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“Resort,” “Elementary” Worth a Look

Andre Braugher: Commands Your Attention in “Resort”


As I wrote earlier this week, the pilot of ABC’s new drama “The Last Resort” premiering at 8 tonight on Channel 7 is terrific.

However, this series — with a title that has a double meaning — probably has as much chance of succeeding as the NFL has in convincing people the right call was made on the final play of the Seattle-Green Bay game Monday night.

That’s because the series co-created by Shawn Ryan (“The Shield” and “The Unit”) starring Andre Braugher as the commander of a nuclear submarine is as confusing as the NFL rule book.

Some of Oliver Stone’s conspiracy theories make more sense than the pilot, which is loaded with confusing situations featuring multiple characters involved in a conspiracy that appears to have been launched by some people at the top levels of the American government.

Despite the confusion – or because of it – the pilot is an intensely involving, mind-blowing hour that ends up delivering different views about what is patriotic.

Braugher, whose career-defining role was in Tom Fontana’s “Homicide: Life on the Street,” gets to chew the scenery as Marcus Chaplin, the strong principled leader of a sub. He doesn’t anticipate being involved in any war games, but as quickly as you can sing “LaBamba,” his world and that of his crew is turned upside down.

Braugher’s right-hand man is played by the handsome Scott Speedman, the Canadian actor best known for his role in “Felicity.”

Old pros Robert Patrick and Bruce Davison and Autumn Reeser also are aboard the pilot, which has multiple settings – on the sub, on a remote NATO island that looks like Paradise and in Washington, D.C.

It also has multiple story lines involving conspiracies, romances and sexism. “Resort” is the type of show that requires secrecy about the plot. Just be warned that not everything is explained and that it could take 30 minutes after it is over to try and figure out what is happening or has happened.

My advice: Go along for the beautiful looking ride, even though I don’t expect it to last too long. Rating: 3 stars

The second much-talked about series premiering at 10 tonight on Channel 4 is CBS’ “Elementary,” a new take on Sherlock Holmes.

I wanted to love it because it co-stars Jonny Lee Miller, who is best known for playing an eccentric lawyer in ABC’s “Eli Stone” (and before that being married to Angelina Jolie). He plays a modern-day Sherlock and is even allowed to use his English accent to display Sherlock’s charm and humor while battling addiction issues. His co-star as a dryly humorous Watson and champion of lost causes (she’s a Mets fan) is Lucy Liu. Aidan Quinn plays the New York police captain, who has worked with Holmes for a decade or so.

Jonny Lee Miller: The Latest Sherlock

Viewers expecting early fireworks in this premise pilot about the crime-solving detective and his shadow might be disappointed. There is a trip to an opera, an intentional car accident, and some decent comic lines. It is all agreeable enough and the format is made for a weekly series, but the Mets have more chemistry than this pair. Rating: 3 stars

If Buffalo is any indication, NBC has a couple of hits in the making. Matthew Perry’s “Go On” had an impressive 8.6 rating Tuesday on Channel 2. That’s a very healthy rating for the local NBC affiliate. “Revolution” had a 7.0 rating in its second episode Monday. That is about a 30 percent drop from the premiere but it beat first-run episodes of CBS’ “Hawaii 5-0” (6.6) on Channel 4 and ABC’s “Castle” (6.0) on Channel 7.

ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” seems to have lost some of its local appeal, with the first All-Star edition getting an 11.3 Monday and the first results show a 8.9. NBC’s “The Voice” had an 11.0 on Monday and a 9.2 on Tuesday.

The big winner in the first two days of the week was “NCIS,” which opened its new season at 8 p.m. Tuesday with a 17.6 rating that likely will be the highest-rated entertainment series of the week. Dennis Quaid’s new series “Vegas” kept most of the lead-in from “NCIS: Los Angeles” (11.6) and corralled a decent but unspectacular 11.0 rating at 10 p.m. Tuesday.

The Fox comedies premiering Tuesday, “Ben & Kate” (3.3) and “The Mindy Project” (3.9) had weak openings locally on Channel 29.

Of course, it takes more than a few weeks to determine hits, but NBC is doing much better here so far than it has in season’s past.

Line of the morning courtesy of “Good Morning America’s” Josh Elliott after the ABC morning program led with the settling of the NFL lockout of officials: “It’s good to know they’ll never ever be another bad call in the NFL.”

My favorite piece about the officiating crisis was in the humorous online series of Hitler parodies of current events that ends with the evil madman longing for referee Ed Hochuli.

When the real officials go on the field for tonight’s NFL Network game between Cleveland and Baltimore it might be the first time in NFL history that the referees will be cheered.

Finally, sorry for the delay in today’s blog. The server was down and took a while to fix.


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