor,” which averaged a 3.8 rating on Channel 29.

I had to laugh about a NBC promo about the great reviews for “Revolution” before attributing a rave to a website called The TV Fanatic. We’re not exactly talking the New York Times there. In fairness, the promo also referenced The Hollywood Reporter, which I have actually heard of and respect.

It shouldn’t be long before NBC starts running promos calling “Revolution” a hit. But the competition gets tougher when ABC’s “Castle” and CBS’ “Hawaii 5-0″ start running new Monday episodes in the time slot.

The first day of the second week of Katie Couric’s new syndicated talk show had a 1.9 rating on Channel 7. “Katie” didn’t get any help Monday from its lead-in, Ricki Lake, which averaged a .2 (that’s a point 2). That’s the same anemic rating that Jeff Probst’s new talk show on CW 23 got Monday. 

If you are headed to UB Thursday to hear New York Times columnist David Brooks talk in the Distinguished Speakers series, you might want to read his Tuesday column “Thurston Howell Romney” about Mitt Romney’s 47 percent comments. The column is bound to come up in the question and answer period. It is a pretty damning column, especially when Brooks is considered a conservative. The NBC Nightly News piece about the controversy surrounding Romney’s secretly recorded comments at a fund-raiser included Brooks’ column. Liberal talk show host Chris Matthews had a lot of fun Tuesday night on MSNBC with the comparison of Romney’s comments with the attitude of the rich guy (played by Jim Backus) from “Gilligan Island” in the headline. 


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4 responses to "Clearing Up Time Warner’s Confusing Changes"

  1. DS says:

    Why is it that the ‘media’ is so intent on inventing narratives that just don’t exist? It’s sad that someone who claims to review television not only turns a blind eye to media manipulation and shenanigans that are done in support of the author’s opinions, but they actively support, endorse, and embrace what is clearly a smear campaign intended to mis-represent and remove all context to a single candidate’s words.

    It’s concerning when someone who teaches the art of communication is falling victim to the very trappings they should be teaching others to avoid.

  2. Joe says:

    DS, if your candidate could ever get on message perhaps others could figure out what he is trying to say. Even conservatives aren’t buying it. I suggest you read this:


    • ds says:

      Please, tell me who my candidate is, because I must not know. And why should I care about another talking head’s spin on the leaked tapes that you seem to think is the most important thing in the world?

  3. Bob says:

    a TWC customer can receive a digital adapter for no charge through December 2014, but then after this date it is $.99 a month per adapter.
    Can these adapters be purchased anywhere privately?
    Or are we going to be forced to rent these adapters the way we are forced to rent our necessary cable boxes from these companies?
    What a racket! I am “glad” stipulations were passed years ago where we are allowed to purchase our own settop boxes rather than renting them. Why isb’t that pursued more or enforced?

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