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Late News, Friendly Trump Slam, and Wheaties

Christine Baranski

This is what I’m thinking:

Nice to see that the Buffalo News finally reported Thursday that Channel 4 morning co-anchor Joe Arena has left for Pittsburgh and at least temporarily has been replaced by Ed Drantch on “Wake Up!”

You read it here first, oh, about a month ago.

In his interview with the News, Arena dropped a line in about talking to rival Channel 2 before taking the offer on the table from Pittsburgh.

Channel 2 often talks to Channel 4 staffers who are trying to leave. It even has hired a few, including Melissa Holmes, Kevin O’Neill and Mary Beth Wrobel. OK, it has hired more than a few.

However, there didn’t seem to be an opening for Arena since Channel 2’s lead male anchor Scott Levin is still relatively young and “Daybreak” co-anchor John Beard hasn’t given any indication he is ready to retire.

I suppose Arena could have been a safety valve in case Beard exits in a few years, but he wouldn’t have been paid enough in that role.

Even Donald Trump’s friends are blasting his latest offer to give a charity $5 million if President Obama gave out his college transcripts and passport details.

Donnie Deutsch, a famous advertising executive who is on the “Today” panel of “The Professionals,” said he is a friend of The Donald and isn’t concerned that that friendship would end by blasting his latest cry for attention.

“I’m repulsed by it,” said Deutsch. “It is wrong, there’s a racist base to it, a vulgarity to it… He has got to stop this. It is repulsive.”

I’d say that would end a friendship. But Deutsch is right.

Republicans aren’t too happy that the National Geographic Channel plans to air a movie, “Seal Team Six,” about the capture of Osama bin Laden on Nov. 4, two days before the presidential election. The GOP should have been quiet about it, since its complaints will drive interest in the film with a cast that includes Cheektowaga’s William Fichtner as a CIA operative. I imagine many cable viewers couldn’t find the National Geographic Channel but they will search for it now.

I would think that Melissa Holmes would be the frontrunner to replace Jodi Johnston on Channel 2’s “Daybreak” after the November sweeps end. Surely whoever gets the job won’t work the split shift of 5 a.m. and 5 p.m. that Johnson has had. So if Holmes is bypassed for “Daybreak,” I’d expect her to get the anchor slot at 5 p.m. In that way, she’d have a similar shift to Channel 4’s Diana Fairbanks, who anchors at 5:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. daily.

Channel 4 used its promotional arm – the Buffalo News – to announce that sportscaster Steve Vesey has officially been given the title of sports director. That was bound to happen after the second sportscaster the station hired, Lauren Brill, had early struggles and wasn’t much competition for Vesey. As good as Vesey is, Channel 4’s sports team is a far cry from the team of John Murphy and Paul Peck that left the station in the last several months.

Inquiring minds want to know: Why hasn’t Channel 2 dropped its silly 10 at 10 format on WNYO that reports the stories in backwards order of their importance? Beats me. I would hope it would end it soon because it is a dumber idea than proposing a new $1.4 billion downtown stadium. Well, almost as dumb anyway. I’m beginning to think 10 at 10 only remains because I’ve been so critical of it. I promise not to write another word about the stupidity of it if Channel 2 would agree to drop it soon.

Fox has announced that it plans to premiere the new Kevin Bacon series, “The Following,” at 9 p.m. Monday, Jan. 21. That’s where “Mob Doctor” currently airs. It is expected to be canceled by… well by now. However, Fox is promoting the November return of “Mob” after the World Series. Bacon’s series was created by Kevin Williamson of “Dawson’s Creek” fame.”

Is it just me or is ABC’s “Revenge” just getting too complicated? I think it is easier to understand Mitt Romney’s constantly evolving political stands than it is all the problems circling around Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp). Romney’s new pitch to voters is he is going to be an agent of Big Change. Gee, I thought Big Change is what he’s been doing for weeks as he turned from conservative Mitt to Moderate Mitt.

Line of the week courtesy of Will (Josh Charles) and Diane (Buffalo’s Christine Baranski) after she got angry with the bean counter played by Nathan Lane: Will to Diane: “What got into you?” Diane: “Wheaties.”

I think that’s what advertisers refer to as product placement.



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14 responses to "Late News, Friendly Trump Slam, and Wheaties"

  1. gary b says:

    The picture you posted today of Christine Baranski scared me. At first I thought it was Joan Rivers, what a way to start my day.

  2. Doug says:

    I would hope it would end it soon because it is a dumber idea than proposing a new $1.4 billion downtown stadium
    The stadium idea may be dumb, but the actual proposal is not dumb. Its the first step in making it a reality. It was a good proposal, you have to start somewhere. It might not be till 2020, but a new stadium will have to be built some time after Ralph dies.

    • Joe says:

      Doug, after Ralph dies there is a very good chance the area won’t need a stadium.

      In addition, the need for a stadium or lack thereof notwithstanding, everyone connected with the waterfront had nothing positive to say about putting a stadium there. No infrastructure, parking, huge traffic problems etc. It doesn’t fit with the new vision of the waterfront either.

      • I have to laugh at the whole “new vision.”

        For years, and years, and years, Brian Higgins was always out there, harping on “Develop the waterfront!” Of course that has always meant the impossible dream of tearing down the Skyway. Now when somebody actually has a proposal to develop the waterfront, he’s all against it.

        Politics as usual, I guess. Visions are nice– but actions are better.

      • Doug says:

        You would have to build the infrastructure, so you cant comment on traffic at this point – But that was IN THE PRESENTATION. ALSO, there are rumored to be multiple groups from WNY that will attempt to purchase the team – That has been in the news as well. We have the billionaires in this area believe it or not.

  3. Gman says:

    Have they begun work on the “new” Peace Bridge yet??????

  4. Tom W. says:

    Apparently Emily Guggenmos is already filling in for Nalina on WakeUp! I still don’t see the logic of how Nalina could get the job after she was replaced by Lou Raguse after that disasterous stint being the weekend anchor after Mylous Hairston left.

    No wonder LIN sent in consultants to find out what’s wrong with the station.

  5. Steve says:

    Alan…really? You honestly hold yourself to that level of importance to think that channel 2 would do that to spite you? I agree with you…it’s a dumb concept but please…

  6. Mike says:

    Off topic here, but I have a question about Stefan Mychajliw. Is he only running ads on channel 2? He’s also using video of his days at channel 2 in his ads. Is channel 2 endorsing him?

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