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Great Debate Predictions; CBS Makes Morning Move


With the presidential debate coming up tonight, it is time for some predictions about a contest in which President Obama is widely favored by several points and pundits.

Some wise pundit will say Republican Mitt Romney won just by appearing on the same stage as President Obama. All right, every wise pundit will say that.

Charles Krauthammer will tell Fox News viewers that Republican Mitt Romney won after the first question. 

CNN‘s David Gergen will say both men played to their bases. OK, every pundit will say that.

President Obama

Gov. Romney will say he has a plan to create 12 million jobs.

Borrowing a page from “The Price Is Right,” the president will say he has a plan to create 12 million and one jobs.

President Obama will tell Gov. Romney that he should pay off the national debt of 16 trillion dollars with a little help from his NASCAR owning friends.

Gov. Romney will tell the President he should have Jay-Z, Beyonce and George Clooney pay off the national debt.

If Romney performs badly, Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan will say it is a marathon and not a sprint and he can run a marathon in under two hours.

If Obama performs badly, Vice President Joe Biden will say he knew he should have played Romney in the mock debates instead of John Kerry.

Gov. Romney will say he will close tax loopholes to lower the debt but won’t say which ones.

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...

Gov. Romney

President Obama will suggest that Gov. Romney close the loopholes he used to lower his tax bill to 14 percent.

Forty-seven percent of viewers will fall asleep during the first hour. The other 53 percent will desperately look for an episode of “Jersey Shore.”

Republican Chris Christie will declare that he was right and that Gov. Romney changed the entire dynamic of the election. .

If the post-debate polls suggest the President won, Fox News pundits will declare the polls are out to lunch. Even the one that Fox News commissioned.

If the post-debate polls suggest Gov. Romney won, MSNBC pundits will say that’s because Chris Christie took all the Democrat voters out to lunch.

The cable networks will have focus groups of undecided voters who will be surprised to learn that Gov. Romney and President Obama are the candidates.

You read it here first. Take Romney and the points.

NBC’sRevolution” had a strong 8.1 rating on Channel 2 for its third episode, which qualifies it for a local hit. The rating was up about 15 percent from episode two. And more viewers undoubtedly will watch it On Demand. Those are unheard of ratings around here for a new NBC drama. NBC announced Tuesday that “Revolution,” Matthew Perry’s “Go On” and “The New Normal” will all have full 22-episode seasons. Perry’s show also is performing extremely well here.

ABC is laughably calling the new alien comedy “The Neighbors” a hit after one highly-rated episode after “Modern Family.” Let’s see how it does tonight after “The Middle” before declaring it a hit.

Not surprisingly, HBO has renewed “Boardwalk Empire” for a fourth season.

Something startling happened in the early morning hours on Buffalo TV that is almost tantamount to the Buffalo Bills ending their playoff drought.

“CBS This Morning” on Channel 4 almost beat ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Channel 7 last week. This is even more startling because nationally “GMA” has overtaken NBC’s “Today” at least temporarily.

Of course, Channel 7 doesn’t give ABC much help with its low-rated morning show as a lead-in. Channel 4′s “Wake Up” is a strong No. 2 here in the early morning, but that has been the story for a while. So CBS’ morning performance still is close to an amazing story.

Last week, “Today” (which gets a strong lead-in from Channel 2’s “Daybreak) was No. 1 with a 6.1 average rating on Channel 2. “GMA,” with co-anchor Robin Roberts on medical leave, averaged a 3.6, which was barely ahead of “CBS This Morning’s” 3.3 rating. And “This Morning” won Friday morning. For the month of September, CBS has the only network morning show here with higher ratings than it had a year ago.

“GMA” remained a strong No. 2 here for the month with a 4.2 average to a 2.8 for CBS’ program. But CBS’ morning program appears to have some local momentum for the first time in decades.

Why? I can only guess. Based on some unscientific surveys, some older viewers here are tired of the pop culture coverage that has dumbed down the NBC and ABC morning shows and have headed to CBS’ more newsy alternative format featuring Charlie Rose.

Of course, last week could be a temporary aberration. “GMA” was second by a comfortable margin on Monday.


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7 responses to "Great Debate Predictions; CBS Makes Morning Move"

  1. Rob says:

    In the spirit of keeping Alan’s-D blog fair, here will be a few more predictions:

    President Obama could flip the bird, moon the crowd, agree with Romney on the 47% and Rachel Maddow will predict that Obama delivered the knockout blow and the race is over.

    All pundits will use the word “gravitas” at some point this evening. (This would make a good drinking game rule)

    Mitt Romney will have his perma-smirk all night

    Chris Matthews will still get that tingly feeling after hearing Obama.

    Both millionaire candidates will talk about helping the middle class, a four year tradition each election.

    The people who say they are undecided are really people who want their 15 mins on the air.

    Jodi Johnston will not be moderating the debate and Janet Snyder would not be a good alternative

  2. Steve says:

    Political Alan,
    You forgot to mention how the big three networks will be in the tank for your buddy Obama. They will declare the great communicator won. Just as I’m sure you will tomorrow.

  3. Doug says:

    Are there only two candidates at this debate? What about the leading third party candidate? Were they invited? Why not?

  4. Dave says:

    Alan, I think your unscientific theory holds some water. That is why my parents, in their 70s, have gone to CBS This Morning, and CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley. They’re looking for more serious news coverage.

  5. Carl says:

    Here’s my prediction:

    The debate will be 90 minutes of your life you’ll NEVER get back. And said debate will be so stage-managed that it might as well be done from an operating room.

    Doug: Neither Jill Stein of the Green Party nor Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party(who’s running in NY as a write-in)were invited. And guess what? That’s by design! The Commission on Presidential Debates yanked control of the debates from the League of Women Voters years ago. Secret agreements are made about every aspect of the debate…even the moderators are vetted beforehand. Why? Because they don’t want them to rock the boat.

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