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A Quiz, A Prediction and Some Irrational Behavior

This is what I’m thinking:

Here’s a quick quiz that asks you to decide whether this area likes baseball more than presidential debates: Do you think the Fox broadcast network had a higher rating Monday than Fox News on cable had in WNY for the debate?

I’ll return later in this blog to answer that question.

Speaking of the Fox broadcast network, it has renewed Simon Cowell’s “The X-Factor” for a third season. I don’t think that matters to most of WNY. It averages less than a 5 rating on WUTV, which is less than half of what NBC’s “The Voice” averages here on Channel 2. “X” does  well nationally with viewers ages 18 through 49.

Lou Raguse

My spies are telling me that Time Warner has moved CNBC off of its analog channel and some subscribers need a digital set-top box, digital adapter or CableCARD to get it and CFTO, C-Span, E! and EWTN on their sets. TWC is offering the tuners free through December, 2014. TWC’s Joli Plucknette-Farmen  explained last month that the move of the channels to digital will free up bandwidth to allow it more space for popular HD and On Demand content, faster internet speed and other goodies. TWC also said that an analog channel takes the same amount of space as two to three HD channels and as many as 14 digital channels.

I hate the ad for Kathy Hochul that lambasts her opponent Chris Collins for having a 6000 square foot house with a private gym. Big deal. So he has a big house. He can afford it.

President Obama is a very busy man trying to hit all the swing states but he is finding time to visit “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” tonight and MTV on Friday night.

I almost pulled into a ditch Tuesday afternoon when WBEN afternoon host Sandy Beach said he didn’t have a problem with how many times Mitt Romney agreed with President Obama during Monday’s debate because not agreeing with your opponent sometimes would be “irrational.” Tell that to Sean Hannity. Rush Limbaugh. Tom Bauerle. Or tell it to yourself Sandy. All of the WBEN hosts are so anti-Obama that they are irrational.

Who is more likely to like aggression, men or women? I bring this up because a CNN poll after Monday’s debate had a passive Romney winning the debate, 46-41, among men while women scored it for the more aggressive President Obama 56-34. I would have thought the stereotypes would have scored it the other way around. I suppose it just proves men can be more irrational.

OK, back to the top of the blog. San Francisco’s 9-0 win over St. Louis had a 4.1 rating on WUTV, the local affiliate of the Fox Network. The Romney-Obama debate had a 6.1 rating on Fox News, which is the most popular cable news channel locally. Fox News hit a hit of an 8 rating at 10:30 when its analysts weighed in with their reviews. That says a lot about how conservative this area can be.

He’ll probably end up being right, but young WGR sideline reporter Joe Buscaglia surprised me Monday when he said it was certain that the Buffalo Bills will lose at New England in a few weeks. If there is anything certain in this NFL season, it is that nothing is a certainty. There is no reason to believe the Bills don’t have a chance. After all, Arizona – a team the Bills beat – beat the Pats in Foxboro.

Bills basher Rodney Harrison wasn’t impressed by Chris Johnson’s big day against Buffalo in Tennessee’s win over the Bills. He noted Sunday “This was against Buffalo’s defense. Unfortunately for him, you can’t play them every week…He has this type of talent, but he has to make up his mind if he’s going to do it on a weekly basis.”

ABC has announced that this is the last season of “Private Practice,” the spinoff of “Grey’s Anatomy.” That’s no surprise. It almost was canceled after last season. But it still does pretty well in WNY, especially with DVR viewers.

Finally, I am begging local TV news to please put in perspective the silly reports about plans for a billion dollar stadium for the Bills to play in and about a possible move to Hamilton, Ont. Channel 2 and Channel 4 both led with the stadium report on Tuesday even though those who are proposing it are doing so without support from the Bills, the state or the league and say it is a minimum of five years away. The Bills have a better chance of beating New England and going to the Super Bowl this year than a billion dollar stadium has of being built. If you have to cover those stories, please, please bury them at the end of newscasts and don’t play them at the beginning and give them credibility. I’m surprised Channel 4’s Lou Raguse didn’t break out laughing after he quickly pointed out that the Bills’ Russ Brandon labeled the stadium idea “a non-starter.” 

Not surprisingly, WGR’s Mike Schopp supported the Hamilton Hail Mary move suggested on Channel 2 by Rocco Termini, whose expertise is in development (The marvelous Hotel Lafayette) and not in NFL politics. Schopp’s co-host Chris Parker thought it was a rotten idea. For the record, I’m a season ticketholder and I’m with Parker, whose whole purpose in life these days is to protect listeners from Schopp’s foolishness. If the Bills ever leave for Canada, it is going to be for Toronto and not its poor relative Hamilton.  


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19 responses to "A Quiz, A Prediction and Some Irrational Behavior"

  1. gary b says:

    I think once Mr. Wilson passes on, the Bills will be sold to the highest bidder and then moved to Los Angeles. All this talk of a new stadium in Buffalo is nonsense, there just isn’t enough corporate money in this region to keep them here. The CFL will do everything they can to keep the NFL out of Canada making LA an easier and more logical choice. With the move out west, the francise would probably double in value overnight.

    • Carl says:

      Sorry, but I don’t think Buffalo is going to be on the move to ANYWHERE. If any NFL team is going to L.A., it would likely be Jacksonville or San Diego.

  2. Rob says:

    Some thoughts while wondering what happened to Doug Young:

    The Hochul ad you mentioned is a perfect example of class warfare and all that is wrong with Super Pacs. There is no way she would have approved that message.

    So in the span of a day you listened to Bauerle, Beach and Schopp?? The things you do for your blog! As I’ve said before WBEN and GR need some competition.

    You should know by now Alan that sensational headlines will replace hard news in an instant, which is why this new stadium and Hamilton Ont comment made headlines. It was even in the print edition of the paper. This on the heels of the hysterical news story a month ago that the Bills were going to play two regular season games in Toronto (speculation story) that was quickly debunked by Brandon. Why let facts and perspective get in the way of a sensational headline??

  3. Tina says:

    Fox News most likely had the higher rating. It is unbelievable to me how many people rely on that channel and believe the silly lies that they tell daily.

    Channel 2′s fact checkers made it clear that Hochul isn’t hurting for money either. While she isn’t worth quite as much as Chris Collins her income is still around the two million dollar mark..not too shabby.

    • Steve says:

      Tina…really? As much as I dislike Kathy Hochul her INCOME is 2 million dollars? Do you write on this blog just to see your name or do you put some thought into what you write? And Fox is nothing but silly lies? Please theres one thing thats silly, you!

      • Tina says:

        I didn’t make up that number and pull it our of my —……seriously? I was just as surprised.
        I thought you were going to just ignore me? I know know.. it is impossible!! I get that a lot.

        • Steve says:

          Tina..I think you mean net worth not income. Kathy and her hubby have been on the public dole most of their lives. Career politicians just like Obama. Theres something to be said about that.

  4. Try this out. The Buffalo Bills of Ontario.

  5. Doug says:

    **I Couldnt agree more with this statement:

    I’m with Parker, whose whole purpose in life these days is to protect listeners from Schopp’s foolishness -

  6. Tim says:

    Now Schopp is finally in favor of punting – the whole team to Hamilton!

  7. GMan says:

    Maybe the History Channel can hire Mike Schopp to do the narration on Ice Road Truckers. The farther north he goes, the better. He can also cover he dog sled races.

  8. Ian says:

    What does Lou Raguse have to do with any of this?

  9. Carl says:

    Alan: Half the time, the Bills can’t sell out the Rogers Centre unless Rogers Communications papers the dome with free or reduced ducats. Plus, the stadium doesn’t pass muster with the NFL(you need at least 60,000 seats, if memory serves; the dome can only hold 54,000 for the NFL). So…the Bills to Toronto? Really?

    • alanp says:

      If there is going to be a new stadium in Canada, it is going to be in Toronto and not Hamilton. Have you been to Hamilton? Also the Bills would sell more tickets if they were the Toronto Bills.

      • But it’s Hamilton that’s already building a new stadium next year. It’ll seat anywhere from 24,000 up to 40,000 seats in current configuration; obviously that’d need to be bumped up about 10,000 to make it NFL-ready, but that’s not too big of a stretch. Besides, it’s centrally located between Buffalo and Toronto and would more easily draw from both (as well as Kitchener-Waterloo and London).

        I’m not saying it’s realistic that the Bills would ever end up there (LA is far more likely unless the Raiders go back first). But it’s not ludicrous.

  10. Larry says:

    AP, a couple of thoughts . Channel 4 should have a show for high school sports especially football, this might help Lauren Brill become more comfortable since she did a high school show for MSG, it might help them compete wit channel 2′s WNY High school sports. My other thought before just canceling new shows the networks should give them at least one season to work. Like Animal Practice it’s starting to grow on me and now it’s going to be gone. Same is true with Outsourced although given more than a year not enough time. Can some one give some names of their favorite shows that were good but not given enough time. I’m done thinking for now

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