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Celebrating a StillTalkinTV Milestone


Stilltalkintv quietly hit a milestone last week that snuck up on me.

The blog went over the 1 million page load mark.

Thanks Tina, Dave, Rob and even Steve for tuning in almost every day.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know they are among my most active commenters.

Anderson Cooper: I’m Keeping Them Honest Too

I’ve been doing this for more than two years now, with a month off for my medical event last summer. The reason the 1 million mark snuck up on me is because the daily hits have been coming at a much higher rate lately.

I didn’t expect to hit the figure until next month. Last week, the blog averaged 3,000 page loads a day, according to statcounter, which keeps track of such things. On some days, I get more than 4,000 page loads.

The 3,000 daily page loads are about 500-750 more than the blog had been averaging daily. Readership is almost entirely driven by word-of-mouth, Facebook and Twitter. I’m speculating the increased hits are partly due to the website issues that The Buffalo News are experiencing these days as readers look for other internet options.

I have The News to thank for the increasing popularity of the website. It really hasn’t fully replaced me since I left the newspaper after 28 years as its primary TV critic.

Jeff Simon gives his often unique take on TV once or twice a week when he isn’t busy giving his takes on films, books and music. A News reporter also often deals with releases from the local TV stations. 

But where else can you read about things the stations don’t want you to know or that help your understanding of how TV operates but stilltalkintv?

You may have noticed I am using one of the slogans from The News’ slick advertising campaign. I’m not a fan of “the where else” theme because many of many of my college students can tick off several internet alternatives to contradict many of the things The News claims to have exclusive ownership of, including real estate listings and knowing entertainment options.

The advertising campaign actually has the unintended consequence of getting people to think of other ways it can find things and get news and entertainment ideas.

Where else can you find out about the movement of local TV anchors and reporters?

Stilltalkintv. I imagine The News will soon write about the departure of Channel 4 morning co-anchor Joe Arena, which I’ve been blogging about for weeks.

If I had a nickel for every local story broken in stilltalkintv over the past two years I could pay for a News digital subscription for at least a year.

Shameless plug alert (OK, I admit the whole blog is a shameless plug): To those who have asked, I’m making some money on the site. But I would like to make more. If you are interested in advertising on the blog, please send me an email and I’ll forward it to the person who is now selling the blog. 

My goal remains the same as it was when I started this blog: To be the Anderson Cooper of the area and keep local media honest.

That includes The News, which remains a good newspaper with excellent writers and reporters but once in a while deserves some criticism for its coverage. And for the growing pains associated with its website.

It also deserves some criticism for what it doesn’t cover well. Like local TV.

In addition, I want to give readers an idea of what WNYers are watching rather than just what the country is watching.

In this political year, I’ve also weighed in on the presidential race and TV’s influence on it. My good friend Steve doesn’t like it, but those blogs have been among the most popular in September.

In any event, thanks for reading. At this rate, I expect to get my next million page loads much quicker than I got my first million.

If you are religious, say a prayer for Jerry Sullivan’s mother. The must-read Buffalo News sports columnist missed his first Bills game in 11 years Sunday to be with his ailing mother in Rhode Island. Some conspiracy theorists wondered why Sullivan wasn’t in San Francisco to write about the Bills latest embarrassment. Sullivan’s take on the Bills’ 45-3 loss to the 49ers certainly was missed big time by just about everyone with the possible exceptions of Chan Gailey, Dave Wannstedt, Mario Williams and Ryan Fitzpatrick.


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28 responses to "Celebrating a StillTalkinTV Milestone"

  1. Tina says:

    Well Alan I would like to thank you for this blog. As you can tell I like it very much and other than mediabistro.com this is the only other site that I actually care to for TV/political information. I know it isn’t necessarily political but it does keep it interesting and some days you can’t help but mix the two.
    Thanks again and keep up the good work!

    Just out of concern I hope you are hitting the gym or exercising a bit everyday for your health and well being.

    • alanp says:

      Thanks for the concern, Tina. I go to the gym almost every day. I probably am in the best shape I’ve been in since John Kennedy was president.

  2. Randy says:

    Tina summed it up very well. Thank you for a great blog. I check it every day and have done so since its inception.

  3. Mary says:


    Thanks for the blog, I am a faithful reader, just don’t comment too much :)


  4. Dave says:

    Congratulations on your milestone, Alan!

    I still enjoy your observations, commentary and openness to debate about TV-related news, especially local newscasts.

    I still turn to your blog with each new Fall Season to get your take on new shows, to see whether they’re worth my time.

    We may not have the exact same taste, as I learned over the years, but I respect your ability to size up shows, and tell us in your signature style, what we’ll like, what we’ll hate and why or why not it will succeed or fail.

    Keep it up!

  5. Rob says:

    Some notes while wondering why my name wasn’t mentioned as a regular commentator :(

    1.Congrats are in order to you Alan for starting this blog and filling a void that is both diminished and extinct at the Buffalo News. My Mom back in the day was the one who told me about your writings back when you were covering sports. When you switched to TV, and you still had the Sports on The Air Saturday column, that was a first read/must read every Saturday. My two favorite columnists from the Buffalo News days were you and the late-great Jim Kelley. Continued success on this site.

    2.The added value of this site as well is the comment section. You are required to register, which I think keeps it civil, but your first/last name isn’t posted or where you are from. I know that obtuse policy by the News cut down on insightful comments and I myself do not post there when it comes to City Hall and the stories on Mayor Brown and Casey since the retribution isn’t worth it.

    3.I think comparing yourself to Anderson Copper is an insult to you since all his shows are so poorly rated. Maybe a cross between John Pauly and Rick Pfeiffer??

    4.One thing I wish you did cover more often is local radio. Back in the day you used to share the ratings of the stations and provide comments on morning/afternoon shows. It would help expand your form quite a bit in my opinion.

    5.Prayers indeed to Sully and his family. He comes across as gruff on the air and in print but in person he’s a nice guy who is passionate about his convictions. Buy him a beer and you have a friend for life!

  6. Sarah says:

    You da man, Alan!

  7. Rick says:

    Congrats Alan!!! Love the blog and glad you are stilltalkintv daily…

  8. Congrats Alan ! I really enjoy your spirited commentary.

  9. Mark Scott says:

    Congrats on your milestone, Alan. Your blog is a must-read for many of us in the business.

    I’d like to amplify the sometimes ridiculous nature of the Buffalo News’ “nowhere else” campaign. I was watching the Fred Jackson show on WBBZ a week ago. And there was a News ad during the show that had a sports reporter saying something like, “Where else will you hear what Fred has to say?” Duh! In fact, I do recall the News actually citing comments Fred made on his TV show shortly after his injury in the Jets game because he didn’t make himself available to reporters. I would argue that in every case where one of their reporters poses the “where else” question, I could cite any number of TV, radio or Internet outlets. So, it is silly. This is not meant to criticize the quality of the News. It is a good paper with top-notch reporters, many of whom I consider friends. But outside a few enterprise stories a week, you can get what you see in the News elsewhere.

    Thanks for the update on Jerry Sullivan. Indeed, I was one of those “conspiracy theorists” who was wondering about his unprecedented absence. But I’m not alone. One of my Facebook friends also posed the question today. The News should realize their columnists are personalties as much as any news anchor or morning radio host. As such, they should include a small note at times like this. Plus, I’m sure Jerry would appreciate the prayers and good wishes that would come his way.

    • alanp says:

      Thanks Mark. I agree that The News should run a note explaining why Jerry didn’t cover the game. He is that important. Perhaps they will add a note on Wednesday to the end of a Bills story.

  10. JC says:

    I always start the day with my morning coffee and your blog. Thanks for keeping me informed!

  11. I missed Jerry’s take on the Bills and their lack of character, guts, talent and effort on Sunday. Good luck with your personal stuff and come back soon.

    That is all.


  12. GMan says:

    Congrats.! Keep up the good work. This is where I turn for the best media coverage.

  13. Steve says:

    Even I have to compliment you for this milestone. Now if I could only get you away from your liberal pilitical views/writings. Here’s to the next million!

  14. joe says:

    Truly enjoy your blog Alan. It is nice to know 2 to 3 weeks in advance of when the BN publishes it where the local news/radio people are going. Good luck on the next million!

  15. Bob says:


    Congratulations on your million page-load milestone. Your blog is a must read with me, and others who I have passed it’s presence on to. It’s the only place to get detailed information on local radio and TV. Best of health to you, hope you make a lot of money on this, and keep writing it for many years to come.

  16. Larry says:

    AP, congrats on. The blog. I have a question, do you think that YNN makes any difference on the other stations ratings for news? Thanks, and I. Will be praying for Jerry and his mom.

    • alanp says:

      Thanks Larry. I really don’t see much YNN impact on the broadcast channels news ratings. Remember it is only in about 50 percent of area homes.

  17. Judi says:


    Your blog is a daily must read for me. Congrats on the milestone and continued success!

  18. Congrats Dad! Very proud of you and happy for the accomplishment! When do I get to write a guest blog?

  19. Congratulations, and no, I don’t feel the least bit slighted about not being mentioned as a regular here (in fact I’d probably rather not!). Political differences aside, I have always enjoyed your column dating back to the News days and am glad to see it continuing to succeed even without the paper’s backing. Keep up the good work!

  20. buk says:

    Congrats!! This is Must Read every day….

  21. grr says:


    Congratulations on the success of your blog! I have been reading you since your sports column days in the News, although I hate to admit it’s been that long! I am a regular reader and don’t miss a day – I enjoy your commentary, insights and most of all scoops! As for the News, I keep my subscription but find myself reading it less and less, it just isn’t what it used to be.

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