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“Nashville,” “Chicago Fire” and “Katie” By the Numbers

Some cold hard facts on a cold Saturday morning:

Go figure. Here’s a surprise. ABC’s heavily-praised and promoted and critically-acclaimed “Nashville” lost a head-to-head local ratings matchup with NBC’s “Chicago Fire,” which immediately should be sent to WBBZ because it seems like a series out of the 1980s. 

Connie Britton: Deserved Better

“Nashville” averaged a 5.5 rating on Channel 7 despite having a strong lead-in from “Modern Family.” That’s low, but its rating held steady after the first 15 minutes. “Chicago Fire” had a 7.0 rating on Channel 2, about 25 percent higher than Connie Britton’s show but lost viewers every 15 minutes. “CSI” was the time slot winner with an 8.8.

Of course, 10 p.m. shows are the heaviest recorded here so the picture can change significantly when secondary viewership on DVRs and On Demand for seven days after episodes premiere is added.

Not surprisingly, the rating for the Buffalo Bills 45-3 loss to San Francisco last Sunday was about 20 percent lower than the rating for the Bills’ 52-28 loss to New England the week before.

The 49ers game had a 31.5 rating on Channel 4, hitting a peak of 35. The Patriots game averaged a 37.0 rating.

Generally, 4 p.m. games like the 49er game and Sunday’s game in Arizona receive higher ratings, especially on the road.

Inquiring minds want to know: Are the ratings for Katie Couric’s new talk show any stronger on Channel 7? Not really. Some days the 4 p.m. lead-in to Eyewitness News doesn’t even hit a 1 rating. Her show did get a 1.8 last Thursday. “Katie” is doing much better nationally.

Wondering who is winning the Sunday night battle for women viewers between CBS’ “The Good Wife” and ABC’s “Revenge”? Well, it isn’t exactly a head-to-head battle because of NFL run-overs that postpone the start of Julianna Margulies’ show by a half hour. Last week, “TGW” averaged an 8.2 locally, to a 7.1 for “Revenge.” However, Emily VanCamp’s show probably attracts a younger audience that is more popular with advertisers. CBS’ “The Mentalist” (8.0) defeated the second episode of ABC’s “666 Park Avenue” (6.1) locally. Once again, DVR viewing over seven days can change the picture somewhat.

I don’t have any figure on how much it cost the satellite service DISH to make a deal with Channel 2’s owner, Gannett Broadcasting, to keep the NBC affiliate on the air. No details on the deal have been made public. BTW, Dish has about 9 percent of the local TV market. Those who are fans of “The Walking Dead” can’t be too happy that DISH hasn’t made a deal to carry AMC, which carries the popular zombie series. The season premiere is Sunday.

Inquiring minds want to know: What percentage of Buffalo State College’s student body is African-American? According to college statistics, the student body was about 16 percent African-American in 2011. As I wrote Friday, interviews done for a shameful Channel 4 report on campus crime gave the false impression the diverse student body was entirely composed of minorities.


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